Where Can I Get Help Paying for a DUI Attorney?

Paying a DUI Attorney
What happens if I get a DUI and can’t afford an attorney? Free legal advice provides options when you can’t afford a DUI lawyer. Every driver arrested for DUI or DWI needs to protect their rights and have a free DUI attorney review a case soon after being charged, and before you accept any plea deal you may later regret.

One of the reasons many individuals fight a DUI case to get dismissed entirely, is because they simply cannot afford the significant lawyer fees charged when losing a case such as this. However, in order to win any DUI or DWI case in court, at least in most instances, an attorney is needed. Therefore, many drivers ask if you cannot afford the legal fees, how are you expected to be able to afford a DUI attorney?

Free Legal Help

Federally Funded Programs – the government provides funding for legal aid offices throughout the United States. These programs are often run by attorneys and legal students that volunteer their time to help low-income individuals when they need legal help.

Pro Bono Programs – some firms will provide full legal representation free of charge. This is called Pro Bono work. Most local legal aid offices will have the information for any attorneys or firms that are offering these services to the local community. However, in most cases, you will need to prove that you are low income and cannot afford to hire an attorney on your own.

Court Appointed Attorney – “If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you.” We have all heard these words on our favorite police show, but now it is for real because you DO need an attorney. If you do not have the means to hire an attorney in a criminal case, the courts will appoint an attorney for you at your request.

Other Alternatives to Afford a DUI Attorney

These programs are great when you qualify for them, but what happens when you find out that you do not qualify and still need to hire an attorney even though you cannot afford one? All hope is still not lost, because there are still a few options remaining.

One solution would be to see if your attorney would work with you on a payment plan. Yes, you are still paying full price, but at least you can spread the fees out over a longer period, making the fees more affordable. In essence, you are financing your legal representation.

You may also want to see if there is a sliding scale program in your state. Contact the local legal aid office for full details. If this type of program is available, the fees are dictated by your income. This way, you are able to secure representation at a much lower rate than normal.

A final solution, albeit a risky one, is working with a younger, less experienced attorney. New independent lawyers tend to charge less simply because they have no record on which to stand. It is never recommended to be an attorney’s first case, but if finances are tight, you may simply not have a choice.

When a person contacts us who is having this problem with being able to afford a good lawyer who has the best chance at winning, we are able to help drivers with many ideal solutions to this financial issue based upon their own individual situation.

We are able to assist right now by filling out the free DUI arrest review, and will be able to provide you with straightforward advice on your best chances of winning based upon what happened to you.

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