What Kind of Jobs Can I Still Get with a DUI on My Record or Found in My Background Check?

Being convicted of a DUI is not only emotionally difficult, but can also be damaging to your finances and professional life. While some employers will shake it off, others will consider it a serious lack of judgment on your part and depending upon your existing job, may even result in outright termination. If you have been terminated because of a DUI or are looking for work and have been arrested for a DUI, you are probably wondering what types of jobs you can get with a DUI on your record.

DUI EmploymentGenerally speaking, you are still eligible for most types of employment except for the obvious, positions requiring you to drive as part of the job description. However, just because you are qualified for the job does not mean you will get it, especially when a DUI shows up in your background check. While it may create some difficulties, it can also create a rather unique opportunity for you to show your growth during an interview.

If a DUI is fresh on your record, it may be a bit tougher to explain during an interview. However, for someone that is past their license suspension and that has not had a violation for years, it may be a great opportunity to explain to the interviewer how you have grown, learning from this horrible mistake. This can actually give you an opportunity to “shine” during the interview and impress your potential new boss.

There are some mixed opinions regarding whether or not you should tell the employer about the conviction if the question is not on the job application. While it is not recommended to volunteer the information if the company does not conduct background checks, it would probably behoove you to inform the interviewer if a background check is mandatory. This shows honesty as well as preventing both parties from wasting time if this will indeed be a roadblock to employment.

Something else to consider at this point is your references. While it is always smart to provide your references with a copy of your resume so everyone is on the same page when they are called, you may also want to inform them of the arrest and possible questions that could ensue from your perspective employer. Have them focus on your maturity and work ethic, as this may negate the DUI that is on your record.

When looking for employment with a DUI on your record, you are more than likely already starting out behind the other candidates. Keep this in mind during the interview process and realize that you must instill confidence and overcome the negative impression the interviewer may have about you before you ever walk through the door. Getting a job with an arrest on your record can be difficult, but it surely can be overcome with the right attitude!

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