I Just Got a DUI and Need My License for Work to Keep My Job. What Can I Do?

Got a DUI and Need My License
Learn how to get a restricted license to drive to work after a DUI or DWI arrest. Know the legal ways how to get a permit to drive to work on suspended license.

Updated: January 1, 2019

How to Get a Restricted License to Drive to Work After a DUI or DWI

Depending upon your state, you may actually be able to keep your license, as not all states have a mandatory license suspension on the first DUI offense. If, however, your state does automatically suspend or revoke your license after a DUI arrest, there are limited options to get a restricted license that can be used minimally during the suspension term.

The first step in getting your license back is to file for a restricted license within the state’s timeline for doing so. If you do not know the timeline already, you should be able to find it for your specific state on the state DMV website. Or, if you have hired an attorney, he or she will know exactly when and how to file for a restricted license.

Next, whether or not you are able to keep your job may depend on if you actually need to drive for work or just need your license to be able to get back and forth from work. If you had a commercial license, states do not offer a temporary or restricted license for this purpose. If you were using your regular license and are required to drive during work, it is unlikely you will be able to do that either.

A temporary/restricted license is meant to offer those with no means to get to work or their scheduled counseling sessions a means of transportation. Even if that individual had a commercial license, he or she will only be able to obtain a restricted license to operate his or her personal vehicle for the purposes mentioned above.

If you have a job where you are required to drive, you should be upfront with your employer about your situation. There may be positions within the company that you are able to do while serving the suspension. However, this will be up to your employer and will depend upon the availability of alternative positions and possibly your history with the company.

When faced with lost employment, all is still not lost. Even though your employer may be terminating you, it may still be possible to obtain a referral letter based on your job performance to that point. You can also inquire if your employer would be willing to hire you back once the license suspension is served. From that point, you will need to seek out employment for positions where driving is not a requirement.

After a DUI or DWI charge happens, we know the legal ways how to get a permit to drive to work on suspended license based on a driver’s own arrest situation.

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