Ignition Interlock

How Long Do I Need To Have An Ignition Interlock Device Installed for a First DUI Offense?

Ignition Interlock Device On My Car for a First DUI Offense?

Ignition Interlock Device laws are strict for a first offense DUI. Driving under the influence of alcohol has serious consequences, beyond the worst case scenario of injuring or killing another person. Intoxicated drivers who manage to avoid accidents are still easy targets for police officers to arrest, even in many cases with little evidence to … Read more

Most States Now Will Require Getting An Ignition Interlock For A First DUI Offense

Ignition Interlock for a DUI in South Dakota

As recent news outlets have reported about first DUI Ignition Interlock laws, today many states now mandate Ignition Interlocks for first-time DUI offenders throughout most of the country. A driver who gets convicted of DUI or DWI charges will already be facing serious costs and consequences such as a driver’s license suspension, fines, DUI classes, … Read more

Will I Still Lose my License or Need an Ignition Interlock Device for a Marijuana DUI Offense?

The Difference between an Alcohol DUI and Drug DUI Driving Under the Influence, or DUI, usually relates to an offender operating a vehicle with under the influence of alcohol. Although this is the most common occurrence, there is a long list of substances, both legal and illegal, that can result in impaired driving abilities and … Read more

Will a Second DUI Offense Charge Require Jail Time or an Ignition Interlock Device?

Every state has its own Driving Under the Influence (DUI) laws, so there is no one correct answer for this question. However, we can talk in generalities, as most states have similar laws in place, even if they are not identical down to the letter. This should give you a much better idea of the … Read more

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