Does It Make a Difference if I Hire a Lawyer for My DUI?

How can a lawyer will make a difference for DUI caseA charge of driving under the influence, most commonly called DUI, is serious today in every location, even for a first time offense. Each conviction of this offense is classified as a prior, so penalties increase upon subsequent DUI convictions.

Anyone charged with DUI of alcohol or drugs should seriously consider hiring a local attorney who specializes in these cases. This legal representation will not only save money, they prevent loss of driving privileges, and keep the individual out of jail.

All states aggressively prosecute cases involving DUI today. This puts an individual without legal representation at the mercy of prosecutors and the courts, and subjected to mandatory consequences such as using the ignition interlock. Retaining a lawyer allows an individual to hit the ground running and prepare a strong defense immediately after being arrested. Time is of the essence when facing any DUI-related conviction, and an experienced lawyer will help for DUI case chances to win by taking swift action to prevent missed opportunities and avoid severe consequences.

Some driving under the influence cases are more complex than others are. The most intricate cases involve property damage and severe injury or death to others. A good lawyer is essential to navigating the administrative process and attaining the most successful outcome possible.

Seasoned attorneys know the intricacies of the court system and are familiar with experts typically called to testify for the prosecution. They prepare strong cases that advocate the rights of their clients. For drivers who worry about not being able to afford a good local DUI attorney, free pro bono lawyers for DUI is another option we can help with so every person can still get the best DUI defense possible.

While legal representation is not beneficial to some legal situations, it can make a huge difference with DUI charges. Even an initial DUI conviction may not be clear-cut and a good attorney will discover where the prosecution falls short in its arguments. In particular, field sobriety tests are often administered incorrectly or the equipment is not calibrated properly, compromising accuracy of results. Retaining an attorney with knowledge of DUI processes and relevant laws often paves the way for a reduced sentence or case dismissal.

Many people charged with an initial DUI do not have a criminal history. They are novices when it comes to the legal system, court process, and associated paperwork. Left to defend themselves, they struggle every step of the way and may wind up with harsh sentences that are unjustified. Had they spent a reasonable amount of money to retain legal counsel, things would have turned out differently.

When facing a pending DUI charge, whether it is a first offense or a third, immediately contact a DUI attorney practicing in the state of residence. Explain the details of the case and inquire about the potential for charge reduction or complete dismissal. Taking charge of the situation puts you in control of your fate.

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