How to Clear a DUI or DWI Charge From Haunting Your Life

Updated April 14, 2018

With how strict the drunk and drugged driving laws have become in every state today, it is essential that every driver who has been charged with an offense, knows every possible option for how to become completely DUI clear in their personal history. As long as you have a criminal DUI record that is found in any background check and has not been expunged, you will find that certain everyday things will become more complicated. For example, you may never be able to find a quality job, easily rent an apartment or house, and even have difficulty to get approved for a new car or home loan.

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FightDUICharges understands the importance of clearing a criminal record to protect your future from being affected, and many lawyers with us also specialize in local DUI expungement law. It is our utmost endeavor to remove the negative and long-term stigma associated with a criminal record resulting from of a recent DUI or DWI arrest or past offense.

What is Required to Clear a DUI Record Effectively

Most drivers who get convicted of, or on court supervision for a DUI or DWI charge have a belief that their criminal record will remain to haunt them for life under the current law. However with the proper legal help that we provide, this is not necessarily always the case. There are some potential alternate types of post-conviction solutions which may be available, in which the consequences of drunk or drugged driving related criminal record can either be cleared or sealed from the public. This total elimination of a criminal violation in a driver’s background is also what is referred to as “expunging a DUI charge.” With our help in being able to properly review the arrest and case details online, you can have your case assessed so as to determine ways in what options are available for how you can expunge a DUI record from your history.

We receive hundreds of calls and emails each month from people who wish to completely remove the DUI offense from their criminal record history.

How to Expunge a DUI
DUI expungement laws are different for each state. Getting a Free DUI Review can see if you qualify.

The most common reason for drivers wanting to remove the criminal record of a misdemeanor DUI or DWI charge is to not have it affect employment purposes. This primary reason is consequently due to the fact that nearly all employers in the United States will conduct a pre-employment criminal record background check on an applicant. Additionally, for a job that requires travel outside of the USA, you can be denied entry into many countries such as even at the Canadian border, if you have a criminal arrest record.

Since the local DUI and DWI law is being updated so frequently in each state, most drivers have no idea of their current available options that could remove the criminal record from impacting their life. Therefore, too many people will carry the negative repercussions of the offense with them for several years afterwards.

The law to get a record cleared for a DUI is typically five years from when the case was concluded in court, and all fines were paid. It is important to note that if you have already been convicted or plead guilty to the drunk or drugged driving violation, you should pay the fine right away or as quickly as you can so that the amount of time for obtaining the removal of the record can begin as soon as possible.

It is best to inquire with us about your particular case, so we can review when you may be eligible to become DUI clear. This is important to get started early as possible with our help and prepared with any paperwork, since the record removal process can take 6-12 months, and even longer in some cases. The average cost to expect to expunge a DUI or DWI offense is typically about $550, and there will also typically be some additional administrative fees to pay as well.

How to Expunge a DUI With the Help of a DUI Attorney

A top DUI lawyer nearest your location will be able to assess the case properly online with us and determine if it can be expunged. Sometimes an attorney cannot vanquish a DUI or DWI offense in every situation due to every person’s case details being unique in nature, and local laws which vary by each driver’s location. However, our specialist driving under the influence lawyers will be able to achieve post conviction relief options for people in most of the scenarios.

It is always worth the inquiry with us to see what can be done to remedy your own unique case and circumstances. The majority of individuals who contact us are often very surprised to learn of just how many options they truly have once we examine the details of what happened.

Get Your Criminal Record Expunged for Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol, Marijuana, or Drugs

Getting misdemeanor driving under the influence criminal records expunged can have a lot of benefits in the future. However, regardless if the DUI charge was for alcohol, prescription medicine, Marijuana, or another type of illegal drug, this outcome will only be possible if a lawyer with us can review and determine if your case is fit for expungement.

In order to get a DUI or DWI cleared effectively from your background, it also will very likely require not committing a second offense. This condition is in addition to meeting any other eligibility requirements which a well-informed lawyer near you will explain in full detail after reviewing your case online. Our specialist attorneys are seasoned experts in DUI law nationwide, and we can help you with getting your drunk driving criminal background record erased or sealed after a thorough assessment of your own particular case.

Clearing Criminal Records for DUI, and Breath or Blood Test Refusal Offenses

If you’ve been convicted of drunk or drugged driving offense, one of the first questions people ask is how long the conviction will stay on their record. The answer to the question is not entirely simple. This is partially due to the fact the arrest can haunt you for years after it happened in a variety of ways. A couple of the most common problems in how a DUI or test refusal offense conviction will come back to impact a person’s life in the future is during a job search, or if someone runs a background check on the individual for personal reasons. This is how drivers who have paid their costs, learned their lesson and put this incident behind them, most of the time many years ago in the past – can have this record come back and effectively ruin their professional or personal life in the here and now.

In terms of a criminal record, being convicted of a DUI or a breath/blood test refusal charge will produce a permanent record that will be stored in both the national crime database, and other local police databases where you live. Whenever a potential employer or any person runs a police background check for employment, school, getting a lease, or other personal reasons, it will always show up and become a major burden to constantly have to explain.

The only way to stop a DUI or refusing a BAC test conviction from appearing on a criminal background record check later on, is to apply for and successfully be granted a removal of it by the court. For a driving while intoxicated by alcohol or drugs conviction or guilty plea, it will take a minimum of five years to even apply to request an expungement of the file in public databases.

Unlike other types of misdemeanor offenses, a straightforward or conditional discharge of the offense is not an option for DUI and DWI related convictions. All DUI and refusal convictions produce a permanent criminal record for life, unless it can later be sealed or cleared by court. Since the effort to get this violation erased from haunting your history is not a quick or easy process, it is always worth the fight soon after an arrest to prevent a conviction from ever happening in the first place. This is what we specialize in, and we can help you immediately online.


  • Driving Under The Influence of Alcohol or Illegal Drugs
  • Failure to Provide a Breath or Blood Test Sample
  • Driving While High on Marijuana
  • Operating While Impaired by Prescription Medication
  • Repeat DUI Offenses


  • Criminal Record
  • Serving a Jail Sentence
  • Drivers License Suspension
  • Ignition Interlock Device
  • Payment of Fines
  • Travel Restriction
  • Loss of Income

Even Without a Conviction of the Offense and Only Getting Arrested, a DUI Charge Can Still Come Back to Hurt You Later

Just because a driver gets arrested for DUI ow DWI, it doesn’t mean every charge will result in a conviction in court. Sometimes the prosecuting attorney will agree to drop the charges to a less serious misdemeanor offense, and other times people go to court to fight a DUI and the judge will dismiss the case entirely. A person that is convicted or decided to enter a guilty plea for whatever reason, in a minimum length of time of 5 years afterwards, it might be a possibly to eventually get the record vanquished.

It is still important to realize that if you have a DUI arrest in your history which did not result in a court conviction, the charge will not show on a standard background search. However, this does not mean that you will have a completely clear record, since a public police report of the arrest can still be found on many online news sites and in local newspapers near where it happened. This is how the expert legal help that we provide free online can be extremely useful, since you can be advised in precisely what to do based upon your location to get these arrest records removed from these public databases.

Even when a drunk or drugged driving conviction can later be expunged from your background, it does not automatically then erase any record of you being charged with DUI. This is because the police will always have a record of your arrest and charging you with DUI. Furthermore, this also means your arrest information is shared with other police and law enforcement agencies nationally. Once an individual is first charged with a DUI or a test refusal offense, you will never have a completely clean police record again. However, if you are acquitted, the charges get dropped, or you are convicted and later have the record cleared in court years later, you can typically take action to remove the public arrest information which is still found in a quick Google search very easily.

Whether you have just recently been arrested or it was several years ago, please remember even the existence of a record of being charged for DUI can cause you problems with the police in the future, since they may be biased of you repeating the offense every time they pull you over afterwards. This is due to the fact whenever you are ever pulled over again later on, the police will always see your arrest history of DUI charges. Consequently, the officer be more prone to suspect you of an alcohol or drug violation from the start, and subject you to a higher level of search or scrutiny than an average driver without a DUI or DWI history.

Luckily as this article touches on, there is a lot a person can do after a DUI arrest to minimize how it will affect their life. It is essential to get help from a lawyer, but not quickly spend thousands on an attorney that you have never dealt with firsthand. Regardless of your past history, the nationwide DUI law specialists at FightDUICharges is always the best starting point for getting proper legal help. This is because we can assist people immediately online and free regarding their own specific arrest situation, and know exactly what options are available for how to expunge a DUI for a completely clear record – and have a legally clean slate going forward.

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