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DUI Arrest Stories and Experiences
DUI stories from others like you. Read many positive stories from some of the 1.5 million drivers who have experienced DUI arrests this past year. Get insight and perspective from those arrested for a DUI first-time offense and why you should fight DUI charges to get dropped or dismissed.

The following online arrested for DUI stories and experiences are available to help you learn from others who are currently going through a similar situation to yours. This is also an opportunity to share your own DUI experience of what happened to you with other visitors if you wish.

This page helps people support each other by posting questions, answers, and arrest experiences to help guide you through the DUI process of potentially what you can expect. It is important to respect each person’s individual view points and understand that everyone’s own DUI dismissed stories or arrest situation is unique.

Please keep in mind that if you are in need of personal and free DUI legal advice for your own arrest situation, a local DUI lawyer with us is available online 24/7 for free help. All posts, questions, and responses on this page should be considered friendly and helpful information. Sharing DUI stories & experiences with one another can help other people learn from them and have hope based on real details of those who have gone through a similar DUI arrest ordeal.

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    • Diego
    • Chp
    • Got pulled over for “speeding” didn’t show me speedometer immediately asked if I had anything to drink , felt completely fine, makes me do sobriety test (which I did fine) breathalyzed me 2 times and didn’t show me results for either test something’s gotta change here

    • Wilfen holmes
    • Blue grass ia
    • 12/18/2020
    • Police pulled me over for led loscence plate light being out told him I was going to pick my girl up I was running late overslept then he tried to say I smell like weed which I asked how and I just woke up

    • Tyler
    • San Angelo, Texas
    • 12/17/2020
    • I was celebrating my Christmas party for my work and I ended up blacking out. Lowest moment of my life and I'm not sure what to do

    • Jeremy ferrell
    • Campbellsville ku
    • While waiting for wife at gas station I'm standing outside vehicle towith keys in my back pocket. Police pull in and find me standing there several feet from a car that was a rental and the keys in my pocket clearly get discovered, I get a DUI and as I'm being placed under arrest for DUI it's all in front of store surveillance camera and in report the officer states he found me passed out inside vehicle with keys in the ignition! After paying 3k for lawyer I inform what happened and tell him I need that tape to prove him wrong he fails to even try to look into getting tape and now I learn it's no longer available. WTF!? Seriously?? Can I beat it? I'm just 3 days from being outside 10 ur look back time and gets mended to third offense from first!

    • Laverne
    • Conyers, Ga
    • 12/01/2019
    • I was driving home after i got kicked out my sister inlaws place.My intention was not to drive i was supposed to stay the night. So i left. As i was driving thete was a State trooper i the middle of the road with his hand up. So i stopped he ask me if i had been drinking and said a few
      So he told to pull over in a church parking lot and to get off my car and do a soberiy test. and i did and i couldn't do one because i so upset . there was propable causes to stop me

    • Christopher
    • Columbys Georgia
    • 12/16/2020
    • I got pulled over for a tail light being out even though it works and I have proof. And then was charged with a dui.

    • Sean
    • Mt Shasta California Highway Patrol
    • 06/25/2019
    • I was cut off by an out-of-state driver coming into a one-lane merge on an interstate going into a construction site. The driver had passed me at a high rate of speed causing them to lock up their brakes to prevent them from hitting the semi truck trailer that was in front of them in which cause me to rear end their vehicle. I then called 911 to make the report. I was observed by three officers and then asked to drive my vehicle to a safer location because it was the third accident in that same exact spot that day. Once at the safer location the driver of the vehicle that I collided with gave false statement of me being in erratic driver and requested a breathalyzer suggesting that I was intoxicated. I had no problems in taking the breathalyzer test after a physical short field sobriety test in which showed signs of no impairment. Not thinking of the two beers that I consumed, in a three and a half hour period prior to the accident. We're going to show double the legal limit numbers of a .16 on the breathalyzer machine. I then immediately requested a trip to the hospital to get a blood draw. Then shortly after that spending the night in jail. I've never been able to receive the results from the blood draw. It took the district attorney almost 51 weeks before he pressed charges against the case. I have substantial evidence from a caltrans employee who took part of the skid test on that section of construction informing me that that skid test had failed seven out of 10 tries. I opted for a public defender and have shown for numerous court dates that have been canceled and still can't get to proving my innocence so that I can take that evidence to DMV and get a reinstated license. This has been going on well over a year and a half and has been a complete nightmare.

    • Samuel
    • Cottonwood. California Highway Patrol.
    • 12/08/2020
    • I was in an accident where I crashed and flipped my car. I was pulled from the wreckage by a bystander relatively unscratched. The fire department arived quickly and the highway patrol soon after. After my health was confirmed the office asked me the normal questions and I admitted to having a drink several hours before. After a field sobriety test he pulled out the brethalizer. I blew a 1.1 twice and he placed me under arrest. He took me to the hospital for a medical check and afterward to the chp office in red bluff where I soberd up in a holding cell for the night.

    • Benjamin Wagner
    • Shelbyville, ky
    • I was pulled over for my driving in which I was given a drug test that I failed

    • Jacob
    • mo state highway patrol
    • 08/17/2020
    • Was hanging out in the bluffs in wentzville. was drinking drove off embankment and totalled my moms car. no injuries

    • Laura
    • Joplin city
    • Asked me to take glasses off? Not on level ground a mess rude ,not sure what then went back to car found a pipe and? Never said not wrote down

    • Issac
    • Carbondale Illinois
    • I ran a stop sign cop car got behind me Never flagged me I drove a few blocks and parked got out my car and walked towards cop car I asked him why are you following me he tells me to get back I do so he asks me questions o do a field test I get arrested he never flagged me why didn’t he stop

    • Casey Towle
    • Augusta, Maine
    • 12/11/2020
    • My friend and I had some beers, and we both hardly ate that entire day. We were so hungry and I tried multiple times to get Uber eats to deliver me fries. The order wasn’t going through even though I had more than enough money on my card. My friend even tried on his phone and it wasn’t working for him either. After 5 attempts, he told me McDonald’s was a few minutes down the road. I didn’t feel drunk and said we’ll just go to McDonald’s and order fries real quick. However, if McDonald’s would have been any farther away, I wouldn’t have bothered trying. So I’m driving, feeling fine, and my friend suddenly tells me to take a left, because I don’t know the area. So I put my blinker on, checked my mirrors real quick and went to go left. Some one was right in my blind spot and beeped at me when I went to the left lane. A cop was behind that person, so he pulled me over. When I went to give him my license and registration, my registration got moved because my husbands grandfather handles all that stuff. So it wasn’t in the same spot and I was scrambling to find it. That’s when he told me to get out of the car. I was pretty upset that my registration got moved when it was always on top in my glove box. I believe if I would have handed him my registration instead panicking to find it, this wouldn’t have happened. I’ve never been in trouble like this and he only gave me a few seconds of looking for it. Anyways, I got out to do a field sobriety test, I balanced perfectly fine, my eyes were fine, I felt fine, just absolutely hungry and full of heart burn. All I messed up on was counting to 30 in my head. I was bordering a panic attack at that point so it doesn’t surprise me that my counting was off. He didn’t cuff me and let me have my bag and call my husband real quick. I was at the station for roughly 15 minutes before being brought back to my motel room. My car got towed even though it was 30 seconds from my hotel, which also sucked. If Uber eats would have just taken my friend and I’s dang order, none of this would have happened. We also had a hannaford right next to us that was closed. We would have just walked there too if it was open. I’m not kidding when I say I was desperate to eat something because I will get sick if I don’t for that long. I had failed my breath test at 0.014. I had a few beers and again felt fine, my stomach was just completely empty and upset from all the stomach acid and hunger. Then I got my court date. Luckily the cop was totally nice and chill, I just wasn’t expecting any of this to happen. Im very embarrassed to say the least. It simply wasn’t even worth trying to get fries.

    • Kelly
    • College Station, Texas
    • 08/24/2020
    • My very first time getting in trouble I have an accident after fighting with my ex and wrecked my car. I was in shock I waited for the cops who gave me field sobriety test, did not do a breathalyzer I told them I did have a headache so they took me to the hospital. Literally 5 hours later they got a warrant finally for my blood which in the end they were unsuccessful at the hospital my veins are pretty bad drinking water I know it's crazy. Took me to the jailhouse tried again was unsuccessful. Now I'm on bond supervision I have a device installed inn my car which kills my car everyday. I have to call and check in every day for drug testing and the fees are just ridiculous I can't afford it but if I don't pay my lawyer I feel like the ones that don't know their rights like me will be taken advantage of if you don't have somebody that knows what they're doing.

    • Omar
    • San Marcos
    • 12/10/2020
    • I was awoken by two cops on the scene on questioning me and then the other which confused me as they were asking me multiple questions and I was tired it was cold out side so if I was shivering it was because it was cold they then asked me to take the test which I did and I felt like were a little off seeing as where I was walking I had an imaginary line and the object in which I had to get to was further than the number of steps I was having to take. I then denied a blood test which then they got a warrant which they never showed me at any point to draw blood

    • Maurice
    • Sioux City, Iowa
    • 10/18/2020
    • 2 owi

    • richard
    • Scottsdale police xepartment
    • 12/10/2020
    • For marijuana. Cooperated. Red-light stop

    • Carie
    • Chesterfield va
    • 12/08/2020
    • I crashed they did breath test on me and took me to jail. 1st offense.

    • Breonna
    • Bowmanstown Pennsylvania
    • Pulled me over in front of my Nanas saying I didn’t have a license from knowing me from past events with my baby daddy I did have a license then gave me blood

    • darien
    • columbia city indiana
    • 11/13/2020
    • i failed blood test for thc but i passed the field sobriety test

    • Timothy
    • Portage,Wisconsin
    • 07/15/2020
    • I got pulled over, had old warrant, no registration, they arrested me for warrant, didn't have $ on me. Smelled alcohol, gave road test, "passed" . Refused blood test. Due to requiring surgery on my knees and other various parts of my body said didn't reeeeeally think it would work out, charged a P.A.C, went to jail, case thrown out next day, need to fight refusal. Refused due to the fact I thought I would get in a pinch cuz the medications I'm on.
      Please assist!!!

    • Ulises
    • Chicago, Illinois, 850 w addison ave 19th district east
    • 06/20/2020
    • Passed red light .
      Couldn't show proof of insurance due to phone had died. I only have proof online in my email...
      They made me and my cousin step out due to that, and found an opened baggy of cannabis. Abiut a gram and a half was jn there.. i did heal to toe and pen test. Felt like i passed even witness by standers felt and agreed verbally with me.. police then said there was no passing or failing and thus i refused any further tests. Then got arrested for dui, no proof of insurance, and running a red light.

    • James
    • Polk County Sheriff's Department
    • 07/10/2020
    • After 27 years clean driving record, made the mistake after taking my night time sleeping medications and a shot of nyquil, then getting emergency phone call, drove only a couple of miles and parked myself in a parking lot so I didn't endanger others driving as that medications started making me woozy. Said i refused alcohol test but i didn't refuse. Now 2nd dui. But that's the truth. Police checked one bottle of prescribed controlled medication, it was labelled and counted perfectly. Thats the truth. But I don't think I deserve all the money fines, hours, classes. I'm on disability.
      My record was clean for 27 years.

    • James
    • Polk County Sheriff's Department
    • 07/17/2020
    • Actual arrested in lakeland florida.

    • Riley
    • Klamath Oregon
    • 08/01/2020
    • I was paddle boarding after having 1 beer. I was taken into custody and agreed to a breathalyzer and blew a .04 BAC. I was released and given a court date in Klamath County an hour away from where I live.

    • Raymond
    • Clarksville,Tn
    • 07/27/2020
    • I was driving home with my wife after a gender reveal. It was relatively late, around 11:45pm, and the Clarksville police pulled me over because he said he clocked me for speeding. I pulled over, roughly just over a block from my house, and did the field sobriety test. They cuffed me and took me in for a breathalyzer where I failed above the legal limit. My arraignment is 08/04/2020. Thank you.

    • Miranda
    • Canyon county
    • I got a dui I'm pleading guilty and have to get the evaluation and need help

    • John
    • Salem Oregon
    • 07/21/2020
    • I was in Oregon to pickup my dog my wife and I are separated she was no longer able to take care of the dog I arrived Wednesday morning we decided we would stay at her daughter's house I took a shower and we decided we would stay the night there her daughter was coming out we began drinking and her husband showed up after a few hours he began saying disrespectful things about my wife a told him several times to shut up I became very angry and decided to leave before I hit him as I drove down the street I realized I didn't have my phone o turned into a driveway and due to the fact it was dark no street lights I didn't know there was a ditch next to the driveway and backed into the ditch I walked back to the house to get my phone as I walked backed the owners of the house was outside as I was explaining what had happened the sheriff showed up I was taken for a breath test and blew a.12

    • Faith
    • Vinegrove Ky
    • Blood alchohol 0.224 Possession of Marajuana

    • Faith
    • Vinegrove Ky
    • Blood alchohol .224 Possession if Marijuana

    • Faith
    • Vinegrove Ky
    • Blood alchohol 0.222. Possession of Marijuana

    • john
    • abbeville s.c.29602
    • i can't believe i went to jail because i couldn't do that test heel to toe

    • Justin
    • Arenac county sheriff
    • 01/19/2019
    • I was fighting with my gf and I left slept in my truck my gpd never once moved the only time it shows i was driving was in the police car

    • James
    • Niceville, FLORIDA
    • I was arrested an charged for a DUI . I was never caught behind the wheel an car wasn't in my name they spotted me walking down road took me to jail an forced hair samples from my head to try an match windshield. I took a plea offer cause I was young at the time can I go back an fight that charge

    • Alex
    • Lake Havasu city Police dept
    • 12/10/2018
    • 2nd dui alcohol level was .98 from blood test. Report has false information within it

    • oscar
    • Parsippany-Troy Hills
    • 12/06/2018
    • 2 long days at work in NYC, took the bus back to NJ around midnight. Drove home from the park and ride (bus terminal) and dosed off. Crashed my car thru the guard rail and into brush. Police came and charged me with DWI. Rufused the breathalyzer because i was advised to always refuse from a prior incident/lawyer. Had 2 priors

    • Thomas
    • Milton State Police
    • 01/09/2019
    • I was driving home from the super market all of a sudden I see flashing lights Im literately 10 houses down from my house when pulled over the officer saysays I crossed the yellow line a bit back there then as you were driving up the road looking for a spot to pull over you crossed the line a little again. then he preseeds to shine a light in my eyes asjking me why my pupils were not changing with the light my wife say well it could be the medication I am on, after that I was asked to step out of the car follow his finger in wile flashlight was in my eye then I was cuffed and put in the police vehicle.And I was told I was being Areested for a DUID Driving under the influence of prescription meprescribed from my docter
      dicine all medice I take three times a day all

    • Miguel
    • laredo texas
    • 12/15/2018
    • i was stopped for no reason

    • Cruz
    • El Paso Texas
    • Never once told why I got pulled over in a parked car. Never was told how much I blew nor any charges until I was in jail. All I kept hearing while I was in the sub station was the tattooed driver from the BMW feel a lil discriminated since half the U.S. has tattoos.

    • Savannah
    • Blythe ca
    • 01/02/2019
    • H

    • Joy
    • Miami Florida
    • 12/26/2018
    • Driving too closely, barely touched vehicle in front of me no damage admitted to having a few drinks declined to take breathalyzer at police station, in the middle of road test too scared and shaking advised officer I could not I was embarrass as my daughter was in the scene

    • James
    • IN state police
    • 01/01/2019
    • Passed initial field sobriety test. Also, first brethylyzer passed at .078. Second breathalyzer failed at .082. Third test was conducted on a more sophisticated machine, which resulted in .096.

    • Marcus
    • Colorado Springs
    • 11/30/2018
    • Details

    • Arthur
    • Wilson County TN
    • 10/26/2018
    • My wife was drivingy truck and wrecked gave us field text right after wreck where air bags knocked us unconscious and arrested both of us for Dwi and gave us blood text in jail

    • Michael
    • Richmond county Georgia
    • 12/26/2018
    • I worked a lot of hours this week so I’ve been really tired. I went to my friends house to see him for Christmas and had two beers. I left and was going home when I guess I fell asleep and totaled my vehicle. Didn’t hit anyone or any other vehicle. I was very shaken up about it and this was my first dui. My record is clean also. I refused the breathalyzer test but I did the sobriety test. They took me to jail booked me in and was there in a cell all day. I got out with no bond and they gave me a court date and they took my license. My vehicle got towed so I have to go figure all that out soon. Thanks!!

    • Dawn
    • Southington CT
    • 12/20/2018
    • I was at a Christmas party I only had 2 drinks I was picked up and dropped of after awhile latter I was hungry I felt fine went down the street we're I live to get some thing to eat I went to turn I had the green light the other person went to turn and she hit me they got me on dui

    • Nathan
    • Norman Oklahoma
    • 12/14/2018
    • I was intoxicated at bar called for a ride from my nephew he brought my truck and on the way home we hit curb blowing two tires he got a ride from passer by and I stayed with truck shortly after I got arrested for dui

    • calvin
    • foley minnesota
    • 12/05/2018
    • fell a sleep at a stop sign and refused to take a breathalyzer 3rd degree, 4th degree DUI and an open bottle when I blew in the morning it was 0.0 this is my first offence I need some help

    • Daniel
    • Montrose Colorado
    • I was sitting in my car parked in the chili's parking lot. I never moved the vehicle but was cited for DUI and refused any and all tests until at the jail. I was actually in the process of deciding whether or not to call a cab, but was confronted by law enforcement before I had the opportunity to do so.

    • David Driscoll (my 18 year old son Ryan was charged)
    • Bellingham, MA (I think...could be Milford)
    • 12/07/2018
    • My 18 year old son was arrested last night...was bailed out by his mother early in the morning on 12/8. I don't have all of the details but I think he fell asleep behind the wheel and the car was parked (again, details are fuzzy at this point and he lives with his mother).

      To date, he hasn't been in any trouble, is an honor student. I would like to speak with someone to understand his options. He will be arraigned on Monday.

    • Jason
    • Dallas,Tx
    • I took my Ambien to go to sleep next thing I know I'm waking up being pulled out of the car by police

    • johnathan
    • colonial heights virginia
    • 12/04/2018
    • I was pulled over for making an illegal U-turn and my id was ran and it came bk that my id was susopended.. the officer asked me to step out the car because he smelled alcohol.. I blew a .10 and was under arrest

    • Eyosias
    • Las Vegas, NV
    • J

    • Justin
    • Sidney Nebraska
    • 11/17/2018
    • Copy from details of arrest

    • Leon Barnes
    • New Castle Delaware Bridge Police
    • 10/03/2018
    • Turning off 95 into New Castle cross the white line

    • George
    • Passaic New Jersey
    • 11/08/2018
    • I Was Caught Inside My Vehicle Asleep Parked In Front of my Residents, I Was Asked To Step Out The Car And Then Ask To Take The Test Of Walking The Line And Refuse To Do To That I Admitted I Had A Few Alcoholic Beverages, Later Arrested Charged With DWI And Car Towed

    • Della
    • Fort Benton, MT
    • 11/04/2018
    • Went to a book signing and ...

    • Brennon
    • Omaha, ne
    • 11/11/2018
    • I was driving home, when I seen lights come up in my rear view. Officer had asked if i had been drinking, and i told him earlier in the day at a friends thanksgiving event. Thus, after already telling the office i was drinking and driving, he followed up with making me walk heal to toe in a straightline, and also following his pen. He took me to his car where i blew into the breathalyzer, and was shown a .168. Once we got to the station I had blown a .148 on the machine there.

    • KenKen
    • North providence police department
    • I was driving to get something to eat on a rainy day, after a night of drinking. And my car brakes wasn't working properly. So I got into a bumper accident with no damage to either car, the other car called the cops when they arrived I was out the car with my buddy talking to the other driver. They ask me for my information I complied and then they decided to have me take a sobriety test because of the accident in a dark wet parking lot , and then they told me that I failed and wanted me to take a breathalyzer I then refused after they arrested me for dui.

    • Vicglenn Livai
    • Dubuque, IA PD
    • 11/04/2018
    • I drove over to a gas station that was in sight of my house about 150yards apart. I then fell asleep in the parking lot because it got colder that night about 30 to 40 degrees. I then woke up to 2 officers knocking on my driver window. They asked if I had any to drink and I replied yes earlier. Main officer then asked if I could step out of the car. I then complied. M. Officer then ask me to walk a line and I was wearing flipflops that were an inch bigger than my size also in my shorts. Officer then ask me to blow on a breathlyzer. I then blow into it. He then tells me to turn around arresting me for an OWI. I then asked why are they taking me if I was well enough able to function both physically and mentally. He said because I failed the breathlyzer. They took me in and sat me on a bench in the station upon arriving. I was then cuffed, meanwhile another person across from me was also arrestes but due to hit and run. Was not cuffed to her bench. I asked if they would released my cuff and my case officer did not replied. Officer kept asking the other arresting officer how to fill up my report. It took about half an hour or so later maybe less for my case officer who arrested me to bring me in to check in. Several paper work were presented to me and explained. I denied each questions regarding chemical and blood testing. In all of this I was able to answer normally to every questions while I was being booked in. They then book me in and put me in a jail room with 8 other guys in jail. Every hour from being in jail. Each cellmates were being released. Others were released due about an hour before I was released as well.

    • Jerry
    • Lincoln, Nebraska
    • 10/30/2018
    • I purchase one of those Fireball bottles of the sugary cinnamon whisky, the alcohol enters the bloodstream 20% faster b/c of the sugar. I decided to have a taste in my vehicle then I parked legally on a city street. This was about 5 PM. I imagine I was there for about an hour and a half since it was nighttime when the police shone their flashlights in the window wondering what I was doing. My keys were in the ignition. They gave me BAC of .144. Then handed me a DUI citation even though I was not driving or operating the car. A kangaroo court is coming up at my appearance date where they lump everyone under the same umbrella. They'll probably give me serious jail time. Please help.


    • Leon
    • New Castle Delaware
    • 11/02/2018
    • Turning off of 95 on to Newcastle Avenue cross the white line

    • Ashlie
    • Victor, Idaho
    • 10/31/2018
    • I drove a local femal home from a bar that was drunk while it was snowing out. I dropped her off then got back on the road and was following the vehicle infront of me. I was pulled over for speeding then asked to step out of the car to do drinking test. When it came to the breathelizer i had to blow three times because the readings were so far apart. I still got arrestd becuase i blew over a .08.

    • Diego
    • Mattoon, Illinois
    • 09/27/2018
    • I got a dui for not being able to say my abcs backwards

    • Aaron
    • Mckinney, Texas
    • 09/11/2018
    • Stopped for driving erratically. Residential street. Pot holes, many road repairs. My car is in poor condition. No defined lanes. Parked vehicles on both sides. This would be my 3rd DUI (felony). I requested court appointed counsel and was denied because. ." Income and/or assets were too much to qualify even though I'm on unemployment, with a child support garnishment, and my only asset being a 2000 Nissan Maxima in poor condition.

    • Jamar
    • Jacksonville Florida
    • 10/27/2018
    • N/a

    • Eric
    • Clifton Park New York
    • My car was totaled I was on my way back from getting my friend and had two drinks and I crashed my car on the way home and they said I blew a .13

    • Jeff
    • Salt Lake City PD
    • 10/25/2018
    • I was in my car, parked in front of my house, seat reclined listening to music asleep. They said the car was started, if that was the case I must have gotten cold. I had no intention of driving, my wife and I had been bickering earlier and I just wanted to sit in my car alone. I had no intention of driving, I didn't even have my shoes on at the time.

    • Emily
    • Carbondale, CO
    • 10/24/2018
    • Pulled over around 1am coming from the local bar. Was told stop was for expired registration stickers. Asked to step out of vehicle. Asked on scale of 1-10 how imparied I was, I stated between 3-4. Asked to take road side breathalyzer, blew .11
      Green light test to follow my eyes sideways and up and down. Walking in a straight line heel to toe for a count of 9 back and forth.
      Standing on 1 leg for 20+ seconds.
      Was told my performance was on the line of safely driving and that my driving was fine but pulled over for expired registration stickers
      Arrested on the spot and brought to station for another breathalyzer after 20mins.
      Blew twice one at .108 and another at .106 ...recorded the .106 result.
      Handcuffs removed and was given a ride to my residence

    • David
    • Arkport, NY
    • 06/04/2017
    • I was sitting in the parking lot of my family's dealership for about an hour on my phone while I saw a sheriff drive by multiple times, it could've been different sheriffs. As soon as I pulled out to head home they started following me as if they were waiting for me to leave, they followed me for approximately 3 miles before pulling me over for supposedly crossing the center line, I told the officer that I know I didn't cross the center line and he replied back saying no but you touched it. They thought my eyes looked glossy, I said I was tired because it was around 10pm and I had to be up for work at 4am. Then they made me do the breathalyzer test which I passed, then the FST which I told them beforehand that I was in an ATV accident and my ankle was very swollen and painful. Thet made me walk on the worst part of the side of the road where there were chunks of blacktop chipped off the shoulder of the rd. He failed me on every single test he made me do. I feel like there were plenty of mistakes made during the arrest including searching my vehicle and then they seized it but then gave it back after 10 months with plenty of things missing from it before it was in their possession. I think I have a decent chance of winning but I just get nervous because the court system is just all about convictions so they make their money on all the fines and surcharges ect.. I'm sick of living in a small town in NY because once they have you in the system they will try everything they can to keep you in it..

    • Rowan
    • Aztec, New Mexico
    • Pulled over leaving bar because headlights were not turned on. Administered field sobriety test and taken to detention center where I was administered a breathalyzer and found to have BAC of .05/.04.

    • Alex
    • San Diego, CA
    • 08/15/2018
    • I'm 20 years old in the Navy and got a dui on base by military police. The police reported the dui to the city San Diego and now have a civilian court case. I have already been punished by the UCMJ in a court martial by my command. I have 3 charges dui, dui minor, and blowing more than 0.08%.

    • Rolly jr.
    • Honolulu Hawai’i
    • 10/20/2018
    • Driving and missed to stop at the stop sign. Got pulled over a block away from the bar. Was asked for my license registration etc. and to step out and do the sobriety test. I knew I passed the test didn’t wobble or fall followed instructions and was told I failed and then did the breathalyzer test and was placed in handcuffs. Not sure if it’s still necessary but the officer has not read me my Miranda rights. Went to jail and did another breathalyzer test and was told that I failed. I don’t know my next step besides to wait and show up for my court date.

    • Matthew
    • Folsom, Ca
    • 10/20/2018
    • Drove and was pulled over

    • Cheri
    • Plant city dui task force
    • 08/30/2018
    • Police fabricate things on dui arrest discovery .

    • Jon
    • Malvern Arkansas
    • 10/18/2018
    • Was riding in the passenger seat, sleeping off a blackout status bender while my buddy drove. Woke up/came to in the woods with the car wrapped around a tree, buddy was gone.

      Tried to get out, my door wouldnt open. Crawled over the armrest to get out the driver's side. Saw the damage, both the car and trailer we were pulling were totalled. Went back to the car, said "f this" grabbed a six pack, and went 30 feet or so up a hill to sit down and call my dad with the bad news.

      Cops showed up about 20 minutes later. Asked me if I was driving, said no, asked who was. Told them I didn't want to get anybody in trouble. They started trying to lead me to admit driving myself.

      Politely told them I didn't feel comfortable or safe talking to them any more at that point. As soon as I said that and didn't respond to the next question, one of them immediately put me (still an accident victim here) in a headlock. I calmly put my hands down out to the side and said "please man I'm not fighting or doing anything here".

      More not answering questions, then they had me step on to an ambulance and lay down for about 5 seconds before pulling me right back off.

      Adrenaline from the crash must have been wearing off cause I started getting fuzzy/sleepy then. I remember asking them if they found Chris (my buddy I was afraid of naming), and one of the cops said something like "nice try, you already said you were alone".

      Next thing I know I'm on my way to jail. In Hot Spring County AR. I live in Virginia. Thank God for the best father in the world, cause he drove all the way out to get me bonded within 48 hours.

      Seeking legal council now for a court date on November 8th.

    • Cohen
    • Millersville pa
    • Had 2 above 21 year olds I'm the car cody and oscar went into the turkey hill saw a lady I'm the gas station got drinks and cigars went out and opened my unlocked doors sat In the car Cop came up to my window after he was filling his car up with gas with his vehicle facing away from us we came back minding ourselves and he drove up behind us and parked to the right side of my vehicle walked to the side of my car and said my friend apparently stumbled and I asked what can I do for you officer he proceeded to ask Me what was up with tonight I told him we just got out of the gas station and were about to leave he asked me if I could step out of the car he asked me if I could do a set of tests I proceeded he didnt tell me I failed or anything the other officers came to talk to my friends and proceeded to search my car and there was nothing In my vehicle he then proceeded to ask if I had been drinking and I said I've had a few drinks and apologized for being on the road he did not read me any rights or anything and had my friends out of the car and put me In handcuffs and asked me to do a breathalyzer came out st o.o119 then told me to get in the car so I did and complied ge yhen proceeded to search my vehicle and asked if something was in it and assumed and I had nothing to hide and I told him about a knife being In my seat because of martial arts he said he didn't mind I got In and knocked on the door because I wanted my seatbelt on and I found someone else's phone In the back of the car and I put my seatbelt they proceeded to ask my friends some questions as I watched from the car did not ask me if I could call someone to pick up my vehicle and said it would be impounded i didn't want to get I'm further trouble so i just went with it they could not find my keys and they asked me and I didn't know where they were they searched the vehicle and eventually found them In the backseat and asked me if I could help I said they're in there but were not in my hand they were in the back if the car they found them and got I'm the car and proceeded to bring me to the station

    • Gina
    • Sheridan Colorado
    • Was not arrested but given ticket at hospital

    • Ryan
    • 10/14/2018
    • I remember leaving a strip club and being involved in a car accident. After checking the welfare of the driver and passengers and exchanging information. The next thing I remember was waking up in the hospital under arrest.

    • Alison
    • Magee Ms
    • 06/24/2018
    • Magee Ms police officers are the most racist judgmental bullying department

    • Ryan
    • Champaign, IL
    • This past Friday, October 12 at about 2:30 am, my friends and I were driving my vehicle home. This weekend happened to be Homecoming Weekend for my undergraduate alma mater and a few of us were visiting. The first stop on the way home was a party at a fraternity house (Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., historically Black, in particular). We were considering stopping there in part, whole, or even at all; as such, I attempted to park so that we could solidify plans.
      I knew that I wanted to go home because I was already tired due to driving from my graduate classes at Loyola University Chicago down to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign that same night. I was the only friend with a vehicle, was responsible for returning myself and 2 friends to the Chicagoland area on Sunday at the end of the weekend, and also 2 additional friends home or to their temporary housing that night. I designated myself as the driver early on in the night, and appropriately abstained from liquor.
      However, I unwisely partook in about 3 shots of Paul Masson and sipped on a shared Four Loko throughout the night, spanning roughly 3 hours. Despite this reckless choice, we were now stuck with a car that we could not park and abandon overnight – Uber/Lyft no longer seemed like an option. (Let alone: I am personally spooked of such services because of prior experiences). I was still the most responsible driver, my choice to drink aside, since the rest of my friends had drunk much more and were less capable of driving than myself. Further, it was most appropriate for me to drive given that the vehicle and insurance belonged to me. This all considered, before we prepared to get into the car one last time, I made sure to eat, drink water, use the bathroom, and take about 45 minutes to allow time for some digestion to occur.
      While reversing into a parking spot near the fraternity house, my friends and I believed ourselves to hear a noise signifying a potential collision. Because of the flow/direction of traffic, I decided to pull forward, let anyone out who wanted to go to the party, and then immediately return to assess any possible damages. Within moving about 6 feet forward, we were not allotted the chance to do this, as police lights had immediately come on.
      Upon being pulled over, the officer accused me of Hitting and Running. I believe this conditioned me to believe that the sound that my friends and I heard was, in fact, a collision – despite not ever being given the opportunity to affirm whether or not a collision had occurred, let alone with which vehicle. I denied this accusation, though I did admit to hearing something that I wanted to investigate further for myself.
      My friends and I are all African-American/Black and on this campus a very minority population of less than 5%. In Champaign-Urbana, it is often common for multiple police squad cars, officers, and even K9 units to be present at events that are notoriously known or possibly presumed to be predominately African-American/Black in attendance. Such was the case in this instance.
      In addition to the arresting officer, at least 3 other squad cars, 2 officers each, appeared at the scene to assist with the investigation. Upon their own large-scale review, they were also unable to discern which, if any, vehicle was struck. The officer that pulled me over claimed to have seen me strike the car and used a scratch on my car as proof of this occurring. The sheer number of officers called made me nervous, anxious, and uncomfortable. Still, I kept my composure and poise as best I could.
      After denying the Hit and Run accusation, I agreed to provide my insurance card and step out and away from my car. The officer continued to further insinuate that I was lying about

      whether or not I was truly headed to the party, which by this time was picking up full swing. My friends were being questioned simultaneously from inside my car by at least two additional officers. I also noticed then that my car had been searched. Per my recollection, all visible alcohol bottles within my reach as the driver were in their original containers, unopened. My car was towed because it was decided that no other parties were deemed appropriate for driving the vehicle.
      I believe that it was wrongfully assumed that we had been drinking before any admittance of such occurred. Though it is possible that I disclosed to drinking that evening before any formal tests were administered, I feel as though my discomfort must be considered. Given the attitudes, sheer numerical presence, and the insistence of my wrongdoing by the officers, as well as the history of interaction between the Black community and police both in Champaign-Urbana and the nation at large, I was unable to adequately protect myself from incrimination.
      The danger that is posed by simply being African-American due to retaining information, being non-compliant in any way, or remaining silent (a constitutional right) stood at the front of my mind. I believe these factors encouraged me to answer all questions quickly and in the way that officers would have “liked” best, regardless of what was best for me or the undeniable truth. I grew anxious particularly as I thought of Sandra Bland, an African-American woman like myself, who was later killed after being pulled over for a traffic stop. I chose to be as conversational, compliant, and complimentary as possible to protect myself.
      The officer proceeded to ask me to step aside and perform a Field Sobriety Test. I also asked for a Breathalyzer test, though this was denied, as I was told that this "would happen later." I believed that despite my earlier drinking, I was the most appropriate person to be driving the vehicle at the time and was near if not actually legally sober – I wanted this to be legally proven. Instead, I was being conditioned toward trading in this belief for one of incrimination and guilt. I feel as though I acted accordingly for my own safety. The officer assessed that I had failed the Field Sobriety Test and asked for me to place my hands on the police squad car while he arrested me. Per my recollection, my Miranda Rights had yet to be shared.
      With this being my first ever arrest, I politely asked if I could have a moment to collect myself and the officer roughly declined. My arms were then forced behind my back and into handcuffs, uncomfortably. I then asked once more for a moment and was told that it would be in my best interest to continue to be compliant. I was then guided into the car and arrested for a DUI. Once at the station, I was placed under observation, awaiting a Breathalyzer test. The Breathalyzer needed to be run twice – the first result was "invalid" and the second read "0.099." Neither result was shown to me but instead read aloud.
      I have been charged with a DUI, DUI over 0.08, and, for the accused collision with another vehicle, I received an improper backing citation.

    • Cindy
    • Lincoln Alabama
    • Horrible first time I've ever been on this side .... They weren't going to let me out until Monday ... Tammy Rudd was furious when she found her name was put down on her off night ...

    • David
    • Haverstraw, N.Y 10927
    • 10/06/2018
    • I went to a party. I was drinking this rex punch drink. I was okay during the entire party. Not staggering or anything. I don't remember anything after that except waking up in a cell.

    • Mychael
    • Mentor, Ohio
    • 10/06/2018
    • The arrest was pretty scary, I’ve never been in trouble with the law, I’m underaged, and thinking about my future and could happen next. I know it was not the right thing to do but I felt fine, I was clear and drinking plenty of water before leaving and the place I was at I did not feel too safe to be there, cell phone was dead and couldn’t call a taxi to take me home. This is definitely a scary life lesson that will never occur again in my life!

    • Mario
    • Florence, Arizona
    • 10/03/2018
    • None

    • Stephanie
    • Appleton, wi
    • I was pulled over for speeding 76 in a 70. Asked typical questions where I was going and coming from. Said she was going to give me a written warning. She came back and gave me my license and written warning. In the video you can hear her telling this other officer that I was good and she only pulled me over because she was getting desperate. She asked if I had any questions and I told her no. She then asked me if I was drinking. I told her I had one shot earlier for a bday party. She had me do the eye, walk and turn, and stand on one foot and count. She then asked me to do a breathalyzer and I asked her why I had to do that if I passed the other tests. She stated that it is not a pass or fail. I asked what if I refused she said that is my right but she was going to place me under arrest either way so I just had her arrest me. She placed me in the back of her car and started to read (what I didnt know at the time) the informing the accused sheet. I thought she was just reading me my rights so I wasnt paying attention (my fault) she then asked if I would consent to blood or breath. I said you said I dont have to, to which she responded with so that's a no? You cant hear anything I said in the video so I either said no or shook my head no. She then said that she was going to get a warrant and draw my blood anyways. I said well if your going to do it anyways then I might as well consent. She was new so a second officer said that they cant get a warrant on first offense but told her that they try to stay away from refusals so to take me wherever see if I will blow and if not then chop it up as a refusal. She took me to the jail but I was never asked to blow or anything when I got there.

      From what I have been researching, i believe she extended the stop past the mission.
      She also did not say she smelled anything until after I admitted to one shot all of a sudden she can smell it really good on me.
      I'm not right in the camera while doing the FST so there is no way to prove or deny what she said. What can I do?

    • Justin
    • Campbell county sheriff
    • 10/05/2018
    • Sheriff was great just bad timing and decision on my part

    • Allison
    • Columbia, Missouri
    • 10/06/2018
    • I drove around to blow off steam, got pulled over in my driveway for not signaling my turn, was arrested and ticketed with DWI and failure to signal.

    • Taylor
    • Newary, Delaware
    • 09/29/2018
    • A close family member of mine had passed away and we had one too many glasses of wine celebrating her life that evening. At the end of the night I got in my car to drive to a friends. Made it to my friends and was parked outside waiting for them to get home when an officer came up to me and started questioning me. I explained the situation at hand, and he asked me to step out of the car for a field test. I denied being breathalyzed on site, but was still arrested and taken to the station. While there I eventually consented to using the intoxilyzer. I am now awating my court date that is in two weeks.

    • Aaron
    • Laurel, MD
    • 10/04/2018
    • I had been working a session (engineering a vocal recording) since 8pm and had a few drinks afterwards at around 3am after leaving a McDonald's I was pulled over for making a bad left turn (which admittedly I did). I was given a field sobriety test and then given the option to do a breath test which I refused. Immediately I was cuffed and detained then let out maybe an hour later.

    • Austin
    • Coeur De’Alene
    • 09/02/2018
    • Was parked in parking sleeping in the vehicle when I was arrested. I can’t reme for sure but I believe the keys were in my pocket.

    • Travis
    • Wakefield MA
    • 09/21/2018
    • Was pulled over for speeding. Cop saw open container in back seat. Asked to do a field sobriety test and failed. Refused the breathalyzer.

    • Austin Jackson
    • El paso
    • 01/15/2018
    • Crashed my car. Waited several hours before driving after was finished drinking. Got picked up by an abulance and taken to the hospital where they took blood. After waking up I went home and did not hear anything for like 9 months later.

    • Sergio
    • Santa Barbara Ca
    • 07/01/2018
    • Got dui

    • Jones
    • Thomasville
    • I was arrested for 2nd Dui and SPEEDING. My first dui was 7 years aging

    • Curtis
    • Marshall missouri
    • 09/21/2018
    • Went to the bar, up on driving home got pulled over for going 5mph over. Blew .156

    • Esteban
    • Chaparral nm
    • I had a few beers at a family gathering a block away from my house when I left I came to a stop sign as I was gonna come to a complete stop at a stop I was checking my head light were on so I turn em on and off trying to turn the brights as I was doin this coming to a complete stop a sheriff was passing in front of me he then turn on his lights but I kept goin since my house was on the same block I thought it would b safer to stop in front of my house ...so when I did the officer came up to my car yelling to giving me instructions to show my hands he then grabbed me threw me on the cop car .this entire time I'm telling him I'm not resisting sir he threw me on the ground ruffed me up and threw me in the cop car i was upset over the way the officers had handled the situation so when he asked me if I wanted a breathalyzer test a refused after that I went to jail

    • Alice
    • Southbury
    • 09/18/2018
    • Arrested for DUI on 09/18/18. Court date 09/26/18. No accident

    • Garret
    • Ely Nevada
    • 09/16/2018
    • Dont really remember much, just woke up with a blood draw, and when i retrieved my car there was ruffles potatoe chips in it. I believe I am at fault but I remember meeting a girl earlier in the day and that was about all i remember. I know crappy case.

    • Kelsey
    • Hendersonville TN
    • Christmas night I was pulled over for not wearing my seatbelt properly, I took the sobriety tests and gave consent to have blood taken for BAL then taken to jail. . I'm in school and all at stake. I heard in court if between 18-20yrs old you can have it reduced to underage driving impaired. IDK details behind it. But witnessed it myself.

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3 thoughts on “DUI Arrest Experiences – Arrested For DUI Stories August 2022”

  1. I had hit my car twice around 6-7, and got pulled over around 9-10. I was pulled over for a valid reason. After that getting my license and registration, they said that they were suspicious that I was under drug usage (nervous, droopy eyes), so they told me to get out and do some “standard tests” to make up their minds.

    After that I was arrested for DUI and taken to the station, where I was further questioned, with my consent, and further examined until he further concluded that I was too impaired to continue (at this point around 5 hours after consumption) and I was taken to Lancaster hospital where I was to take a blood test. After I was returned to my house.

  2. Drove homeward from a concert on my birthday. 10 minutes into my 35 minute drive home, I was pulled over when the officer saw me deviate out of my lane. I only deviated because I was reaching for gps that fell on passenger foot area. I didn’t know how to get home otherwise!

    It was in the boonies in middle of nowhere, no cars on road except me. I didn’t know to refuse the roadside field sobriety tests so I tried to complete those. Balance is already bad from sciatica nerve damage and numbness in foot from S4, L2 discectomy. Didn’t do well.

    Then I blew into a breathalyzer. I don’t know what I blew since the cop didn’t say. Then I was placed under arrest and placed in back of cop car. Then cop asked if I can take a blood sample. I said not right now since I’m in hand cuffs and in back of your squad. Was never asked again after that or advised about saying not right now meant under the law or administered any further testing at the station.

    Was not read my miranda rights at any time. The cop kept asking me to just admit I was drinking but I stood my ground and said I am not answering any further questions without an attorney. That really made cop mad. I called a DUI attorney my friend knows who is going to take my case for $2,500 up front. Might be another $2,000 in fees if he needs to work beyond the normal scope.

    It was muddy and unlevel ground so I am thinking the FST will be tossed. Also charged with open intoxicants (empty wine bottle under back seat which I didn’t even know was there but probably from the last landfill trip) and refused blood sample, which is automatic/immediate suspension.

    I regret taking the FST and roadside breathalyzer. Regret refusing a blood sample because of the severe consequences. I never drink and drive since I live next to my main pub but I’m in a lot of trouble. I’ll need prayers for a reduction or dismissal as my job is on the line. Very pricey situation. I really only have about $5,000 savings so I don’t know what I’m going to do.

    NEVER complete roadside FST. And keep your mouth shut except to state your name and address.

  3. I was just recently pulled over for a license plate missing on the front. I was told to perform field sobriety, whilst i was completely sober, ended up failing those tests, something like 1/3 of all people fail those tests even while sober. I believe the Only reason they arrested me was because i said no to searching my car and they needed a reason to search it, they ended up finding a felony amount of drugs. Charged with DUI while completely sober, hadn’t touched anything intoxicating in days


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