How to Get a DUI Evaluation Near Me After an Arrest & Pass the Drug and Alcohol Assessment Test

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How to Get a DUI Evaluation Near Me After an Arrest & Pass the Drug and Alcohol Assessment Test

How to Get a DUI Evaluation After a DUI Arrest
When doing a search for a DUI evaluation near me, only a licensed attorney can provide a person with legal advice for what to do. Free legal advice how to pass a substance abuse evaluation can help minimize or avoid future DUI class hours.

DUI Evaluation Near Me – Review How to Pass a DUI Evaluation Scheduled in August 2023

There are many ways to defend and successfully fight against an arrest for driving under the influence or (DUI), but many people are unsure of what to do for the crucial first step in how to get a DUI evaluation review or assessment nearest your location. Therefore, it is critical to first have a case evaluated online with us by an experienced lawyer who can provide answers to all questions.

Furthermore, an online review can identify any alternate ways how to get out of a DUI evaluation in time, including help for drivers with local pro bono DUI attorneys who are often free of charge when being able to afford a private defense lawyer is a concern.

However it is important to realize that there are 2 different evaluation types when it involves dealing with DUI charges. For how to avoid confusion about where to get a DUI evaluation near me type searches, it is best to explain and outline what the two different types of evaluation reviews are below. It is a driver’s fundamental right to protect themselves against conviction for any DUI, DWI related offense – which begins with a DUI evaluation remedy to avoid further consequences such as several additional hours of DUI class.

  1. DUI Evaluation Near Me
  2. How The Police DUI Drug & Alcohol Evaluation Works
  3. Get A Free Evaluation Before Hiring The Wrong Attorney
  4. How Do I Hire Another Lawyer And Transfer My DUI Case?
  5. 8 Ways How A DUI Evaluation Near Me With A Lawyer Can Help
  6. How A DUI Evaluation Will Work For Charges With Injuries
  7. How A Free DUI Evaluation Will Determine How Many Hours Of DUI Classes
  8. How Does The Alcohol Assessment Evaluation Work?
  9. How To Pass A Substance Abuse Evaluation
  10. 2 Most Important Ways How To Pass The Alcohol Evaluation
  11. How To Schedule An Evaluation With DUI Lawyers Online & Free

We work hard after being able to examine a person’s arrest details to help find the best defense options, and we are available 24/7 to help provide answers for all DUI evaluation questions a driver may have after a recent arrest. The local lawyers who evaluates a DUI online, will be able to drastically increase the success rates in getting charges dismissed or reduced when they are able to help in enough time. Please don’t plead guilty without speaking to us first for what to expect and ways to pass substance evaluation questions with proper answers.

Outlined below is the vital information for how to get a DUI evaluation after an arrest, and 11 helpful tips for ways how to pass the drug & alcohol assessment review to get the best results.

1. Where to Get a DUI Evaluation Near Me and How Does it Help?

The Advantage of Professional Legal Help

Knowing exactly where to get a DUI assessment near me is the first step to get out of DUI classes, right before learning how to pass a substance abuse evaluation. Learning how to answer DUI evaluation questions in time is crucial in possibly avoiding DUI classes or keeping the amount of class hours to take minimal. This is because it can truly make all the difference between winning and losing a DUI case when a person obtains the proper legal counsel in time to fight the charges. When a nearby attorney can carefully review the facts of the arrest and case online with us, they can then be able to examine the police report as well as any Breathalyzer or blood test results.

Next they can fight the test evidence, especially when any mistakes were done by the police officers or lab technicians. In many cases when a lawyer is finished evaluating the details of what exactly happened during the arrest, they will often acquire more vital information about a case than the police officer who made the arrest or even prosecution attorney. Top-rated skilled local lawyers who perform free DUI, DWI evaluations online and nearest your location with us will have the knowledge, reputation, and expertise required to get the best results possible in court.

Get Lawyers Advice Before Searching Locally for DUI Counseling Near Me and Paying Counseling Fees

It is important to realize that for any official DUI or DWI offense evaluation, that only a licensed attorney can provide a person with legal advice for what to do. In fact, many drivers may not even have to search locally for DUI counseling near me. After a free arrest review online, it may provide technicality defenses or alternate solutions from ever having to take alcohol or drug counseling in the first place.

This is the primary reason why it is essential to complete the case evaluation form for a free no obligation legal consultation online with us. The purpose of filling out the short contact form is so that a highly skilled and local DUI lawyer can look over and review the facts of what happened in the case and provide a driver with the best with legal options to help in your area.

If a person feels the need to speak with a free attorney on the phone right away instead of the online evaluation, please call us 24/7 at (866) 256-0566 or chat online so we can immediately help with answers to any questions or concerns about the case or Board Certified neighborhood DUI evaluation.

Prior to searching reviews online for DUI risk education classes near me – it is important that a person understands the pricing of DUI classes & DUI evaluations are often structured with flexibility for working professionals. Many nearby DUI school and counseling centers offer full drivers license reinstatement services locally and for out of state clients, and this type of DUI aftercare program is considered to be a best of class evaluation provider. Payment plans are available if needed when hours of DUI classes are required for individuals who have already been convicted or entered a guilty plea in court.

Not Missing Time Limits

If a person chooses to challenge and fight against the DUI charges, they need to understand there are certain time limits to act that happen days after the arrest. Any driver should not delay in taking steps to protect your rights from the elapse of time, and what a AODA evaluation near me does to help in providing.

After a driver gets arrested for a DUI charge, a person will face fast-moving time limits before the severe penalties such as a driver’s license suspension and Ignition Interlock requirements begin. When a person takes advantage of having the local evaluation done as soon as possible following a DUI or DWI arrest, a nearby lawyer can help a driver to understand the case time limits as well as use this remaining time to fight to avoid these consequences from happening whenever possible.

2. Understanding how the police DUI, DWI drug and alcohol evaluation test works

When a police officer first performs a drug and alcohol evaluation test of a driver for being under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs, Marijuana, or prescription medicine, they will also make an assessment by having a driver blow into a roadside breathalyzer or taking a blood test after the arrest. This happens most commonly when the officer made a roadside stop because a person was driving erratically and a DUI or DWI offense is suspected.

Also, if the officer suspects a driver has consumed alcohol or narcotics or if a driver has admitted to drinking, the person will be instructed to take a roadside field sobriety test such as to “walk in a straight line” in order to evaluate and assess if there is physical evidence of drug impairment or alcohol intoxication. There also may be another police officer that is specially trained to identify impairment by drugs who is dispatched to assist performing the evaluation test. If it is determined that a driver is likely driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, a person will be placed under arrest and brought to the police station or hospital for further DUI testing and evaluation.

What is happening a lot more often today under the strict new laws when police officers do an evaluation after a DUI arrest when alcohol or drugs is suspected to be the reason for driving under the influence and impairment, a driver will be asked to submit to a blood alcohol content and drug test. What happens next at this point after the arrest, is whether a driver passes the evaluation test or not, a person is still likely going to be charged with the DUI offense and left with the charge to fight in court.

At this point is where many drivers want know and are understandably curious and even confused about the alcohol evaluation how to pass methods of this assessment test. The reason for the confusion of why a person can still be charged with a DUI or DWI offense even after passing the evaluation under the legal alcohol limit, is because the charge is up to the officers discretion and often their predetermined bias that a driver is under the influence regardless of what the evaluation test results are.

Getting arrested for DUI is a difficult situation for any driver to face and deal with, especially since most people have never seriously broke the law before in their life. Most thought they were being responsible and truly believe they were not under the influence of alcohol or drugs but did not pass the evaluation by police, or somehow blew over the legal alcohol limit of .08 BAC. We want you to know that failing or not passing the evaluation or breath test does not mean you are guilty of the DUI or DWI offense allegation.

Until the arrest details and evidence is reviewed online by us with a local DUI specialist from where a person will be going to court at, only then can the best options for what to do next be known and explained. Most people in this situation also want to know how much will this cost? This is again where only a lawyer who can review a driver’s specific and unique arrest details can understand the complexities of a DUI case and be able to determine how much a person can expect to pay in costs and fees.

Please submit the arrest details as soon as possible for the easiest free DUI case evaluation nearby, since many of the best legal defenses to avoid the license suspension and Ignition Interlock requirement penalties are time sensitive to fight successfully in county court.

3. How to Get a Free DUI Arrest Case Evaluation & Why to Contact Us Before Hiring The Wrong Attorney

We at respect each person’s right to privacy, and it is for this primary reason that we welcome every driver who needs help after a DUI or DWI arrest and curious how to get a free evaluation online that will establish the best defense possible. We provide this service free and online with the strict confidence for every driver has questions and needs help in what to do for their case.

Our local DUI consultation is absolutely free and you can be rest assured that we will help you understand the claims process so that you do not have any surprises or regrets later. What is also important is that we will review and assess all of the details of what happened at the time of the arrest, and then explain how any potential mistakes made at any point either with the traffic stop itself or the arrest afterwards, can be used as an advantage to potentially get out of the charges and win the case.

We want to make sure that every driver who contacts us will know what their legal rights and best options are after getting a free DUI evaluation online with us. This is because through our experience we understand that if a person has the benefit of honest and valuable legal advice for what to do after and arrest and evaluation, they will be able to make better informed decisions which will help provide the best have peace of mind going forward.

If you or a loved one has hired another lawyer and feel that the case is being delayed for no apparent reason, or calls to the attorney have not been returned, or even feel that the lawyer is not putting in the time or effort to be effective to win the case and just wants to plead you guilty, please don’t hesitate to discuss your concerns with us for how we can help.

4. How Do I Hire Another Lawyer And Transfer My DUI Case?

When a person is not satisfied with a current lawyer to the point which the attorney/client relationship has entirely broken down, we will help to re-evaluate whether a person should remain with their current attorney, or if it is better to hire a new lawyer and transfer the DUI or DWI case over. It is important to realize that it is not always in a driver’s best interests to switch lawyers during a case that is in progress. This is where we can help by being able to review the arrest and case details with an evaluation online to ensure a person makes the right decision for their case. Below are 4 of the most common of reasons why a driver fighting a DUI will hire a new lawyer for their case:

  1. There has been an unreasonable delays in court dates and dragging out the case over a long period of time.
  2. The attorney has not given regular updates about the status or progress of the case with the client.
  3. A lawyer has not returned phone calls or can never be reached to discuss the case or answer questions.
  4. The lawyer is too demanding in wanting a full payment, before any work or progress has been made for the case.

Once a person has made the decision to hire another lawyer and transfer fighting the DUI or DWI case over to the new attorney, they will contact the old lawyer and request all files pertaining to the DUI case be delivered to the office of the new attorney. Sometimes people worry that they will be penalized by having to pay more costs and fees simply because they decided to transfer the case to a new lawyer. In most cases there will be no extra fee or charge added on just for deciding to hire another lawyer to handle the case.

All office evaluations done by a new lawyer can be arranged around a person’s own schedule and convenience. For the convenience of most people seeking “where are the DUI evaluation locations near me” a local attorney will often do DUI and DWI evaluations by appointment on the evenings and weekends as well. When a driver hires a new lawyer after not being satisfied with the first attorney, many clients appreciate the helpful and supportive legal representation they receive from a new legal counselor who communicates what is happening with the case effectively.

The sooner a person facing a driving under the influence charge speaks with a local lawyer nearby who knows exactly how to fight all types of DUI cases that involve alcohol or drugs and gets an assessment online or in person, the sooner a case can be evaluated and the best defense can be found. Due to how often new laws are passed and how strict the penalties and expensive fines have become, many attorneys have their practice exclusively dedicated to providing aggressive DUI defense to drivers who have been charged with a driving under the influence offense.

It is also wise to hire a lawyer nearby who specializes in DUI, DWI, DWAI, OWI, and OUI defense cases since the 2023 state law is so frequently changing. We are prepared to help guide and person going through this ordeal get the answers to questions that they deserve with a free online evaluation of a case, or find locations near where they live if a driver would rather go to an office in person.

5. 8 Ways How A DUI Evaluation Near Me With A Lawyer Can Help:

  1. They can request a DMV hearing and fight to avoid a license suspension and Ignition Interlock device.
  2. A lawyer is able to go to court for a driver when a person is unable to attend.
  3. They will review and examine all DUI test results evidence.
  4. Find ways based on the evaluation of the case to fight Breathalyzer and blood test results.
  5. Discover possible reasons that may have caused a false high BAC reading over the legal alcohol limit.
  6. Properly investigate all technical aspects of a DUI or DWI case, to possibly suppress test evidence.
  7. Fight to get the charges dropped or reduced to a less serious offense, by negotiating with the prosecution.
  8. When necessary in some cases, the best lawyer near you can take the case to fight at trial for a dismissal of charges.

Don’t let the often unfair system determine your future, you have to fight the charge. When a person knows what to do for how to get the best affordable lawyer after an evaluation, they soon realize DUI lawyers are the only real chance for how to increase the odds of getting out of the charges. Driver’s arrested for DUI do not have to struggle finding DUI counseling near me, or not have to fight the case alone.

When people go through the ordeal of recent DUI arrests it is important to remain as calm as possible afterwards in order to think clearly, since every detail of what exactly happened a local lawyer will need to review in order to ensure nothing is overlooked when finding a strong defense to challenge the charges in court. The trusted local lawyers who evaluates a DUI charge online with us are experienced with challenging evidence presented against drivers, including DUI and DWI charges that involve:

  • Blood tests
  • Breathalyzer tests
  • Field Sobriety tests
  • Refusing to take the DUI tests

It is important not to take chances with your future with so much at stake, and to fill out the short form to the right to describe what happened during the arrest so a local expert attorney will review the case for the best defense options in what to do next. By taking advantage of the simple arrest review we provide free online for a confidential DUI or DWI case evaluation near you, we are ready to help put the skilled DUI lawyers years of experience to work in challenging the charges.

Regardless of whether or not a driver has had their evaluation or alcohol assessment yet, It is essential to contact us quickly as possible for help – since there are strict time constraints involved in fighting any type of charge for a driving under the influence offense. The sooner a person can contact our local DUI lawyers who will be familiar with same court a driver will be going to for their case, the better chances will be of getting the charges dropped or reduced to a less serious offense.

In some cases, the attorneys through us can also help when a person is trying to get past DUI charge expunged from a driving record, whether it be for professional or personal reasons. Please don’t hesitate to contact the DUI and DWI lawyers with us for more information on how an evaluation works to a driver’s benefit for a strong defense.

6. How does a DUI evaluation work when it is for charges with injuries involved?

Almost every driver on the road is fully aware that driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or heavy medication is both dangerous and illegal. Unfortunately, these ever-changing laws are frequently broken irresponsible drivers, and also those drivers who were falsely or wrongly arrested for DUI. When the actions of a driver under the influence of alcohol or drugs causes an accident or serious property damage, the consequences for both the driver and the victims can be devastating.

When a driver has been charged with DUI or DWI offense that involves injuries, it is critically imperative that a person knows what to do next in where to get the best legal help to evaluate the case and entire situation. This is because many times is a serious accident with an injury to another person, a driver can be arrested for a suspected DUI simply because they are disoriented after the crash.

A drunk or drugged driver can face more than just DUI and DWI charges if they caused the accident, since they very likely will also be held accountable for the injuries caused by an accident and have to pay all the costs that stem from the injuries to another person. If a driver has been charged with a driving under the influence offense where another person is injured in an alcohol or drug related accident, a driver will need a local and expert lawyer to perform an evaluation so they can begin to fight the case for the best outcome possible in court.

The local lawyers who will do a free online evaluation through us, can help determine if alcohol or drugs played a factor in a car, motorcycle or boat DUI accident. If another person has been injured because of a suspected DUI or DWI, we can help. Every local attorney with us is aggressive and detail-oriented when serving the unique legal needs of each person’s case. Our lawyers are committed to protecting a driver’s rights, especially when after the details are evaluated the DUI arrest itself is found to be unfair or unjustified.

7. How to schedule a free DUI evaluation review after an arrest, and know how many hours of DUI classes a person will have to take

A common question we are asked is “do I have to get an evaluation after a DUI arrest?”  The answer is yes, since if convicted of the offense in court, the results of the evaluation test will determine how many hours of DUI classes a person is required to take. This local drug and alcohol examination can also suggest further treatment or counseling in addition to the classes.

Most people are unsure what to do for how to get an evaluation after a DUI or DWI arrest charge offense, or even know how this assessment review works. This is not at all uncommon, since most drivers never expected to be in this situation in the first place or have ever been in serious trouble before with the law beyond a traffic or parking ticket. The scheduling of a state alcohol assessment test evaluation is the first step in the admission process for figuring how many hours of DUI school classes a person will have to take.

Many first-time offense drivers curious of “what is the court ordered drug and alcohol evaluation?” Also, many people are unsure where to go near their location. How this assessment review works, is it will provide helpful information on the extent of the addiction or substance abuse issue, and assess whether a person charged with DUI has a problem with alcohol or drugs.

This professional DUI assessment in the neighborhood is a confidential meeting where a person will go through an interview process with a licensed alcohol & drug counselor to determine if there are any issues once the review is completed. In some locations, it may also be possible to take the drug and alcohol evaluation online.

Whether a person goes to take the evaluation online or in person at a local office, a trained alcohol/drug counselor will make this assessment review as unintrusive and easy as possible. The length of time a person charged with a DUI offense will find out the results of the evaluation, is sometimes immediately after being evaluated, or not usually longer than 3 days on average. Most counselor locations near where a person lives will also be able to perform out of state evaluations for drivers who may have been arrested in one state, and live in another. Once the evaluation is completed, a person will soon know how many hours of DUI classes they will have to take.

The DUI school classes will be ordered and required for any driver who gets pleads or is found guilty of even a first DUI offense charge. After the all the hours of classes are successfully finished, the driver is then given certificate of completion to later provide to the court. At this point, many first-time offenders will be eligible to get a driver’s license back, however in most cases an Ignition Interlock device will still have to be installed in order to legally drive.

8. How does the alcohol assessment evaluation work after being arrested and charged with DUI or DWI offense, and what happens next?

During a local DUI evaluation, you can expect:

  1. Review of arrest details: The evaluator will go over the specifics of your DUI arrest, including the reason for the traffic stop and any observations made by law enforcement officers.
  2. Personal and medical history assessment: You will be asked about your previous DUI convictions, substance abuse treatment history, and any existing mental health conditions.
  3. Assessment tools: The evaluator will likely use standardized questionnaires, interviews, and potentially drug tests to gain a comprehensive understanding of your alcohol or drug use patterns.
  4. Identification of underlying issues: The evaluation aims to uncover any potential underlying issues contributing to your DUI offense, such as substance abuse problems or mental health concerns.
  5. Recommendations for intervention: Based on the findings, the evaluator will make recommendations for the most appropriate course of action, which may include substance abuse education programs, counseling, or outpatient/inpatient treatment.
  6. Focus on reducing future risks: The evaluation is geared towards helping you address underlying issues and reducing the likelihood of future DUI incidents.

Attending a local DUI evaluation is a crucial step in the DUI defense process, as it provides an objective assessment of your alcohol or drug use. By being honest and forthcoming during the evaluation, you enable the evaluator to make informed recommendations that can greatly impact the outcome of your case.

The primary purpose of why a driver has to get a drug & alcohol DUI evaluation is to help prevent a 2nd or repeat offense from ever happening, as well as prevent others on the road from being hurt. It is for those goals, an assessment review will concentrate on 2 main parts: alcohol or drug treatment when necessary, and driver safety.

The 1st step of the evaluation process is a driver having to go through a review screening assessment to find out if they will be required to go to treatment for dependence on alcohol, prescription medication, or illegal drugs. For any driver who is found guilty of driving under the influence, the person will have to take the counseling treatment that is ordered.

A DUI assessment review consists of questions which will outline what level of substance treatment a person will have to complete before a driver’s license can be returned. This type of alcohol evaluation must be administered by a licensed state agency. For any person unsure of “where to go for a alcohol and drug evaluation near me,” we can help find the best location that works for you by contacting us via the contact form to the right of this page. Once this assessment takes place, the local office will decide what treatment program person will need attend, and how many DUI school classes a driver will need to take.

There are multiple levels of alcohol & drug abuse treatment a person can be categorized in. Generally, a driver arrested for a DUI or DWI offense charge will call into one of these following categories after an evaluation takes place:

  1. High Risk
  2. Significant Risk
  3. Moderate Risk
  4. Low Risk

While going through what level of treatment is best for an individual driver during this local DUI assessment process, the category that a driver falls under will outline how many hours of treatment they will need to be required to complete. It is also necessary to mention that a person who is ordered to take DUI classes of alcohol/drug treatment after an assessment review, they will only have a limited number of months to complete the required number of set hours.

9. How to Pass Drug and Alcohol Evaluation Assessment

One of the most critical first steps a driver facing a driving under the influence charge needs to know, is how to prepare for the DUI assessment evaluation so they will pass. The first thing to note is that when a person contacts a DUI alcohol and drug evaluation service treatment provider to schedule an appointment for the assessment review, there are some important documents outlined below that a driver will need to bring with in with them. It is also worth mentioning that most people also will have questions as to “where are the DUI or DWI evaluation locations near me?”

For anyone unsure about inexpensive, recommended DUI evaluation locations nearest your location or where to go to, we can help online by contacting us via the short contact form on this page. Keep in mind that the more a person can do before the assessment takes place, the less time will be spent going through the assessment test and worrying about passing and failing. These 3 documents are what a driver will need to bring to the alcohol and drug evaluation review assessment:

  • Any document that may show what the blood alcohol content was at the time of the arrest.
  • A copy of a person’s driving record.
  • A copy of the DUI or DWI arrest ticket, and any other papers the police may have given after being released from custody.

The best way how to pass a substance abuse evaluation DUI assessment near me is by being proactive beforehand with a free online arrest review so you know exactly what to expect your own local DUI evaluation will consist of. Taking this step may even identify ways how to get out of taking a DUI evaluation entirely.

10. 2 Most Important Things To Know For Ways How To Pass The Alcohol Evaluation

1. Within the first 14 days before going to the alcohol and drug DUI evaluation, it is advisable to drink a lot of water and stay physically active to flush out as much toxins as possible to have the best chance to pass the review test. A driver arrested for DUI or DWI charges should be ready to take a standard urine test to be urine screened for both alcohol and/or drugs in a person’s system. Some people choose to buy a natural detox kit that is available in many health stores, which can help to eliminate toxins in the body for up to several hours, and can begin to work almost right away.

Many of these types of detox kits available at the store do not cost a lot, and have been helpful to increase the chances for how to pass an evaluation test successfully. It is important to note that some drug and alcohol assessment reviews will search for for other types of substances, and not just alcohol or drugs. This is where it is professionally recommended being honest during the evaluation will work to a person’s benefit, since prescribed medication can also be found in many screening tests.

2. It is also not entirely uncommon for the counselor of licensed person who evaluates a driver, to ask for for the names and phone numbers of people a driver knows who can verify the answers to some of the assessment questions asked during the alcohol and drug evaluation. It is to a person’s advantage to be prepared for this just in case it is requested at the time of the review test. It also helps to keep the answers to the questions as minimal as possible. This is because saying too much with more details that is typically necessary, can sometimes affect the test results in a negative way.

11. How to Schedule an Evaluation or Consultation With Expert DUI Lawyers Online And Free

How to pass a substance abuse evaluation DUI assessment near me? The local DUI lawyers with us will fight charges vigorously after an evaluation can determine the best defense options for what to do next. We provide a free online consultation to evaluate a DUI, DWI case and then discuss with a driver how we can help with a local Board Certified DUI evaluation review.

Free legal advice is provided to answer any other questions a person may have about passing a substance assessment review. Both the police and court system can treat a person who is unfairly charged with a driving under the influence offense severely, especially when a person does not take necessary action of the benefit of getting proper legal advice with a free consultation.

If you or someone you know has recently gone through a DUI or DWI arrest whether after a traffic stop, safety checkpoint, refusing to take a breath test, or after an accident – let a tough, knowledgeable local DUI lawyer help fight against the charges. Please call us today toll-free at (866) 256-0566 or simply contact us online for an entirely free initial case evaluation. Drivers can be assured that all DUI evaluation reviews with us are confidential, and we will work hard to help people get a driver’s license and normal life back as quickly as possible. After an online review, there may even be options available for ways how to get out of a DUI assessment evaluation.

Free DUI Arrest Evaluation August 2023 Law References:

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  1. I had a dui 32 years ago and have learned my lesson and since only drink 1-3 beers at 1 sitting, pretty much only drink 1-3 beers in an average week, and many times less! I have an evaluation coming up and since its all about money. They wont believe me and give me costly counseling. Also i dont do drugs at all,n ever had but my doctor suggested medical marijuana, and have prescription for xanax, but never drink in morning or even at home at all.

  2. Hi, i was arrested for simple assault & endangered instruments of crime…etc. No alcohol or drugs related last August after i called 911 for help multiple times from someone trying to break in my house. I was then arrested in front of my neighbor’s house with a knife in my hand because I chased the person, and then it disappears in my neighbor porch.

    Anyway, all the other charges dropped except simple assault was plead guilty is part of the deal after spent little over 2 months in county jails. The court ordered me to take an alcohol & drugs evaluation when there are none involve during the arrest.

    While I was in jail, I mentioned to the counselor if I could take the evaluation in jail to get over it, the counselor just ignored it. Now, that I being released…The court sent me letter saying this is Mandatory to take the evaluation or I should violate my probation.. the test will cost $175 in fees.

    Why do I have to take this test when no alcohol & drugs involved? Also, why don’t they let me do the evaluation assessment in jail? I was in there over 2 months.


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