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Marijuana DUI

With the increased use and legalization of marijuana, law enforcement and legislators are working harder than ever to answer the public’s pressing questions. Some of the areas they are attempting to address include the effects marijuana use can have on driving, how a law enforcement officer can detect the use of marijuana, how levels of …

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Why Police Use A Breathalyzer Test Over A Blood Test

What A Driver Should Know About DUI Tests The most common test given to drivers who are suspected of drinking and driving is a breath test or a Breathalyzer test. Although this type of testing for DUI during an arrest is common, it is not the only option officers have to determine a driver’s Blood …

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First Offense DUI California, August 2022

There are numerous technical defenses that can get a DUI case dropped. As recently in the news about a lawyer’s DUI charges dismissed in court, it highlights how a DUI or DWI case can be won the most effectively with the charges thrown out of court. It should be noted this is also an update …

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