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Defending California DUI charges will require a highly complex and technical strategy in order to successfully fight the case in court. The prosecution will usually rely much of their case on DUI testing evidence that was collected at the time of the arrest, which shows that a driver’s blood alcohol content exceeded the .08 BAC legal limit. In these DUI cases, an experienced California DUI lawyer can challenge the reliability of the Breathalyzer test machine that analyzed the sample, or whether you were afforded all of your constitutional rights during the investigation and subsequent arrest. When prosecuting drug DUI offense charges in California, the evidence is usually dependent on the results of blood or urine tests following a suspected DUI stop arrest. These type of DUI arrests can also be successfully fought if a skilled attorney is able to demonstrate how the test evidence may have been improperly administered or processed according to he strict DUI arrest protocol the police are required to follow. If the investigation was not properly conducted a driver’s rights were violated, the DUI test results could be excluded as a whole.

All too often when a person gets arrested for a DUI in California, many drivers honestly do not believe they were over the legal limit at the time they were driving, and they may even be correct. However, whether that belief is true or not, the reality is, a person accused of a DUI offense still could be convicted of driving under the influence in court. The strength of the investigation as reflected in a person’s own unique DUI arrest details, and the officer’s observations, are often the biggest factors when deciding exactly how to building a strong and valid defense to fight against California DUI charges. Refusal charges in a DUI case sometimes can occur from an unsuccessful yet honest attempt to provide a breath test sample. CA DUI refusal cases are often prosecuted, despite a sincere attempt on a driver’s part to comply with the officer’s request to take the breath test. Assessing your individual situation, by having your arrest details examined online by experienced attorneys who have a track record of fighting and winning against California DUI and refusal charge cases, will get you the real help and answers needed to decide what course of action is best to take for your own particular case.

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