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Last year the national average in the total cost of a first-time DUI was $10,000 after fines, court costs, attorney fees, and DUI classes. That cost estimate is already higher today in September 2023 as the year moves ahead, as new tougher local 2023 DUI laws and penalties nationwide are always being introduced. However the expenses after fighting the offense don’t end with the total amount after the court case if you plead guilty or are convicted of an arrest.

Insurance costs after a conviction can skyrocket, adding a long-term financial burden of increased insurance premiums. Some insurance providers will drop people entirely with a DUI, DWI on their record.

It is important to understand, the only way to determine how much your DUI legal cost estimates will be is knowing the specifics of your case. This is the purpose of the online examination of your own arrest, along with providing arrest-specific defense options to avoid the ignition interlock and DUI classes.

After being able to assess the facts of your arrest that you submitted, you can promptly be given a general price quote estimate which can be quite helpful to be aware of by proceeding ahead informed of what to expect. Having an idea of what estimates to expect is crucial, before you begin spending significant amounts of money on your defense.

This is precisely what our free online service to you strives to provide with a fast and easy to use online review of your arrest details – giving you the right answers about your case that you need and deserve.

*It’s worth noting, having your arrest analyzed through us is beneficial, even if you already may have an attorney working on your DUI case. This is because having a fresh perspective looking at your details, could possibly shed new light onto something that may be used to your advantage if any legal technicality was originally overlooked by a previous lawyer.

How could I clear my DUI case by having my arrest reviewed?

  • Your best chance is to have your arrest details reviewed free and online as soon as possible by our professional team. This is necessary to discover any potential weaknesses and strengths which could be used to your advantage to potentially reduce or clear your charges entirely. If you wait too long in your case or you try to go it alone, you may end up in a situation that even your lawyer cannot save you from.
  • If you are arrested and charged with a DUI-related alcohol or drug offense, you will be facing two separate trials: a criminal trial for the actual misdemeanor charges, and an administrative hearing for the suspension of your driver’s license. These cases are not related in any way and the outcome of one trial will have no effect on the other. Both cases involve complex and different legal procedures, so it is important to have your individual arrest details evaluated right away to assist you on deciding a course of action based upon your own arrest circumstances.

Life is full of many important decisions and one of the most important is how you will act in regards to fighting your DUI case. Our free online review of your particular arrest will help you in gaining helpful information about finding strengths and weaknesses about your arrest. This insight could be used to your advantage to clear the court case, and we can help you plan ahead for your future. This way,  you will not have to go through the same ordeal again.

Each professional on our team understands that good people can find themselves in these difficult situations. Whether it was due to unfairly being pulled over during late night hours, failing sobriety and breath tests, or simply refusing to take sobriety tests, there are steps that you can take to help get your life back on track.

If you still have questions about your arrest or anything regarding your pending case, please take advantage of our free online review of your arrest and case. When you have questions, we will have the quick and accurate answers you need. Local recommended free DUI evaluation experts help mitigate consequences such as DUI school classes before mandatory penalties take effect.

Free DUI Arrest Evaluation - How a DUI Arrest Review Helps
DUI, DWI Evaluation – Get a Free DUI Arrest Evaluation to Have Charges Dismissed. Find defenses to get out of a DUI, DWI that apply to your specific arrest circumstances. A free DUI evaluation review works to find out how your DUI charges can get dropped immediately.

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