Los Angeles DUI August 2023 – Best Legal Defense How to Get Out of a DUI in Los Angeles County

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Los Angeles DUI August 2023 – Best Legal Defense How to Get Out of a DUI in Los Angeles County

It is essential knowing what to do next following a driving under the influence charge, and learn proven defense strategies getting your arrest details reviewed free online through us by a top-rated Los Angeles DUI attorney near you.

The best Los Angeles DUI defense can immediately help by outlining specific tactics and no probable cause for a traffic stop legal challenges that could prove successful in showing how to dismiss a case if mistakes or other procedural errors are found in time within your specific arrest information. Utilize free online advice how to get out of a DUI and keep your license after a DUI in Los Angeles.

Review ultimate Los Angeles DUI defense law experts who are the most affordable with legal fees and payment plans available. Many of the best DUI attorney Los Angeles specialists also offer top cost-effective defense with nearby law firms who practice DUI 100% of their court cases.

This free expert DUI attorney help is typically reserved for California drivers who may not otherwise be able to afford a local top criminal defense lawyer in LA county, so every person can have the best chances to win a DUI case dismissal or get charges reduced to a less serious offense.

New 2023 DUI laws in LA county have increased in severity and costs, including changes to how long a vehicle Ignition Interlock will be required for first DUI offenders. Any driver who is currently facing this charge, needs to seek our help immediately in order to have the best chances to find defenses for how to beat and get out of a DUI in Los Angeles successfully. With the increased severity of any driving under the influence offense throughout the county regarding strict California DUI laws, it is all that more urgent to seek help in enough time after a new arrest.

The free online arrest review through us of what happened during your circumstance, can very well result in dropped charges. When searching for who is the best affordable DUI lawyer near me from where you will be going to court, we take out our all the guess work by giving you direct free legal help immediately based on reviews precisely to where you live and courthouse you are scheduled.

After carefully reviewing your information, they will then be able to begin exploring all possibilities for ways of how to beat this offense in Los Angeles based upon your own individual arrest circumstances. While a local attorney nearest you is discussing the best defense options with you and the possible strategies in fighting to get out of the case, they can also inform you further about what costs to expect to pay for your specific case. This is addition as to what steps to take next for the California DMV status of your drivers license after a DUI arrest charge.

People who depend on their driver’s license for their employment are understandably concerned what happens when arrested for driving under the influence, given the high risk to their livelihood involved. A knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer who is up to date with all the latest new laws in Los Angeles for 2023 can review your arrest details and get to work quickly on your case. They are dedicated to protecting your license and way of life, and will work with you to obtain the best possible outcome along providing the guidance you need throughout the DMV license status and criminal court process.

How to Get Out of a DUI in Los Angeles
Know how to beat a DUI case and get DUI charges dropped in Los Angeles. Finding the best “affordable DUI lawyers near me” is done by utilizing free legal advice immediately after a DUI arrest happens, so a case can be cleared quickly in court.

Most people who are facing a first-time DUI charge in CA, want to know what the cost of a DUI in California is. We can help you in finding possible options and solutions to help you in potentially avoiding such expensive costs and penalties for a first offense or second DUI offender in LA.

What you need to know is there are many hidden costs you may not be aware of shortly after being arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, Marijuana, or drugs. However they will become quickly apparent as you maneuver through the criminal process system if you do not get the new charges dropped or dismissed quickly in court.

Searching through the internet for who is the most affordable best Los Angeles DUI lawyer near me will be right for the case can be exhausting and confusing. Which top-rated criminal defense attorney nearest your location you do decide to choose will also not be cheap either. Most local attorneys in the surrounding area start at an average price of $1,300 to take on fighting a first time offense drunk or drugged driving case here.

Drivers who get arrested for a first-time offender charge in the City of Angels, need to first understand the serious costs and penalties of how a DUI works in Los Angeles and then know what to do next for the best defense help possible for fighting the charges successfully in court .

When seeking knowledge about what to to after this type of criminal offense, it is crucial that you are aware of what the hidden costs related to a DUI or driving under the influence charges. This can include (but not limited to) loss of your current job, difficulty in obtaining job opportunities in the future, college and military, increased insurance rates, driver’s license surcharges, probation fees, and the hidden costs of the non-monetary effect on your friends and family.

*It is important to understand: A DUI conviction will always show in any kind of background check done on you in the future, that can cause a variety of other problems both professionally and socially for years to come.

A typical drinking or intoxicated by drugs charge in LA will carry well over $12,000 in fines after you have paid bail, fines, fees, insurance and more. But the financial hit won’t stop there. Ongoing costs can even double that over time.

If you’re unsure what to do after your arrest, but under the mistaken impression a guilty conviction is nothing to worry about or an expensive traffic ticket, you should consider what the following hidden costs of a Los Angeles court conviction which can include:

  • Negative effects on your credit rating
  • Inability to own or posses a firearm
  • Prevention from entering foreign countries including Canada
  • Loss of commercial driver’s license (CDL)
  • Increased health insurance costs
  • Loss of the right to vote
  • Loss of your home (eviction from a rental property)
  • Loss of ability to drive a company vehicle – and therefore often your job.
  • Loss of pilot’s license
  • Having your vehicle impounded and towed
  • You may be unable to rent a vehicle
  • Court fees, legal bills, court-ordered alcohol DUI classes & licensing fees
  • You will be completely prevented from obtaining certain jobs
  • Delay or denial of green card application for citizenship

DUI Lawyers Near Me – How to Hire the Best Expert Los Angeles DUI Attorney August 2023

When a driver is arrested and charged for driving under the influence, it is a very confusing time for most people since they are not sure of what to expect to happen next. However taking quick action after searching online for Los Angeles DUI lawyers near me, free DUI legal advice provides steps that could help you keep your driver’s license, get pending DUI charges reduced or even dismissed, and avoid a permanent record.

First, it is essential to know that a Los Angeles DUI attorney can help discuss with you the best defense actions based on your own particular arrest situation and fight for the best possible outcome for your case. Below are some potential defenses fighting to get out of this charge, and what to do for how to hire a Los Angeles DUI attorney near me for the August 2023 case to have the best chance of winning in court.

As soon as a person is pulled over and a police officer suspects the driver is driving under the influence, this will be the start of the arrest process. A police officer might possibly observe a person committing some minor traffic violation, and then will proceed to stop the vehicle.

After the initial traffic stop, the officer will interact with the driver. The person’s behavior while the officer is asking questions, might lead them to suspect that the driver is under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or prescription medication that can cause impairment.

When the officer suspects any intoxication by alcohol or drugs, they will typically ask the driver to step out of the car and perform a series of Field Sobriety Tests or submit to a portable Breathalyzer test.

The arrest procedure for intoxication or being under the influence in California is very complex and many rules to protect your rights must be followed. This is an area where having your arrest information professionally reviewed by a qualified nearest attorney to your location, they may find errors or mistakes made during the booking process that may provide you with the best defense strategies of dismissing a case.

If you have been arrested on a DUI charge anywhere in Los Angeles County and unsure of what to do next, please use the contact form to the right and learn how an affordable lawyer near me can help with fighting your case. After the a traffic stop and performing the roadside sobriety tests – or refusing the tests entirely, a person is typically placed under arrest and taken to the police station for another sobriety breath or blood test.

At the police station you will be asked to take a second Breathalyzer test which measures your BAC (blood alcohol content), and if a person’s BAC is over the legal limit 0.08, they will be officially charged and with a drunk or high driving offense.

The good news is that even if you failed or refused the breath, blood, or urine test, it is still possible a person can win the case with the help of a local-based attorney reviewing all of your case information. Before randomly searching the internet for Los Angeles DUI lawyers near me and risk getting a bad attorney, a free online arrest review for potential weaknesses or mistakes made by police during the arrest or booking process for a DUI offense.

It is also common after getting arrested for DUI, to be issued a notice for an administrative license hearing that will determine if you will have your driver’s license suspended. The period of a license suspension for a first-time offender in Los Angeles can actually vary depending on the circumstances of what happened during the DUI arrest, and if any injuries or property damage occurred.

Review Who is the Ultimate Affordable DUI Lawyer in Los Angeles Near Me For a First DUI Offense

First Time DUI Offense Lawyer in Los Angeles
Review Recommended Best DUI lawyer Los Angeles DUI Experts, August 2023

Who is the ultimate DUI attorney in Los Angeles for a first offense DUI case?  The best DUI defense lawyers Los Angeles experts phone number is 866-256-0566 and are open now 24 hours 7 days a week, available immediately with FightDUICharges. Local attorney fees are negotiable that include affordable lawyer payment plans for legal costs to accommodate each driver’s own unique finances and specific case situation.

The first DUI offense lawyers near you have been successfully defending driving under the influence offense charges for alcohol, illegal drugs, Marijuana, and prescription medication. Top LA criminal defense attorneys have also been successful at winning test refusal cases as well as for a 1st time DUI offender cases.

Ultimate Los Angeles DUI attorneys know what defenses will work and how to challenge a driver’s license suspension, fight having to get an Ignition Interlock installed, and to prevent the cost and 2023 state consequences of a criminal conviction of the of charges. Moreover, many of the ultimate DUI law firms here have the most affordable attorneys, including cheap DUI defense in first offense cases when certain financial difficulties may apply for a person.

Local DUI experts are most often successful at winning cases, because the first offender lawyers in LA county have accumulated a large variety of maintenance and calibration records for Breathalyzer test devices. Many general practice attorneys do not have a similar background on technical strategies to fight the breath or blood test machines and their results. In many cases, the experienced and local specialist attorneys can get the records the Breathalyzer machine to help identify if it has a history of malfunctions or providing inaccurate readings.

They will also have the specialized knowledge to analyze the calibration records of and breath or blood test equipment which were used in a person’s particular arrest. Not only do they know how to challenge the reading of the test devices, these first offense criminal DUI lawyers nearest you know which breath test devices are used first once a driver is pulled over, along with the calibration required by the police. Therefore knowing exactly how they work, can make all the difference in winning a case for a first-time offender.

Los Angeles DUI attorneys know that a person in this situation will need to keep their driver’s license from getting suspended, avoid the requirements and costs of getting an Ignition Interlock device installed, as well as avoid job problems with a permanent criminal record. This is why it is essential to get the proper legal help as soon as possible after getting charged with driving under the influence. Our skilled first offense lawyers have years of expertise, who can successfully challenge a suspended license and beat the criminal DUI charge at the court date.

The lawyer in charge of defending a person arrested for driving under the influence first offense in Los Angeles, has to assess several factors while preparing the defense for how to fight the case for the best chances of getting it dismissed.

For example, were the rights of the driver respected and not violated in at any point during the arrest, either while performing the roadside sobriety tests or later at the police station? Were the required Breathalyzer and blood test laws followed properly? Was the person charged with a DUI actually under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or medicine? How many drinks did the driver have during the hours before the time of arrest? What were the symptoms of driving under the influence that the arresting police officer observed? What defenses are available based on what happened during the arrest, may apply to the case?

With how strict the new 2023 laws are for DUI charges in LA County and throughout all of California are regarding 1st time offender penalties, any person who has been recently arrested should get their arrest examined online with us as soon as possible. This way, after a local lawyer reviews the information for the best defense options for what to do, they can discuss with a person what strategies are available to potentially win the case.

A conviction is not automatic, and there may be a strong defense available to fight and dismiss the charge. Legal fees are always a concern, and having an arrest examined online through us free and easily, also will help inform a person of what to expect to pay for the cost of the case. One important fact that helps to put things in perspective, is that attorney fees are generally small when they are compared against the expensive costs of a drunk driving conviction or guilty plea in Los Angeles:

  • A person could easily lose a job if their driver’s license is suspended;
  • It will affect a person’s life in many other ways if they cannot legally drive;
  • Car insurance rates and premiums will be very high for up to 5 years on average;
  • A first offense will result in a permanent criminal record;
  • In Los Angeles County, a driver convicted for a 1st offense must complete several hours of alcohol or drug school classes.
  • Any driver who is convicted for being a first-time DUI offender, must install an ignition interlock or car Breathalyzer in their car, once they are allowed to drive again. Before the vehicle will start, a driver will need to blow into the interlock device before the ignition will start the car. If alcohol is detected on the driver’s breath, the vehicle will not start and the results of a failure will be logged on the machine.
  • People convicted of a first-time offense in LA will have to install ignition interlock device, which will cost about $100 a month for at least one year; those convicted of a second offense can very likely be required to have the car Breathalyzer interlock device installed on their car for several years.
  • Even a 1st offense on a person’s criminal record is likely to cause future employment problems for years, since it will be found on a background check. A drunk or drugged driving record will also restrict a person’s ability to travel abroad to another country.

In all criminal offense cases, a person will need a seasoned lawyer nearest their location who is experienced at taking a first offense intoxicated driving case to trial, and has a good reputation with success in negotiating with prosecutors and judges. For those searching for expert “first offense DUI attorneys near me” after an arrest, taking the necessary first step of having the charges examined online through us, will help to ensure that a local criminal defense DUI lawyer reviews the arrest will have good experience in getting “case dismissed” and “not guilty” verdicts in court.

When a driver takes action promptly in getting help for a 1st time offense with lawyers who are most up to date in the newest ways how to fight and beat these type of offenses. Many cases have ended with a dropped or reduced charge less severe than a DUI offense, such as reckless driving. In other cases, they are able to get the charge expunged completely.

How A Los Angeles DUI Attorney Can Help Protect Your License And Possibly Avoid The Penalties.

Recently, you may have noticed the high profile news stories that have been launched by the state of California that are designed to prevent drunk driving offense from happening in the first place. You may have even seen more and more celebrities getting charged with this offense, as the stiff crackdown on impaired or intoxicated drivers affects everyone. This is no matter what kind of social status or career a person may have if they are caught driving under the influence.

The prosecution is highly motivated to get a conviction, and therefore are experts in their field proving a case. This is why costs and penalties for a DUI in Los Angeles are very high, and will affect the rest of a person’s life if convicted of even a first time offense.

An affordable lawyer by you can explain all the possible defenses based on your own specific situation, and give you a realistic prediction for the outcome out of your case once your information can be carefully reviewed. Taking this necessary action as soon as possible following an arrest, is the first best step of how the charges be successfully defended by an experienced low-fee attorney near you.

There are many possible drunk driving defenses a local legal counselor can use which can be used to reduce or avoid any penalty. They can even get a case dismissed when certain circumstances apply depending on what happened during a person’s unique arrest scenario.

One such example is, if any evidence collected during the traffic stop or course of the arrest was obtained illegally or testing procedures not properly followed, a skilled lawyer can argue to have the evidence be thrown out of court. Therefore by seeking professional legal help in time for a case by an expert attorney nearby, if the chemical tests were mishandled, they may not be used against you if your rights were shown to be violated.

In some circumstances, a good defense lawyer may prove that the police had no right to pull you over for the original traffic stop in the first place. A top-rated DUI attorney nearest you can help determine if any potential BAC test results evidence against you will be admissible in court.

After reviewing your specific case information, they can learn whether or not they can be dismissed or thrown out in court. A lawyer can also help in negotiating with the prosecution in some cases, secure a temporary hardship license for work or school, or reduce the severity of the charges to something less serious like reckless driving.

The sooner the right attorney gets to work fighting your case, the more they can do or a increasing the chances of a successful outcome and winning. When seeking answers what to do when you are charged with a drunk or drugged driving offense, you will need the expertise of an aggressive lawyer for the best chances of winning your case and moving on with your life.

Please keep in mind that every driver’s case is unique, which is why having your own arrest details thoroughly examined through us can help ensure searching for a Los Angeles DUI attorney near me will give you the attention and fighting chance to win that your case deserves.

Driving Under The Influence – Possibilities What to do to Avoid DUI Costs and Penalties in Los Angeles California

Especially during tough economic times, facing a potential financial devastation of this offense is something you do not want to go through alone. A person unaware of what to do, sometimes hires a general practice attorney that doesn’t specialize in criminal DUI defense.

You need serious representation from a attorney specialist lawyer nearby with years of experience in the LA court system. You can begin to get the help you need here by having the details of your arrest analyzed here, entirely free.

Even if you already have an attorney for your case, as with most important potentially life-altering decisions in life – having a second opinion to help ensure your attorney you chose to retain is doing all they should be for your case. This is always a smart course of action, since this resource we provide is totally free to use. Why settle for anything less than the most thorough examination of your arrest, which could only work to your benefit to save on cost and legal fees?

When you contact us with any concerns about your case or after having your case details examined online, we can help you on what to do with any concerns from the beginning to the end. We assist you in learning potential dismissal options and how to fight and get out of a DUI in Los Angeles.

Need help what to do after a DUI? Contact Us For A Free Review

Are you ready to get back to your normal life, an learn possibilities on what to do in seeking to put your charges behind you and move on with a clear record? Having your case evaluated, can outline proven strategies based on your own details of what happened leading up to your personal arrest scenario.

Through a step-by-step personal approach, our free online arrest review can identify what courses of action to take next. There may be possibilities that might be able to show how to dismiss a case in and clear your charges at your court date.

When seeking knowledge on what to do when you get a DUI in Los Angeles County, it is always best to learn all you can by getting the right legal advice. This is to learn the latest attorney tactics, and legal loopholes tied to your specific type of arrest. Being informed of all potential options increases the chances of your desired result in fighting new California DUI laws.

This can only be done by a qualified attorney nearest your area, which is who will be assessing your case free online to help you. Afterwards, they can discuss any potential flaws found with your case and establish defenses on how to challenge and get out of it in court.

We bring all the best DUI law resources in LA together in one place for information on fighting a driving under the influence case. If you are facing these charges and need to know what to do next, we can help provide you with many of your unanswered questions and concerns.

The sooner you have your arrest details reviewed, you may be able to learn possible strategies that may be useful to help get improper evidence and testing results suppressed. This could result in having your case dismissed if it is discovered certain procedure or protocol wasn’t followed.

How To Hire The Best DUI Attorney Near Me Using Los Angeles Lawyer Reviews For Help

“I have been charged with a DUI offense in Los Angeles, do I need the get best attorney attorney near me to help fight my charges?” If you find yourself asking the same or similar questions, It’s important to realize that you are facing more than just the suspension of your CA driver’s license.  on your criminal record can affect your ability to work and travel, and be found in background checks. You will also be facing significant fines and possible jail time.

Even once the suspension of your driver’s license is over, you may find that your insurance rates are extremely high, still preventing you from legally driving. In this county, the penalties for driving under the influence are becoming increasingly harsher. If you are facing these charges, it is essential that you fully understand all of the penalties and consequences before entering your plea.

By having your arrest professionally examined through us online, we help you find the best affordable DUI lawyer nearest your location in defending people like your situation who have been charged with a this criminal offense. By having your arrest details reviewed in enough time before your court date, our local law specialist attorneys can help you. Our legal help covers all aspects of this offense, including having a BAC over .08, test refusal, failed blood test, or any other charges related to driving under the influence in this county.

Facing drunk or intoxicated by drugs driving charges is stressful, but you don’t have time to be paralyzed by stress. Fortunately, you don’t have to go through this process alone. There is help and there is hope, through having your arrest carefully evaluated through us free online. If you decide to try and select a nearest lawyer on your own, using local Los Angeles DUI attorney reviews is the next best place to start your search for a low cost or cheap legal counsel that might be affordable.

It is important to note, that once your arrest info can be reviewed with us, knowledgeable LA law experts can help by explaining and walking you through the following:

  • Drunk and drugged driving charges can often be difficult to prove, and it is the prosecution’s job to prove with evidence that you are guilty.
  • The best top-rated DUI lawyers near you have the most successful defense strategies that could result in your charges to be dismissed or reduced in court, even though at first it may not seem apparent to you.
  • Even without the strongest defense, an attorney still may be able to negotiate a plea to a lesser offense such as reckless driving. The most affordable attorney nearest your location will know which prosecutor to approach and when the timing is right to do so.
  • If your case does end up going to trial, an expert drinking and driving law attorney’s training will be crucial to preparing for and fighting your case in court.

“Do I need to hire a lawyer near me, or should I just enter a guilty plea for my case if I feel I have no chance of winning?” You should not enter a guilty plea until the closest DUI defense attorney reviews the case for possible flaws that could be used as advantages in challenging the case successfully.

How LA Criminal Lawyers Nearest My Location Can Help Win, By Taking Critical Steps

If you are facing any type of driving under the influence charge in Los Angeles, you must take these essential steps:

  • Know the facts of your case, by first having the most qualified nearby DUI attorney review your case details. Successfully fighting a this offense, is definitely a situation in which knowledge is power.
  • Understand that you need to act quickly for a this type of criminal case. Your situation is not hopeless, but your charge will not go away without the best local legal help available. Most people in this situation can be surprised how often specialist lawyers are able to get a case dismissed.
  • Have your arrest details of what happened be examined online through us, by a defense lawyer nearest your area in LA county who specializes in defending people from drunk or drug driving offense cases.

Never assume that a case against you can be proved, despite any test results or other factors that may have taken place during the arrest. Even if the police told you that you failed the Breathalyzer or blood test, you should not not plead guilty before you consult a good lawyer near you first. They will find out if the DUI charges against you can be dismissed or reduced to reckless driving at your court date.

It’s very important to realize that the decisions you make today can affect you for the rest of your life. The best driving under the influence attorneys and local LA DUI law legal professionals can help you deal with both the cost and your charges, with the most chances of success in court. However this result can only be done when action is taken in enough time to help the case get dropped.

What are the DUI, Drunk Driving, DWI Laws for Punishment?

Knowing what the local DUI or DWI penalties and punishments are, and their severity – can often prevent people from taking the chance of drinking and driving in the first place. Since they are indeed severe and expensive, the offense will be classified as a misdemeanor or a felony, depending on the circumstances. For example, if the court considers whether any certain factors are involved such as (having a child under 14 in the car, refusing to submit to chemical testing or breathalyzer, etc.).

In LA California, legal consequences for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, differ significantly depending on whether the accident results in injury (or death) and whether the defendant has prior criminal convictions, or is a first time offender.

What are the chances of a Driver’s License Suspension for DUI?

A 1st offender conviction typically results in a period of time with a suspended driver’s license. In Los Angeles CA., as with most states and the District of Columbia, refusal to take a breathalyzer test results in “administrative suspension,” which occurs when a person’s license is taken away prior to conviction. However, after knowing what your options are after having your arrest details evaluated online, it may help to show the valid reasons for a driver’s refusal to take the test. In some other cases, we may be able to prevent the DMV driver’s license suspension if certain methods are used early enough in the case.

What is quickly being used more often in LA after a DUI arrest, those arrested for driving under the influence must equip their vehicles with an Ignition Interlock, which is a breath analyzer attached to the ignition of the car. If the device’s analysis of the driver’s breath provides evidence that he or she has been drinking, it disables the ignition to avoid any potential further intoxicated driving charges.

The ignition interlock device, also is something you will have to pay for as well as it’s maintenance – which typically amounts to an additional fee of over $1,200. This is in addition to any other fines or fees imposed if found guilty of DUI in Los Angeles.

What are other 2023 DUI Penalties of the Offense?

In addition to a license suspension resulting from a DUI in LA 2023, people who are convicted of driving while intoxicated (DWI) may also be subject to fines, community service,  alcohol/drug classes or driving school, and jail time.

It is important to realize what additional penalties are possible for your case and how to avoid more legal costs, by having your case reviewed free online by a top-rated affordable lawyer for DUI nearest your location in Los Angeles County. This free and easy step for a winning legal defense will put a person in a much better position when planning what course of action to take in how to fight and beat this criminal charge in court.

What are the Costs Associated with DUI Arrest in LA?

Being arrested for driving under the influence can be very pricey. In fact, by some estimates, a DUI in Los Angeles CA. can cost the person arrested as much as $20,000.

The following is a list of what possible expenses and costs a person may incur as a direct result of arrest for driving while intoxicated by alcohol, Marijuana, or illegal drugs in this county:

  • Court fines
  • Fines
  • Hiring a lawyer
  • Bail cost
  • Increased insurance premiums
  • Car damage
  • Property damage
  • Medical costs

In some drunk and drugged driving cases here, the fines associated with an arrest can be lowered through community service or by attending driving safety courses. Often these steps can also improve your eligibility for a driver’s license. To help determine the best course of action for your circumstances, contact a good defense attorney near you – which we can provide you immediately online or by phone 24/7.

For more information on how to dismiss a DUI charge and potentially avoid the court and legal cost of a conviction, please take advantage of having your case details assessed by us online, and is always an entirely free service for LA drivers to to use.

After a Recent DUI Arrest, What are my Legal Rights in Los Angeles?

The Fifth Amendment protects you from self-incrimination, yet some state DUI laws — namely “implied consent” law that compel motorists to submit to breath alcohol and/or urine tests — may conflict with a driver’s rights. To find out more about what your rights are as they apply to your particular case, please make sure to take advantage of free resource online by having your arrest info studied. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have, since time is truly of the essence in every case of this nature.

One of the most common examples of what happens when a person can successfully know what to do and how challenge to get out of a first offense DUI that is dismissed in court, is when mistakes are made during testing process or at anytime during arrest itself. This includes when police or lab errors are made in how the test results were processed or collected.

What are my Chances, or How can I Clear My Arrest Charges?

To know what are the chances to keep your good name and clear record free from the significant costs and stigma of a DUI, we provide you online assistance at any point you need help after an arrest or during your case. The utilization of the free online analysis of the case we provide, has been used by many people who have suddenly found themselves facing these criminal charges.

With the free Los Angeles attorney review, and then getting the helpful methods, legal loopholes, and options for your case by these lawyer specialists, chances are increased to clear their case in some circumstances. This result will also prevent and avoid further legal and court costs. It is important to realize nobody ever can guarantee or promise results for any legal matter, and any website or lawyer implying that should be avoided.

Every case is unique in nature, and by taking action as early as possible when facing a new charge, your chances of a successful outcome is increased. This outcome can only happen when proper strategies based upon your personal arrest details, can be used to your advantage as soon as possible at your next court date.

In California, and all 50 states, there are set DUI laws defining it as a crime to drive with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) at or above a specified level, currently 0.08 percent (0.08 g alcohol per 100 ml blood).

License suspension or revocation traditionally follows a conviction in drunk or high on drugs driving offenses. Licenses can also be taken before the conviction, under a procedure called administrative license suspension, when a driver fails or refuses to take a chemical test. Because this DMV license suspension occurs soon after an arrest, it has been found to be more effective than post-conviction DUI penalties in Los Angeles County.

Knowing what chances are for driving privileges being restored during a suspension for a first offense, depends on certain factors about your unique case. However, drivers usually must demonstrate special hardship, and the restricted license often come with limitations. For example, a person could be allowed only to drive to work or could be required to install the Ignition Interlock after a court conviction or guilty plea.

Car Interlock devices analyze a driver’s breath and disable the ignition if the driver has been drinking alcohol. All of California, including Los Angeles County, have tough laws giving courts and the Departments of Motor Vehicles the discretion to order interlocks for drunk driving offenders.

More than half of all U.S. states require first offenders to install interlocks on their vehicles in order to drive during a license suspension and/or require the devices for specified time periods before fully relicensing offenders.

In LA and four California counties, this restriction is applied to all offenders. An additional 15 states apply the restriction to offenders with high BACs (usually 0.15 percent or higher) and to repeat DUI offense drivers, and 7 states apply the restriction only to second-time or more offenders.

I got a DUI and What to can I do about the Costs and Court Penalties?

After a driving under the influence arrest and/or conviction in LA, there are a number of issues to consider: Will I have to serve jail time? If so, for how long? Or is probation a possibility? What will I owe in court fines? Will my license be suspended, and for how long? Will I have to go to alcohol school classes or perform community service? Below are the basic laws regarding Los Angeles County DUI fines and sentencing.

What to Expect to Happen for a First DUI Offense in LA:

DUI Criminal Status: Any violation resulting in property damage is a misdemeanor of the 1st degree. A charge resulting in serious bodily injury to another is a 3rd degree felony. An offense that results in the death of another is manslaughter, resulting in either a 1st or 2nd degree felony, depending on the circumstances.

Jail: Typically not more than 6 months, and not more than 9 months if BAC is 2.0 or higher or if a minor was in the vehicle.

Court Costs and Fines: In most first time offenses, the fines average about $1,100. If the BAC is 2.0 or higher, or if a minor was in the vehicle, fines can average $1,500 or more.

Driver’s License Suspension: 180 days to 1 year in most cases.

Violation of Zero Tolerance Law in LA County: 1st offense: 6-month license suspension; 2nd offense: minimum 1-year license suspension. Typically must complete any substance abuse or court ordered drug/alcohol classes before any hardship reinstatement can occur.

Restricted Hardship License:  Must complete court ordered drug and alcohol classes, and/or any other conditions from the judge in your case.

DUI School: 1st conviction: Must complete alcohol/drug school classes (average minimum of 12 hours) before any hardship reinstatement. If reinstated after revocation period expires, failure to complete the local DUI school program within 90 days after reinstatement will result in license cancellation.

Probation: 1 year minimum in most states.

Community Service: Mandatory 50 hours or additional fines for each hour of community service required. In some cases in LA, the court may grant community service in lieu of court fines if defendant is unable to pay.

What to Expect for a Second DUI Offense in LA:

Criminal Status: Any second offender violation in resulting in property damage is a misdemeanor of the 1st degree. Any new charge resulting in serious bodily injury to another is a 3rd degree felony. Any 2nd offense that results in the death of another is DUI manslaughter, resulting in either a 1st or 2nd degree felony, depending on the circumstances. A 3rd violation in Los Angeles County can face 10 years in jail and is a third degree felony.

Jail: Not typically more than 9 months. Not typically more than 12 months if second conviction is within 5 years of 1st offense,  however mandatory imprisonment of at least 10 days. At least 48 hours of confinement must be consecutive.

Costs and Fines: Not less than $1,500. If the BAC is 2.0 or higher, or if a minor was in the vehicle, this typically can be more than $1,800.

License Suspension: 180 days to one year. Minimum 5-year revocation if 2nd DUI conviction is within 5 years of the first. May be eligible for a hardship license reinstatement after one year.

Vehicle Impound: 30 days if second offense is within 5 years of first. Sometimes may be waived if family of the defendant has no other transportation.

DUI School: 2nd under the influence conviction in 5 years: Must complete drug/alcohol classes (21 hours) following conviction.

Probation: 1 year.

Community Service: The county court may sometimes grant community service in lieu of court fines if the driver is unable to pay.

What are some other Los Angeles DUI Offenses:

Commercial Vehicle or CDL: BAC limit for commercial drivers is .04 or higher, or refusal to take breath test. One-year license revocation for a 1st offense. Permanent disqualification of license for 2nd offender. No hardship provisions for CDL license driving under the influence charges.

Under Age: Any driver under the age of 21 with alcohol in their system, can be charged with this offense.

Car Insurance Consequences: Rates can double, or even be canceled by some insurance companies after a DUI guilty plea or court conviction.

How long does a DUI stay on your record? This offense in many states stays on your driving record forever, and cannot get expunged. However in Los Angeles County California, you may qualify for a potential expungement after completing the court’s terms of your sentence. Having your case analyzed online today can get you the answers to know whether or not you qualify for a criminal record expungement.

Ignition interlock device program: 1st-time offense: Up to 6 months; 2nd offense: Mandatory ignition interlock device for 1 year.

Our free to use online arrest reviews covers all of LA County, for what happens and possibilities how to get out of a DUI and keep your license after a DUI in Los Angeles August 2023. After we can analyze the case information, we will help in showing you exactly what to do for getting out of the charges in court.

The best DUI lawyer Los Angeles DUI experts near your location will provide free legal advice for what to do that can get out of a DUI in court fast. Next, we can assist you in your search with board certified attorney reviews for how to hire the affordable best DUI lawyer near me in:
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1 thought on “Los Angeles DUI August 2023 – Best Legal Defense How to Get Out of a DUI in Los Angeles County”

  1. Guilty until proven innocent/The VIP Treatment

    This was my Los Angeles DUI experience the night of August 30, 2019. At about 10:40 p.m. I was pulled over on Newhall Ranch Road just East of Bouquet Canyon by Officer Dombrowski. He pulled me over and when I stopped he came up to my window and told me to roll it down. He flashed his flashlight in my face wanting to see my license. He told me the reason why he stopped me was because I was swerving then he asked me if I had anything to drink. I told him no I have not had anything to drink and that I do not drink. Then he asked me if I had been using drugs. I told him no, I do not do drugs. He asked me if I was on any medication. He said something to the effect that driving under the influence of medication impairs a person’s ability to drive and so is illegal as well.

    He kept flashing his light in my face and telling me to open my eyes wider. I told him that I felt sick. I felt lightheaded, my left eye felt like it was drooping and I had been perspiring. I told him that I had been feeling that way for about a week and a half and that I had a doctor’s appointment on Wednesday of this week to check for pre-Diabetes or Diabetes in general. Many of my immediate family has it. I also had some signs and symptoms of what I thought was Diabetes based on my research. That is why I thought that was the reason I was feeling sick.

    Officer Dombrowski said that I could not drive my car because I was too messed up. I was about maybe 7 minutes away from my home. He asked me if I had anybody that could come and pick up my car because he was not going to let me drive in the condition that he thought I was in. I told him that I was not sure who I could call but maybe my brother-in-law could come get it.

    The officer insisted that I was either drunk or on drugs because it was hard for me to open my eyes widely because of the light from his flashlight. I was also a little off balance because of being lightheaded. He told me that he was going to call 911 and I said, yes I think that is good. A paramedic came and took my pulse and blood. He said that I was lethargic but my blood was fine. That was a relief because I was concerned about Diabetes. The paramedic asked me about my medical history and I told him that I had (MGUS) Monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance, asthma, and I was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum. He said that I was fine. After he finished checking me over he asked me if I wanted to go to the hospital with them, but I said no. I knew that it would cost me money if I went in the ambulance with them. They had me sign a consent form saying that I did not want to go with them. After a little while they left.

    Then Officer Dombrowski told me to get out of my car so that I could take the field test. He had me do some nine step walk then turn. He also kept pointing his flashlight in my eyes which was really a struggle for me because it is overstimulating for me because of my autism. I told Officer Dombrowski that I had autism and he just ignored what I said. I told him that I had autism because he kept pointing his flashlight in my eyes and kept saying open your eyes wider and I kept telling him that I could not. It was mainly because the light was bothering them and that gets me overstimulated. He also kept taking his finger and putting it near my face so that my eyes could follow it. I had to keep moving his hand back because it was too close and making me cross eyed.

    Shortly after my test a tow truck came to tow my car away. I was a little confused because Officer Dombrowski first told me that someone could come pick my car up and then the next moment he tells me that no one can get into my car except for me and that I was not in any condition to drive my car. I was not drunk or drugged. He was making an assumption based on my not feeling well and my stemming. By then another officer came to help, but I do not remember his name. He mostly just watched, he did not do too much. Officer Dombrowski was talking to me about what was going to happen next. I really did not understand what he was saying because I could not process everything. I did agree to go to the hospital because he said something about me getting my blood checked. I thought that was great because I figured we would get the results that night and then he would know that I was not lying.

    Then he said something about me going to jail. I told him that I did not want to go to jail. He told me what we were about to do which was take me to the station to get a breathalyzer, go to the hospital and get my blood drawn and then go to jail. I could not believe it. I had never been arrested or in jail before especially for something that I did not do. He walked me over to the police car and told me to put my hands behind my back because he was going to handcuff me and put me in his car which is what he did. I asked him why was I being handcuffed and he told me that because we were going to the station. He was about to put me in the backseat, but I told him that I couldn’t sit in the back because I get car sick and would throw up all over the seats, so he put me in the passenger seat.

    Then Officer Dombrowski went over to the tow truck to say something to the guy. Then he went over to my car. The other officer looked at me and I asked him why was I going to jail? He said, “let me go talk to him.” He walked over to Officer Dombrowski and they had a little conversation and then he came back and did not say anything that I can recall. I asked Officer Dombrowski if it was going to cost me any money if they towed my car and he said yes.

    Anyway, I told him that I had my purse in my car and I needed it and the other officer said that I could only put what could fit in a medium size clear plastic bag that he showed me. I remember asking for my wallet, a check, and my phone. I could not remember anything else I needed at that time. While Officer Dombrowski was getting the things from my purse in my car it was taking him a long time. I was watching him rummage through the things in my car and dump stuff out as he went from door to door. I thought he was only supposed to be getting the stuff out of my purse but he was actually searching my car. I asked the other officer why was Officer Dombrowski doing that and he said that Officer Dombrowski was not searching my car, but that he was just making sure that my car would be safe for when it gets towed and left at the place where they were going to tow it. That really did not make any sense to me because I was looking at Officer Dombrowski mess up my car not keep it safe. He even went into my trunk and pushed things around.

    Anyway, as we were about to drive off I realized that I wanted some other things out of my purse so they asked me what was it that I needed and I said gum and lipstick but I forgot to say my glasses and allergy medication. Officer Dombrowski said that they would not let me chew gum in jail. I chew gum because it helps me calm down. They did not respond. When they got me to the CHP department they brought me to a room, sat me down and Officer Dombrowski wanted me to take a few more tests. He had me take the field walking test again with the 9 steps. He wanted me to follow his finger with my eyes again. He had me tilt my head back and try to touch my nose with my fingers. Then he had me lift up each leg one at a time and count. After that he had me sit down so that he could take my blood pressure and feel my pulse. He felt my pulse several times. He had a hard time using the blood pressure cup so the other officer took my pressure.

    As I went through each one of the tests I kept telling him that I was not drunk nor did I have any drugs in me. He kept telling me that because of his training he knew that I had alcohol in me. Then he had me take the breathalyzer test. I must have passed because he did not say anything after I did it. We did one more test that required us to go into a dark closet so that Officer Dombrowski could flash the light in my eyes again and measure it up against a card that he held in his hand. After that he told me that we were going to go to the hospital to get blood drawn. I told him that he was not going to find anything but he insisted that because of his training he knew that I had narcotics in me. Go figure!

    I got handcuffed again and we went to the car so that we could go to the Henry Mayo Hospital and get my blood drawn. By then it was Saturday morning around 2:00 a.m. August 31, 2019. It was one of the most humiliating things I have had to do. I was taken into that hospital like a criminal with handcuffs and everybody who was standing there saw me and assumed that I was either drunk or a drugged. They sat me in a chair and handcuffed me to it until someone came and took my blood. It took several hours to get my blood taken. While one of the nurse’s was taking my information she got real impatient with me because I was slow at answering her questions, and I did not know exactly what she meant.

    The most frustrating thing for me was when a young white guy came into the hospital and had a 0.7 blood alcohol count and was allowed to leave in the custody of his mother after being seen by the doctor. I did not know exactly what the cut off for alcohol in your body while driving is, but I could not figure out why I had 2 officers covering me and I had nothing in my system. While I was waiting to get blood taken Officer Dombrowski was outside in his car doing paper work or something, so the other officer stayed with me. At some point Dr. John C. Meher came and spoke with me, and I told him exactly what happened to me. I do not know whether he believed me or not but what I told him was the truth.
    About 5:30 a.m. Officer Dombrowski, the other officer and me left to go to the Sheriff’s Department. That is where the jail was located. I asked for a phone call but I never got it. The officers just kept saying, “you’ll get it.”

    When I got there they put me in like a holding place but I actually thought it was the jail. The jail cells were behind the doors. I was then frisked by a female and then had to take my shoes, bra and earrings off. Then I just sat down on the steel bench that was attached to the wall, then I stood for a moment stemming. (rocking and moving my hands) I kept wondering when I was going to get my phone call. There was a phone on the wall that was unconventional, very dirty and the receiver was upside down, so I thought that it was broken and could not be the phone that we were supposed to use. I literally thought we would be able to get our cell phones back to make a call but nobody said anything. I tried sitting on that steel bench that came out of the wall and then I tried falling asleep and it was tough because it was cold in there and the bench was very hard.

    I asked an officer on the other side of the holding wall how long did I have to be in jail and he told me, until I was sober. I was never not sober and of course I tried to explain my situation to the officer on duty but he did not care because to him, I was a criminal. I had to go to the bathroom a couple of times while I was in the holding area and that was a pretty nasty experience. I had to walk in my socks on the dirty floor and then use the bathroom with another person in the cell. Go figure! Then I came back and just hung out in the holding area again for a while. I went to the bathroom again but not in the same place. When I finished, some officer was in the room the jail cell was near, wanting to take my fingerprints and photograph. After that he handed me a thin blanket and pointed me in the direction of the cell. I took the blanket and went into the cell. The mattress was horrendous so I put the blanket on top of it and sat down for a bit then I tried to sleep. It was a dreadful experience.

    After a little while another detainee was in my cell with me. She told me that she was not put back there but came back there on her own because it was too cold in the holding area. We talked a little bit. She said that she was a Christians also. We talked about what we were in there for. After that we tried to go to sleep. Then we got up and sat on the wooden beds just waiting to see what was going to happen. There was a young Hispanic woman in the next couple of cells over who kept asking the Jailer for a phone call so that she could see how her young son was. She was in for a GTA. Anyway, the officers either would not answer her when she called or when they did answer they would delay her request. She had already had a phone call and was in jail for a couple of days. She said that she wanted to check on her young child at home.

    Finally, after calling somebody for a bit somebody answered the young woman and said that the jailer left for the day and that we needed to wait until tomorrow to make phone calls. That is when I said to my cellmate that I did not even get my first phone call. Nobody knew that I was in jail or alive for that matter. Then another officer came into the cell area little bit later and was checking on us. The young lady in the other cell kept asking if she could use the phone again. My cellmate and I asked as well. Then the Officer got mad at the Hispanic woman and told her to stop making all that noise and that she needed to learn how to speak better English. My cellmate and I looked at each other because we knew that the officer had just crossed the line. There was absolutely nothing wrong with the woman’s English. The officer must have been a Trump supporter.

    Then he came to our cell and my cellmate asked if she could go up front to see when she was getting out, but I still had not had my phone call yet, so I asked him when was I able to get a phone call and then he yelled at me saying, “you will get your phone call when I say you get it. Do you understand me?” Then he took my cellmate and they walked out quickly. That made me so angry. I was already scared because of what the other officer said about us not getting a phone call until tomorrow and then this other officer comes in and starts yelling at us. By the way, he only yelled at the minorities. I got extremely upset and when that happened I screamed in frustration and fell to the floor. I was not unconscious, but I refused to respond. They called the paramedics who then took me to Henry Mayo Hospital. Around 12:30 p.m.

    After staying at the hospital for a couple of hours, hand cuffed to the bed and two police officers guarding me, Dr. Oliver Sahagun came in to ask me what happened and I told him. Anyway, the officers decided to release me while I was still in the hospital. It was around 3:30 p.m. The officers stood up and came into the space that I occupied in the emergency room and had me sign a citation to appear in court. Then one of the officers said that I was released. They gave me all of my things back including my license. That whole experience was pretty terrifying and now I may have a DUI on my record because Officer Dombrowski’s bad training. His training kept telling him that I was under the influence of alcohol and or drugs be it prescription or not. I kept telling him that I did not have anything in my system and when he gets the blood test results back he will know what I already know now, that the image in his head was not the image of what the reality is. I was telling the truth.

    On Wednesday September. 4, 2019, I had a doctor’s apt. to see why I was feeling sick in the first place. While I was there I told my doctor of my arrest and she said that she could get the blood test results from my arrest. She ordered them and we got them while I was still at my appointment. ( ALL NEGATIVE) I knew that the results would come back negative. (So much for Officer Dombrowski’s training)

    Anyway, my symptoms were not Diabetes, but more than likely hot flashes from menopause. My doctor had me get a blood test that will show that was why I was feeling that way the night I was pulled over by Officer Dombrowski and his wrongful DUI arrest.


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