Delaware DUI

Financial Repercussions After DUI in Delaware

What You Should Know About the Financial Impacts of DUI Being pulled over, arrested, and charged for DUI is something individuals need to take very seriously. Not only will the individual face a license suspension, possible jail time, and having to use an IID (Ignition Interlock Device) but also face the many financial repercussions of … Read more

What Happens if I Fail a Field Sobriety Test in Delaware?

Delaware offers a wide variety of festivals and events throughout the year. Many of these events, such as Thirsty on Thursday, promote the consumption of alcohol. It is not unreasonable to assume local authorities are more “aware” of possible Delaware DUI violations when these events are taking place. It is also safe to assume that … Read more

First DUI Offense Penalties in Delaware

DUI violations in Delaware are handled through independent administrative and court proceedings, making things particularly difficult for offenders. Delaware is an implied consent state, meaning that drivers suspected of DUI are viewed as voluntarily agreeing to chemical testing. Failing to take this test subjects drivers to harsher penalties than those carried by standard DUI convictions. … Read more