How Can I Beat a DUI/DWI Case without a Lawyer?

Need a DUI lawyer?If you are seeking out any possibilities for ways how to beat a DUI case without getting a lawyer, its is important that you first realize the magnitude of such a decision, and what your chances of success will be without hiring a specialist DUI/DWI lawyer to help you.

For any type of DUI arrest charge for alcohol or drugs, refusal to take a breath test, or causing property damage or harm, it is important that you at least first speak with an experienced DUI attorney from your area who can explore your best defense options with you before making a final decision on whether or not to retain an attorney to fight it. This is because with an experienced professional examining your own particular case and arrest circumstances, will make all the difference with knowing your true options of how to proceed when fighting the charges to toss out any BAC test results in court.

Some people are worried they will not be able to afford an attorney, without realizing free legal help is available in many cases. Once your arrest details can be reviewed online through us by an experienced and local DUI lawyer, they will have a wide range of expertise when it comes to challenging DUI offenses, including breath and blood test refusal cases.

It is important to realize that only a lawyer can help provide you with sound legal advice and a strong defense. Even in cases where the odds to beat a DUI by refusing to take the breath test is higher, an individual will still be to know how to navigate in the technical legal system properly in order to win ans save their driver’s license from getting suspended. Especially today with how much science and technology is used when prosecuting and defending all DUI and DWI cases, it is a highly complex area of law which requires a legal expert for the latest and most effective drunk and drugged driving defense methods.

Contrary to popular opinion, officers need a reason to stop your vehicle. An officer saying that he had a “hunch” you might be intoxicated is not enough. There must be sound reason and basis for the traffic stop. If the officer states that you were “weaving”, did this occur outside of your lane? Why do we ask this? Because weaving inside your designated lane is NOT illegal!

Were you pulled over during a roadblock check, which is more and more common during summer holidays and “party” days, such as St. Patrick’s Day and New Years Eve? How can you beat this charge? Well, did you know roadblocks are actually illegal in some states? Did you know in the states where this is legal, the officers need to maintain consistency in their checks? In other words, they must decide which vehicle in line they are going to check and maintain that number throughout (every tenth car, every fourth car, etc…).

Were You Read Your Miranda Rights?

You would be surprised how many times utilizing your rights comes into play when fighting DUI charges successfully. Did the officer read you your Miranda rights? Were they read clearly and completely? If not, you may be able to have the case thrown out on a technicality. This certainly would not be the first time this has happened with these type of cases.

Challenge Field Tests

For reasonable suspicion to be validated, you must show obvious symptoms of drinking, such as slurred speech, bloodshot eyes, or smelling of alcohol. However, you may have a medical condition that presents bloodshot eyes, such as allergies. Or, you may have used an over the counter product that smells similar to someone that has been drinking, such as mouthwash.

In many cases, officers will have you perform sobriety tests. In some cases, the officers will create their own tests that are not recognized. Even for the standard tests, certain conditions will prevent even a sober person from being able to do them properly. Vertigo, physical handicaps or injuries, weather, and even your medication may affect how you perform in these tests.

While you can try to use these defenses on your own to beat a DUI or DWI case, it is highly recommended that you secure the services of an experienced and skilled DUI attorney. Taking on this defense will be difficult enough, so give yourself a fighting chance and find a local DUI attorney that is experienced as well has having a proven record of success in these matters.

Finding The Best Possible DUI Defense To Use For How To Get Charges Dropped

All types of DUI, DWI, and test refusal offenses have many possible defenses which can get charges dropped or dismissed in court. Not all people choose to hire an attorney to fight a drunk or drugged driving case. However, many of these best defenses to use are highly technical in nature, and some could require the expert testimony of a toxicologist. We find with many DUI charge scenarios, issues with the arrest itself or the BAC test procedure can be found after we review the details, which may lead to excluding breath blood test evidence resulting in an acquittal. Without having to hire a lawyer first or before you begin spending money on legal fees, please contact us soon as possible after being charged so we can inform you of the best options and strategy to put forward to win, that is based entirely upon your own specific arrest information.

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  1. My job depends on my ability to drive. I did nothing to cause a traffic stop I asked directions he said he smelled alcohol. This particular department tried to railroad me 2 1/2 years ago and failed. They are trying again! This is BS!

    Please contact me for a review of my case. No Miranda rights and no tests were performed, and he claimed he smelled alcohol. Please help.

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