How to Get a DUI Case Dismissed and Win in Court

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How to Get a DUI Case Dismissed and Win in Court

Exactly How Possible is the Process of Getting a DUI Dismissed in Court?

How often do DUI cases get dismissed today? Recent DUI, DWI cases get thrown out of court today more often than most people realize, even under tough new 2023 DUI laws passed in every state. When an arrest review discovers police did not have a valid reason to stop a driver in the first place or there were other police report errors creating legal technicalities, these common rights violations that happen all too often are the best defenses that work to have DUI charges dismissed before trial effectively.

It is important to realize that only professional free advice with help of a good local DUI, DWI lawyer experts early as possible in a pending case, can provide winning defense options with finding successful legal grounds for dismissal of DUI to avoid a conviction in court.

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs and getting charged with a DUI is a severe criminal offense under the new laws and if convicted, can result in harsh penalties, fines, jail sentence, and even a lengthy driver’s license suspension period which includes using an ignition interlock device afterwards. Consequently, getting arrested for this violation can often drastically alter a person’s life and career, in addition to experiencing a traumatic financial impact for first-time offenders.

Due to these serious consequences of a DUI conviction in 2023, it is important for you to understand what to expect for how to beat a DUI and dismiss a DUI charge entirely in court. The first and most important step is having your arrest reviewed with us, since our local lawyers are well versed and specialists with clearing DUI and DWI cases. Our national team of top-rated lawyers will let you know what strategies are best to fight your case in court, and how to protect you from legal repercussions arising from a DUI offense.

Review the best defenses that work to get DUI charges dismissed for the 3 of the most common types of DUI cases:

  1. Refusing Breath, Blood Test
  2. Failed Breathalyzer Defense
  3. No Probable Cause For Original Traffic Stop

Utilizing a free online arrest review early enough after a DUI, DWI arrest happens today, can identify the right case-specific legal defense that works for the best chances to have charges dismissed when the case goes to court.

What are the Odds of Winning a DUI Case in Court or at Trial?

Generally, DUI cases are more likely to get dismissed if the accused is represented by an attorney, as they have the expertise and knowledge to effectively navigate the legal system and build a strong defense.

However, recent studies have shown that in many jurisdictions, the percentage odds of DUI dismissal can vary between 15-35% and the chances of getting DUI charges dropped or reduced to a less serious misdemeanor offense with an attorney is 30-50%.

Before you appear in court or go to trial, a DUI lawyer will first have to determine some ways of dismissing a DUI effectively under what the new local laws outline. There are various technical ways to deal with such cases to increase the chances of winning. What first must happen regardless of the defense method used, a knowledgeable lawyer will need to establish some major legal loopholes in the evidence presented by the prosecution attorney or arresting police officer’s account of what they observed.

Another potential option is when the prosecutor agrees to drop the criminal DUI charges in exchange for a plea bargain for a less serious offense, which most often is reckless driving. Even though the reckless charge is still a misdemeanor, this works in favor of the driver since this charge can later be cleared on your record, and have avoided a permanent criminal record with a conviction of DUI. However, this only happens when the the prosecuting attorney agrees to this less serious charge plea bargain.

Many people facing this ordeal frequently ask us “how often do DUI cases get dismissed?” Since the new laws are so strict today, the probability of getting a lesser plea bargain is not very likely anymore for drunk and drugged driving offenses. What takes place far more frequently today, people will choose to plead not guilty and contest the charges in court. The best odds of winning a DUI case outright with a judge clearing the charges, will therefore require you to get help from a local defense lawyer to fight the case on your behalf. We can give you these answers immediately that is most effective for your own specific situation, once we can review your arrest details online as to what occurred.

What Defenses are Used Most Often to Win Against a DUI or DWI Charge?

After looking at a person’s arrest specifics, we can find legal technicalities to apply as a tactic of winning against recent DUI and DWI charges. This method of defeating a case is based on certain problems found with the enforcing officers breath and blood test collection procedure, among other effective legal strategies utilized by our top DUI attorneys nearest your location.

When a driver takes advantage of protecting their rights in time by pleading not guilty, an individual ensures that vital intricacies of the case are brought forth at their court date, which  gives the best chance for the defense counsel to poke holes in the prosecution’s accusations. Some of the most effective ways leading to dismissing a local DUI case include arguing how the BAC breath and blood test results were taken, as well as how the roadside field sobriety tests were administered.

Finding out if a person’s constitutional rights have been violated at any point after the first contact with police, may also be accomplished by proving that the DUI arrest was technically illegal by challenging the legality of the reason for traffic stop in the first place. Another factor we examine of a driver’s information, is if an officer had failed to read a person their Miranda Rights at the appropriate time while detained or while in custody.

These defense factors among several others which may be applicable to your case events, are the common approaches often used by a reputable and expert DUI lawyer who will review your details online to inform you of what the best legal defense options are to eliminate charges in the case.

Why Getting a DUI Case Dismissed Will Always Require a Highly Skilled DUI Lawyer to Help

If your top priority is dismissing a DUI, then the first step should be to have your arrest analyzed with our reputed DUI lawyers. This is due to the fact that the timing of what can be done to help is truly of the essence at this point. Our top-rated local defense attorneys will review the facts you provide of the incident, to gather firsthand information about the charge and will start creating strategies for how to dispute any evidence collected by the police which they will be presenting in court.

Having the best nearby DUI specialist lawyer assess the details of what happened in enough time, also helps in countering the local prosecution attorney, since our expert defense lawyers will be familiar with them and the ways how they like to fight a DUI case in front of a local judge.

Please take advantage of getting in touch with our DUI attorney specialists online for any recent violation arising due to alcohol or drug DUI cases. We have a nationwide team of the best experienced lawyers who are fully aware of the many ways how to get a DUI charge dismissed and ensure a record gets cleared.

Since our local attorneys exclusively focus their practice in DUI/DWI law, over the years we have successfully defended drivers in courts across the country with proven results in winning cases when other legal professionals can’t.

Call us 24/7 anytime at your convenience, or have your case reviewed online for a free estimate of what to expect the cost of a lawyer to be for your own specific situation, while we discuss with you exactly how we can fight to get the DUI case dismissed in court properly.

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