I Need the Best DUI Help for a Second Offense

In many states, a second DUI offense comes with mandatory penalties. These penalties often extend to a prolonged suspension, DUI classes, ignition interlock devices, and fines. Without an experienced DUI attorney, you can expect to face the most severe off all these penalties. With such ramifications, you are best served to find an attorney to help defend your case.

Jail time is mandatory for a second DUI offense in many states. Few employers will be very tolerant of an employee that is missing work due to jail time over an extended period of time. An attorney may be able to have the jail time served over weekends until all days are served or possibly have it served as community service.

License suspensions are also typical for a second DUI offense. Again, each state will dictate a minimum and maximum time for the suspension. Depending upon your job, your attorney may be able to argue a lowering of the suspension to allow you to get back to work or possibly keep your current job it if driving related.

A second offender will also have to take DUI classes. The fees for these classes can add up, especially if the judge maxes out your sentence. This is a problem because the defendant pays for the classes, not the state. Every little bit of time reduced off this penalty is money in your pocket.

Once your license is no longer suspended, you will more than likely have to put an ignition interlock device on your car for a period of time. Again, you will have to pay for the device as well as the monthly fees. Depending upon how often the court requires readings, these fees can add up very quickly and create a significant financial burden.

As you can see, there are many financial challenges with a second DUI offense. Yes, an attorney will cost you money, but the money spent on the attorney is often quickly recovered in the reduction in sentence and/or penalties. Even if you are guilty, it is important to hire a good DUI attorney for your defense to help lessen some of these fines and penalties. If you are innocent, you need an attorney to ensure you are not wrongly convicted and face fines and penalties simply because you did not know how to mount a proper defense.

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