What Happens If I Am Arrested for DUI While in Nursing School?

Can you have a DUI and be a nurse?  The answer is yes in most cases. However, a person who succeeds at defeating the charges, will have a much easier time not having this arrest haunt them again in the future as their medical/health care career advances. A nurse is a position of perceived responsibility, so you have every right to be concerned about your future if you have not yet received your nursing license and have been arrested for a DUI or DWI.

While you will need to check with your specific state guidelines, a first-time DUI offense will not affect your ability to obtain your nursing license. However, this does not mean you should still not fight the case. In fact, many women have winning DUI defenses based on physiological differences in how females process alcohol than men do.

Nursing School DUI
How does a DUI affect your nursing license if you are a student? Nursing Practice Act section 2762 outlines rules regarding disciplinary action of what will happen if a nurse is convicted of a DUI, and how it is considered a license revocable offense. However, a nursing student getting a DUI charge does not automatically mean that you will lose your nursing license. Expert DUI legal advice early on always provides a nursing student the best chances to avoid losing a RN license and mitigate career consequences in the medical, healthcare field, since there are so many technical legal defenses to a DUI-related charge.

Even though the first-time offense will not cost you your career, a second conviction may. Something else to consider is if you are just graduating from nursing school, you are more than likely doing so with substantial debt. Adding the fines and penalties of a DUI to that debt could be devastating.

Regardless of the circumstances, at the very least, you should submit your case details for a free evaluation. If you do decide to go forward with defending your case, you can also find licensed, local DUI attorneys with your evaluation.

Possible DUI Defense Strategies to Win

Biased Field Sobriety Tests – if the case against you is based on a failed field sobriety test, your attorney may be able to review the conditions of the tests and have the results invalidated. Medical conditions as well as the actual conditions of the testing area are just two examples of how these tests can be challenged.

Miranda Rights – if you were arrested and charged, were your rights read to you? If you were interrogated at any point and were not informed of your rights, your attorney can call any information gathered into question.

Timing of Chemical Tests – there is a difference from when you were tested and when you were stopped. If, for some reason, considerable time had passed from the time you were stopped until the time you were chemically tested, the test results could be inaccurate due to rising alcohol levels.

Inaccurate Testing – the individuals charged with conducting the tests must be trained and certified to do so. There are occasions when an officer not officially certified has completed the tests or the breathalyzer test was conducted in the field. In either of these circumstances, your attorney may find fault with the chemical tests.

Probable Cause – did the officer actually have probable cause to stop, arrest, and charge you with DUI? For instance, someone coming out of a bar late at night could be randomly stopped by the police without ever having given the officer a reason to stop him or her. If the officer did not have probable cause – observing you leaving a bar at 2:00am is NOT probable cause – you have grounds to fight the arrest.

Getting a DUI or DWI as a nursing student does not mean a career as a nurse is over, however you must fight the pending charge in court and win. Let us help you with what happens with DUI and nursing jobs as it pertains to your own situation. Additionally, we can provide advice for potential ways to help get out of the charges, as well as how to deal with the medical board.

Get a free online arrest review with FightDUICharges and learn what DUI defense options you have that can save your nursing career in 2021.

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