How Long Will My License Be Suspended for a Second DUI?

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How Long Will My License Be Suspended for a Second DUI?

second dui license suspension length
Second DUI License Suspension Length: 2nd DUI within 10 years will suspend a license 2 years on average. An online arrest review provides 24/7 free DUI legal advice how to get your license back after second DUI, DWI happens.

What Happens to Your License When You Get a Second DUI

Driver license suspension is a common punishment for driving under the influence, but the odds today are far greater of a longer license suspension up to 2 years on average when it is for a second DUI, DWI offense conviction. Even first-time offenders will probably lose their licenses for a short time under 2023 DUI laws in most jurisdictions unless the charges get dismissed in time.

Is my license automatically suspended after a second DUI offense within a decade of the first? No – a suspension is not automatic. However, the chances are always 100% a driver’s license will be revoked after the DMV hearing within 30 days of the arrest without expert attorney help or advice to intervene beforehand.

Stopping a License Suspension: First, there’s one crucial step you must take to protect your current driving status immediately after another DUI charge – submitting a free license revocation removal request early, ideally before the DMV hearing. This simple but effective step can often make the difference between a pending license suspension going into effect within 30 days of an arrest or keeping your driving privileges intact.

Only local expert DUI defense lawyers who specialize in getting recent second offense cases dismissed will also have the greatest odds of avoiding a revoked license as well. This legal fact is because the judge will be putting a repeat DUI offender’s case defense under much further scrutiny than a first-time offender when it comes to enforcing a suspended license period.

What both 1st and 2nd DUI charges have in common, are finding legal defenses that work as early as possible after an arrest happens. The chances to save a license from getting suspended are especially highest when an arrest review may identify that police had no valid cause to stop a driver to begin with that consequently led to the second DUI charge.

Local license suspension periods are determined at the state level and typically increase with the number of previous DUI convictions. This means that two-time DUI offenders may find themselves unable to drive for a very long time, and will require a car Breathalyzer interlock device if they get a restricted license for driving to work.

2nd DUI License Suspension Periods

The length of time that a driver’s license will be suspended for a second DUI offense varies by state. In some states, the suspension period may be shorter for a second offense than it is for a first offense, while in other states it may be longer. Here is an overview of the local 2023 license suspension periods for a recent second DUI offense in each state:

StateLicense Suspension Period
Alabama90 days to one year
Alaska90 days to one year
Arizona90 days to one year
Arkansas180 days to two years
CaliforniaTwo years
ColoradoOne year
Connecticut45 days to two years
DelawareOne year
FloridaFive years
GeorgiaThree years
HawaiiOne year
IdahoOne year
IllinoisFive years
Indiana180 days to two years
IowaOne year
KansasOne year
KentuckyOne year to 18 months
LouisianaOne year
MaineThree years
Maryland45 days to two years
MassachusettsTwo years
MichiganOne year
MinnesotaOne year
Mississippi90 days to one year
MissouriOne year
MontanaSix months to one year
Nebraska90 days to one year
NevadaOne year
New HampshireTwo years
New JerseyTwo years
New MexicoOne year
New YorkOne year
North CarolinaOne year
North DakotaOne year
OhioOne to five years
Oklahoma180 days to two years
OregonOne year
PennsylvaniaOne year
Rhode IslandOne year
South CarolinaOne year
South DakotaOne year
TennesseeOne year
Texas180 days to two years
Utah18 months
Vermont18 months to two years
VirginiaThree years
Washington90 days to two years
West VirginiaSix months to two years
WisconsinOne year
WyomingSix months to one year

It is important to note the actual length of a license suspension for a second DUI offense may vary depending on the circumstances of each person’s own unique arrest factors and the laws of the individual state. It is always a good idea to consult with a local DUI license revocation lawyer with our top DUI attorney offices for more information on the specific laws and regulations that pertain to your own specific case.

August 2023, most states impose some type of driver license suspension or revocation for a first DUI conviction and the period ranges from 30 days to one year, depending on the state and factors contributing to the DUI charge. The state Department of Motor Vehicles or other relevant agency usually administers driver license suspensions or revocations for DUI convictions. These DMV penalties are considered separate from other consequences imposed by the court.

During 2nd offense DUI, DWI suspension periods, many people still may have alternate options available such as being able to get a hardship license so they can legally drive to work, school, or doctor visits. A hardship permit, restricted license can help many drivers who are worried about how to keep their job after a second DUI happens. An online arrest review will also provide immediate answers for individuals who have questions about getting a hardship license after a 2nd-time charge, as it pertains to their own case circumstances.

In most states, a repeat DUI offense carries harsher penalties, particularly if it occurs within five or ten years of the previous conviction, as dictated by state law. Unless a second DUI can get dismissed in time before a court conviction or guilty plea, a 2nd DUI, DWI offense carries a license suspension or revocation period of between 90 days and three years depending on the state. As a rule, two-time offenders should be prepared to lose their licenses for at least one year.

How Long Do You Lose Your License For a Second DUI Offense on Average?

The new 2023 state laws for how long a license is suspended for a second DUI or DWI offense is now for even a longer length of time than ever before. Only drivers who gets legal help early after an arrest happens, will have any chance to avoid a license suspension in a 2nd DUI case with the DMV and court. If convicted for a 2nd offense charge, a driver will lose their driver’s license and face the following average consequences:

  • For a second DUI offense conviction or guilty plea, the average minimum penalty ranges from 10 to 90 days in jail and a 2 year driver’s license suspension length of time.
  • For a 3rd offense conviction, the approximate minimum sentence is 90 days of jail-time and a minimum of 3 years of having a suspended license.
  • These penalties are what the minimum sentencing guidelines are now with how strict the new second offense law has become in every state for both DUI and DWI. If a repeat offender is convicted of the charges, the actual sentence and fines/costs a person will face could be even more, since every driver’s arrest is unique to their own details of what took place.

In every type of driving under the influence case whether it is for a repeat 2nd time offense or not, and if a driver gets convicted of a DUI charge, they will also have a criminal record for life. They will also have to pay much much higher insurance rates after they get a driver’s license returned back to legally drive again after a suspension period ends. After a person begins driving a vehicle again with a valid license, they will also be required to have an Ignition Interlock device installed on the car under what the current new law is today for a second time offense conviction.

Arizona is one of few states that impose the same license suspension period, 90 days, regardless of the number of DUI convictions. New York imposes a six-month suspension on drivers convicted of second or third DUIs and Nebraska and Montana take the same approach with repeat offenders, requiring a one-year suspension period. In New Mexico, things are not as clear-cut for individuals convicted of a second DUI because the suspension period varies based on the circumstances.

Connecticut, Georgia, New Hampshire, and Virginia take a hard line with two-time DUI offenders, imposing a three-year driver license suspension or revocation. Drivers in these states who are charged with 2nd offense DUI should seriously consider retaining attorneys to help them fight the charges. In fact, anyone arrested for DUI would benefit from hiring a DUI lawyer. Expert DUI attorney free legal advice online lets people which mistakes are commonly made during DUI arrests and uses these to create a strong defense.

Taking action is the only way to avoid losing the license due to second offense DUI, DWI conviction in August 2023. Utilizing a free DUI arrest review will get the ball rolling in knowing what the best 2nd DUI defense is to save your license before a administrative license hearing happens. After a free online review with a top lawyer with knowledge of state and local DUI laws, an individual charged with a 2nd DUI will be better positioned to fight a case and avoid losing a driver license to a mandatory suspension period of a year or longer.

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  1. Is it legal to pull a person’s license five times before the second DUI sentencing and pleading guilty?
    At sentencing my license was taken right after my 2nd DUI and I received a paper one for like one month then lost it.
    The letter from the SOS said losing my license for 1 year from the date on the letter and then gave it back after arraignment.
    They kept doing this like 4 more times until my 2nd offense DUI sentencing on July 16th.

  2. I got my 2nd D.U.I. in less than 10 years, and I’ve done the inpatient treatment and continuing to attend AA meetings, got my evaluation and paid my 2nd offense DUI fines. So my question is can I either partial driving permit or full drivers license reinstatement at this time?

  3. It’s been 7 years since I received my second DUI. I have completed my DUI classes, I have had my evaluation, and I had to pay for my reinstatement.

    I’ve also had the ignition interlock dismissed due to the fact of hardship. Like I said it’s been 7 years since my conviction. Do I still have to do the DUI treatment to get my license back?

  4. I got my 2nd owi about 14 years ago and it’s been a struggle to get my license back i completed an outpatient services for substance abuse and depression about 3 years ago. I been attending AA meetings up until the virus hit i have my oldest daughter of 25 due to my last sponsor passing away. I been hesitant about even trying to get my license back.

  5. My husband got a second DUI in 1997 and he paid his fines and took his classes that was required, my question is how does he go about getting his license back? we live in Illinois .


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