Driver Passes the Blame to Sister for DUI Charge

DUI Offender Tries Using Sister’s Name

When drivers are pulled over for suspicion of Driving Under the Influence (DUI), many try to use any number of excuses to avoid being charged with the crime. Some drivers beg the arresting officer for a break, and others opt to hire an experienced DUI attorney to identify any flaws available in law enforcement’s and the prosecutor’s case against them. In some cases, drivers even go as far as to lie about who they are in order to avoid being charged – using this ruse may work for the short term, but it often does not pan out for the offender over the duration of his or her case.

A driver in the state of North Carolina stated that she had gone to her boyfriend’s house to visit when the situation became abusive. The driver grabbed her young children at 2:30 a.m. and left the house despite the fact that she had allegedly been drinking. Law enforcement pulled the driver over and determined that she was under the influence of alcohol – she was then arrested and taken to jail. The offender was driving on a suspended license and believed that giving a false identity would help protect her from the additional charge. To avoid the additional charge, she gave officers her sister’s name.

The offender’s sister was able to get the situation straightened out with law enforcement the following day, and when the case when to court two months later, the offender pleaded guilty to the DUI. Since the offender admitted her guilt to the DUI, the judge moved to dismiss the other charges against her, which included identity theft and driving with a suspended license. Considering the offender had two young children in the vehicle when she was pulled over for DUI, she was still sentenced to spend weekends in jail, be observed by social services, and remain on probation.

In other states, it would have been possible for the driver to face enhanced penalties due to having children in the vehicle with her. For example, California Vehicle Code outlines that drivers with passengers under the age of 14 in their vehicle can face an additional two to 90 days behind bars. Any driver who is facing DUI charges should always contact an experienced lawyer who deals with drinking and driving cases. These legal professionals can help explain offending drivers’ options and let them know of the possible outcomes for their DUI case.

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