First DUI Offense Penalties in Georgia

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First DUI Offense Penalties in Georgia

Georgia DUI regulations are called “Impaired Driving Laws” and penalties are severe even for the first offense. Alcohol-impaired Georgia drivers caused more than 300 fatalities in 2012 and those with blood-alcohol content (BAC) of at least 0.15 percent were responsible for almost 70 percent of these deaths. Drivers in Georgia should realize the seriousness of DUI and understand potential penalties.

First DUI Conviction Penalties

A first-time DUI conviction in Georgia carries a fine of at least $300 and up to $1,000 along with a $210 charge for driver license reinstatement following a license suspension period of up to one year. First-time offenders must also perform at least 40 hours of community service. In addition, even an initial conviction may require up to one year in jail.

BAC threshold for DUI for individuals 21 or older is 0.08 percent. Georgia has implied consent laws, meaning that a driver cannot refuse chemical testing without legal consequences. Individuals who refuse testing can still be arrested and charged with DUI. The driver license will be confiscated and the police officer will issue a permit that lasts for 30 days. To avoid losing driving privileges for a year, the individual must request a hearing challenging driver license suspension.

An initial DUI conviction in Georgia also requires a clinical evaluation, completing a DUI alcohol risk reduction program, and necessary treatment. Georgia does not require installation of an ignition interlock device (IID) for an initial DUI conviction but does for subsequent convictions. Mothers Against Drunk Driving hopes to make IID installation mandatory with the first conviction.

In 2012, more than 32,000 people were convicted of DUI in Georgia, illustrating that law enforcement officials take drunk driving seriously. Georgia drivers arrested for DUI should discuss their cases with a Georgia DUI attorney to learn more about the consequences. While reviewing the case, a DUI lawyer may discover mistakes made by the arresting officer, opening the door for a plea of not guilty that could result in the case being thrown out.

Underage DUI

Georgia drivers under age 21 are subject to a 0.02 BAC threshold. Penalties for BAC over 0.02 and less than 0.08 percent are fines of $300 to $1,000, 20 hours of community service, and a six-month driver license suspension. For BAC exceeding 0.08 percent, license suspension increases to one year, community service to 40 hours, and the driver must spend at least 24 hours in jail. All underage DUI convictions impose a 12-month delay on obtaining a graduated driver license.

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