DUI Arrest Experiences – Arrested For DUI Stories August 2023

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DUI Arrest Experiences – Arrested For DUI Stories August 2023

DUI Arrest Stories and Experiences
DUI stories from others like you. Read many positive stories from some of the 1.5 million drivers who have recently experienced DUI arrests this past year. Get insight and perspective from those arrested for a DUI first-time offense and why you should fight DUI charges to get dropped or dismissed.

The following online arrested for DUI stories and experiences are available to help you learn from others who are currently going through a similar situation to yours. This is also an opportunity to share your own local DUI experience of what happened to you with other visitors if you wish.

This page helps people support each other by posting questions, answers, and arrest experiences to help guide you through the DUI process of potentially what you can expect. It is important to respect each person’s individual view points and understand that everyone’s own DUI dismissed stories or arrest situation is unique.

Please keep in mind that if you are in need of personal and free DUI legal advice for your own arrest situation, a local DUI lawyer with us is available online 24/7 for free help. All posts, questions, and responses on this page should be considered friendly and helpful information. Sharing DUI stories & experiences with one another can help other people learn from them and have hope based on real details of those who have gone through a similar DUI arrest ordeal.

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3 thoughts on “DUI Arrest Experiences – Arrested For DUI Stories August 2023”

  1. I had hit my car twice around 6-7, and got pulled over around 9-10. I was pulled over for a valid reason. After that getting my license and registration, they said that they were suspicious that I was under drug usage (nervous, droopy eyes), so they told me to get out and do some “standard tests” to make up their minds.

    After that I was arrested for DUI and taken to the station, where I was further questioned, with my consent, and further examined until he further concluded that I was too impaired to continue (at this point around 5 hours after consumption) and I was taken to Lancaster hospital where I was to take a blood test. After I was returned to my house.

  2. Drove homeward from a concert on my birthday. 10 minutes into my 35 minute drive home, I was pulled over when the officer saw me deviate out of my lane. I only deviated because I was reaching for gps that fell on passenger foot area. I didn’t know how to get home otherwise!

    It was in the boonies in middle of nowhere, no cars on road except me. I didn’t know to refuse the roadside field sobriety tests so I tried to complete those. Balance is already bad from sciatica nerve damage and numbness in foot from S4, L2 discectomy. Didn’t do well.

    Then I blew into a breathalyzer. I don’t know what I blew since the cop didn’t say. Then I was placed under arrest and placed in back of cop car. Then cop asked if I can take a blood sample. I said not right now since I’m in hand cuffs and in back of your squad. Was never asked again after that or advised about saying not right now meant under the law or administered any further testing at the station.

    Was not read my miranda rights at any time. The cop kept asking me to just admit I was drinking but I stood my ground and said I am not answering any further questions without an attorney. That really made cop mad. I called a DUI attorney my friend knows who is going to take my case for $2,500 up front. Might be another $2,000 in fees if he needs to work beyond the normal scope.

    It was muddy and unlevel ground so I am thinking the FST will be tossed. Also charged with open intoxicants (empty wine bottle under back seat which I didn’t even know was there but probably from the last landfill trip) and refused blood sample, which is automatic/immediate suspension.

    I regret taking the FST and roadside breathalyzer. Regret refusing a blood sample because of the severe consequences. I never drink and drive since I live next to my main pub but I’m in a lot of trouble. I’ll need prayers for a reduction or dismissal as my job is on the line. Very pricey situation. I really only have about $5,000 savings so I don’t know what I’m going to do.

    NEVER complete roadside FST. And keep your mouth shut except to state your name and address.

  3. I was just recently pulled over for a license plate missing on the front. I was told to perform field sobriety, whilst i was completely sober, ended up failing those tests, something like 1/3 of all people fail those tests even while sober. I believe the Only reason they arrested me was because i said no to searching my car and they needed a reason to search it, they ended up finding a felony amount of drugs. Charged with DUI while completely sober, hadn’t touched anything intoxicating in days


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