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When you hire an attorney to fight and defend your DUI case, you should always be aware what is being done, or sometimes what is not being done, to get the best results possible in dropping the charges you are facing. When your future is on the line, you simply cannot afford to work with an inexperienced lawyer.

You need to know the true extent of penalties that will happen if any attorney tells you you best option is to enter a guilty plea, such as mandatory attendance at DUI school, large fines and installing the Interlock, as well as increased insurance costs. This guide outlines everything you can do now to help avoid this possibility. A person will then also know if your lawyer is truly trying to win the case, or just pushing you to take a fast guilty plea while they have quickly taken your money instead.

Our free online self-help guide can be a beneficial step towards providing comprehensive defense strategies and tactics to use against the case presented by the prosecutor. Time is essential in this type of case, since there is too much at stake to fight your DUI case by not being informed while making potentially life-altering and expensive decisions regarding your future.

Download a free copy below, and learn about the most common police mistakes and procedural errors made during DUI arrests, that have resulted in getting charges dismissed in prior cases.

You’ll also know what to look for to ensure that whoever your counsel is that you do choose to hire, is putting in the full effort for fighting your case. You will also then be aware what the warning signs may be if they are not, so you or your loved one know exactly what to do to get the best defense possible to win a recent DUI case.

The strict new laws are aimed at punishing first-time DUI offenders unlike ever before. The courts set these new penalties in hopes the expensive costs and the Ignition Interlock Device requirement will help prevent a 2nd offense from ever happening. Drivers charged with driving under the influence need to do everything possible before their next court date, to avoid the serious consequences that will happen if convicted.

Choosing to hire a lawyer is always the best option for a strong defense. However it is far more beneficial for people to know in advance what their best defense options are and things an attorney should be doing for their case, before hiring a lawyer. This free self-help guide is designed for serving that exact purpose.

How to Beat a DUI Guide

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