What Happens if I Get a DUI While Driving with Suspended License?

DUI Suspended LicenseUpdated March 14, 2018

Driving with a suspended license is obviously something we do not recommend. However, we also realize this is something that goes on virtually every day and that being said, there are people that will drive under the influence with a suspended license. If this has happened to you, you can expect the court to come down extremely hard on you during sentencing if found guilty.

Since every state has its own guidelines for DUI penalties and fines, we can only speak in general terms here. However, in most cases, you will face the following:

  • Increased fines – you can check your local DMV site for standard fines for DUI violations but in all likelihood, you are going to face significantly higher fines because your license has already been suspended.
  • Jail time – in most states, there is already mandatory jail time for any DUI. If you state has minimum and/or maximum, you can expect to be on the high end of the sentencing possibilities.
  • Community service – it is quite common for judges to award community service in lieu of or in addition to jail time. This may depend on whether or not you have previous violations, why your license was already suspended, and the actual circumstance of the arrest.
  • License suspension or revocation – if your license was already suspended, you can expect the suspension to be extended or possibly even have your license revoked.
  • Counseling – some type of mandatory alcohol counseling is common in DUI cases, especially when it is a repeat offense.
  • Ignition interlock device – some states do not require an ignition interlock device (IID) at all, but many states consider it “possible” for the judge to require this for any violation. If an IID is a possibility in your state, you can expect to have one required when your license is reinstated.
  • Reinstatement fees – some states, such as New Jersey, already have extra fees in place for DUI arrests. Many of these charges are “administrative” fees to have your license reinstated. Generally, these fees are listed on the local DMV website.
  • Increased insurance costs – in all likelihood, your insurance rates were going to increase anyway from the suspended license, regardless of the reason. Adding a DUI to your resume while the license is suspended will make it difficult to even find a company willing to take the risk. Those that are willing to assume the risk will charge you handsomely.

Due to new changes in strict new DUI laws and penalties, more people are losing their driver’s license for much longer periods of time, when they make the poor choice of driving while having a suspended license. If you already have a suspended or revoked driver’s license and you have been charged with a DUI offense, do not go into court before having a skilled DUI attorney carefully review your arrest information through us online.

The more often someone takes the chance driving while their driver’s license is under suspension, once they are caught – the worse the fines will get and the longer the license suspension will be. Therefore by having an additional DUI arrest charge, then it can quickly snowball into a situation out of your control. A local DUI lawyer will be able to help you discover what your options are and put together a strong defense based on what happened at the time of your DUI arrest. It is very important to get professional help by taking advantage of having your arrest information analyzed through us by an expert DUI attorney, because you will need every possible defense to either fight to beat these pending charges, or find a way of mitigating it enough that it won’t irrevocably and negatively affect your life afterwards.

The courts and insurance industry are very strict toward both driving while having a suspended license and DUI offenses, so the best course of action is to your research your situation, write down everything that happened, and seek legal help through us right away to get the answers and assistance you will need going forward.

The costly consequences of many DUI convictions while driving on a suspended license has mandatory sentences in every state. Any person who currently has a driving on a suspended license conviction and then gets a DUI charge – can lead to severe consequences, including longer periods of a license suspension, higher fines, and and additional jail time.

To best protect your rights and driving privileges, it is important to begin establishing the strategies for your DUI defense early, which is always based upon a person’s own unique arrest details. After your arrest specifics can be reviewed by a specialist DUI lawyer through us online, they will understand what is required to obtain a conviction in these complex cases which also deal with the driving while having a suspended license offense.

We know how to analyze the technicalities of your DUI or DWI charges and require the prosecution to prove its case entirely. Since there may be several opportunities to successfully fight the charges against you, you have nothing to lose by having your recent arrest while having a suspended license charge professionally examined through us. This way, you will know precisely what options and defenses may be available to truly get out of your particular situation successfully.

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