First DUI Offense Penalties in Nebraska

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First DUI Offense Penalties in Nebraska

Being pulled over, charged, and arrested for a Driving Under the Influence (DUI) or Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) offense is a serious situation. While the penalties for this crime are generally the same in every state, the amount of time for the penalty and the severity of the punishment will vary from one state to the next. Each state has its own view on how serious DUI or DWI offense is – some states consider these charges to be very serious crimes while other see them as simple, civil offenses.

The state of Nebraska, in comparison with other state’s penalties, has a moderate view on DUI and DWI charges. First offenders will see a license suspension of only 90 days, with second and third offenders seeing harsher penalties of suspensions lasting one year. Offenders will also not be required to take any alcohol education classes, be assessed for alcohol dependency, or have their car confiscated. The only other punishment incited by the state of Nebraska is having to use an ignition interlock device.

First Offense Penalties for Underage DUI

In the United States, underage individuals only account for 10 percent of the population that has their driver’s licenses. Although they account for a small number of divers on the road, underage individuals account for a large percentage of the alcohol related accidents and fatalities that occur across the country every year. With these statistics in mind, lawmakers will generally set forth penalties and punishments severe enough that these young drivers are unlikely to offend again.

Those individuals who are arrested and charged with DUI who are also under the legal drinking age will face additional, more serious, penalties. Since underage drivers account for almost 17 percent of all alcohol related accidents, state lawmakers tend to take a harsher stance on their punishments. First time underage DUI offenders in Nebraska will face a fine of up to $500, a license suspension that could last up to 6 months as well as prison time that will range from one week to 60 days behind bars.

Drunk Driving Statistics for Nebraska

The statistics that surround drunk driving across the country are both startling and terrifying and the state of Nebraska is no exception. In Nebraska, 35 percent of all traffic deaths were related to drunk driving – this is a steep 64 increase from the previous year – and over 1,200 injuries in traffic accidents were due to one of the driver’s having a 0.01 Blood Alcohol Content or higher. Additionally, the state recorded over 10,000 DUI arrests and also records almost 40,000 third time offenders in the state.

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