Carrie Page

I can’t express my gratitude enough for your assistance showing me how to get a DUI reprieve for my pending charge. The first attorney my friend recommended to me, told me my case was hopeless and to take a guilty plea to end the process faster. Luckily for me finding this site in time, I … Read more

Krissy V.

Thank you for helping to save my license!

Peter N.

My first lawyer wanted me to take a bad plea deal where I would still be guilty with this DUI found on my record. This was not an option for me, since I would lose my job and ruin my life financially at the very least. Luckily after getting your help, my case eventually got … Read more

John Lawrence

I had the bad luck of getting a DUI charge after a work party. I contacted FightDUICharges and was met with honesty, transparency, and true attention to my case. I am a county employee and need my CDL license to stay employed. My lawyer’s fee was very reasonable and understood that I still had bills … Read more

D. Jackson

The new lawyer I hired with your help won my case!

Jack Harper

I never thought I was going to have any choice but to plead guilty after failing both the breath and blood test. Luckily after my arrest info was reviewed, the attorney helping me was able to find mistakes the police made with the reason for stopping me. I never imagined my case would get dismissed, … Read more

Kelly Lee Sanders

Thank you so much helping me get this behind me so quickly! I am forever grateful for the help! 🙂

Coral Coxburn

I can say it was the best decision to seek FightDUICharges assistance. This was my first DUI and the ordeal was really nerve-racking as I felt my life was over after the arrest. They explained to me very well what could possibly happen and found things to help that my last lawyer missed. I was … Read more

Z. Adams

It’s been nearly two years since my DUI case getting off work from Applebees, and I don’t know how my life would be without your help. Your lawyers are outstanding at what they do. What sets this company apart is that they are very 1 on 1 with his drivers about their own arrest situation. … Read more

Frank Keller

I was charged with a first DUI offense, and was told about FightDUICharges through my friend. I had my arrest info reviewed, and was informed as to everything that was going to be happening with my case. My case ended up being dropped and my driver’s license was not suspended. Everything worked out very well. … Read more