License Suspension

How to Keep Your Driver's License After a DUI

How to Beat DUI License Suspension November 2022 There are legal ways how to keep a license after DUI, DWI and circumvent it getting suspended. A DUI arrest today results in a near immediate driver license suspension. This punishment can make life very difficult to say the least, unless the right defense actions are taken …

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Bad DUI Tests Can Get Charges Dropped

In every state and local jurisdiction there are winning technical defenses to all of types of DUI and DWI arrest charges, that can get a case dismissed when it can be shown that chemical or sobriety test procedure was not properly followed. In one such example that was covered extensively in the news over the …

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Driving with a suspended license is obviously something we do not recommend. What happens in all cases today when a convicted DUI offender tries to find ways how to get away with driving with a suspended license, it creates even worse longer term consequences on a person’s life. 2022 laws for driving with a suspended …

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