Can I still get a new job with a DUI on my record?

Updated April 15, 2018

Though a DUI may not completely ruin your life, it can make it difficult to earn a living. In addition to possibly paying up to $2,000 in fines, defendants face legal expenses and the costs to retain expert witnesses. Financial strain may not end with the conclusion of a DUI case. Depending on their careers, individuals charged with DUI or DWI may have trouble obtaining new employment.

Off-limits employment

DUI RecordPeople who drive school buses or commercial vehicles may not be able to resume their careers after being charged with DUI. Just one drunk or drugged driving charge can put these jobs permanently off-limits. Outside sales representatives may also find it difficult to obtain employment because their car insurance companies may make rates unaffordable or even cancel their policies. If the employer provides the vehicle and auto insurance coverage, these individuals will probably not qualify for employment.

A DUI-related charge remains on the driving record for several years, determined at a state level. If the driver license is suspended as part of the penalties for a DUI, the car insurance company will most likely cancel any insurance policy in force. DUI offenders are typically restricted to working in office jobs and even then, employment possibilities may be limited to certain types of work.

If getting a job does not prove to be a problem for someone charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, getting to and from work may be. If the vehicle registration, insurance, or license is suspended, driving the car will not be an option. Carpooling will be possible only if neighbors are understanding and are commuting to the same area. Public transportation may not be available, particularly in rural areas or for workers with long commutes.

Avoiding the consequences

One of the best ways to prevent a DUI from affecting future employment is to fight it. Though anyone can defend against this charge, an experienced DUI lawyer builds the best case. With help from this type of legal expert, even repeat offenders have fought and won their DUI cases, limiting the potential effects on their careers.

Finding an expert attorney with knowledge of state DUI laws and a reputation for winning cases in an ethical manner can be difficult. Rather than spending time combing through the telephone book and searching online, let match you with the best specialist in this field of law for the case. Request a free DUI arrest evaluation today for options to toss out the charges, and then decide if you would talk to one of our recommended case-winning lawyers tomorrow.

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