When License and Registration Checks Are Illegal

License and Registration Checks Are Illegal

Anyone who has been pulled over for a traffic stop has experienced a police officer asking for his or her license and registration. While this seems like “business as usual” when it comes to traffic violations, Americans are growing more suspicious of the actions of police officers in recent years. This is due in many …

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How Social Media Plays a Role in DUI

Social Media DUI and how it affects a DUI case

Self-Incrimination on Social Media When it comes to using social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, it is probably not the best idea to post photos or videos of yourself committing crimes or performing suspicious behavior. Some social media users forget that what they post online can be seen by anyone and everyone including …

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DUI Case Tossed After Police Stop Suspect for Honking Horn

DUI For Honking Horn

Florida Case Dismissed After Law Enforcement Make Horn Honking Arrest Most Driving Under the Influence (DUI) cases in the state of Florida begin with a driver being pulled over for a traffic stop. When a law enforcement officer witnesses a driver commit a traffic violation, he or she performs a traffic stop – if during …

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