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If you have been arrested a driving under the influence (DUI) or operating a vehicle impaired (OVI) charge offense, you may feel embarrassed or ashamed and just want the charge to go away as quickly as possible. The truth is however, that a OVI arrest charge in Ohio can in many ways have more serious consequences than being convicted of other, more “serious” criminal offenses. By having the arrest examined online and free through us, experienced Columbus OVI Lawyers understand that even the most careful and law abiding people can sometimes find themselves in a bad situation. Once a person’s OVI arrest information can be reviewed through us, a skilled expert attorney from your area will use their extensive training and experience to resolve the cases in Columbus with the minimum impact possible on a person’s reputation, their finances, and their driver’s license.

OVI and DUI is a complex legal area. These arrests often involve high costs to fight the charges, and even more so if a person is convicted or plead guilty of the offense, and therefore can have the potential to be life changing for a person who has been arrested. If you are arrested for a OVI/DUI charge offense, it is important to have an experienced Columbus lawyer on your side to advocate for the best possible outcome, and fight to beat the Ohio OVI charges in court. Even with the new drunk and drugged driving laws in Ohio, whether it’s because of an arrest for driving under the influence alcohol or drug consumption, please realize that there still may be ways to win a case. Once your own unique arrest circumstances can be analyzed through us by a local Columbus OVI attorney, they can help to win your case, keep your driver’s license, and most importantly avoid a criminal record that would remain for life if convicted of a first-time offense.

How OVI lawyers in Columbus Ohio can help you keep your driver’s license

A driving under the influence arrest will cause your driver’s license to be suspended for six months, or one year if you refused to take a breath test when ordered by the police. The process for suspending a driver’s license in Ohio is separate from your criminal case. In fact, you could win the OVI criminal case and still have your driver’s license suspended by the DMV. Fortunately, there is a process for fighting a license suspension with the DMV, but you must request an administrative license hearing within ten days of the DUI arrest. A Columbus OVI lawyer can represent you at the hearing and fight to keep your driver’s license, but you must have your arrest details examined as soon as possible after your arrest, so that a qualified OVI/DUI attorney will have time to request the DMV review and adequately prepare your case. In some cases, lawyers may be able to have a person’s suspended driver’s license reinstated, if they were already previously convicted. The only way a person can know what can be done for helping their particular case, is by having their own arrest circumstances professionally reviewed by an experienced local attorney from where you will be going to court. Taking this necessary action can be done online free and easily, via the short contact form on the right of this page.

With each new year, OVI and DUI laws in Ohio become more severe and will also cost a person more financially. However at the same time, DUI lawyers in Columbus are always evolving and finding new ways to win these cases by challenging these new laws, trying new winning strategies, and finding new flaws in the evidence collected, which is based upon each person’s unique arrest circumstances. Contrary to the popular belief, it remains possible to win an operating a vehicle impaired case.

If you have been pulled over and arrested for an OVI/DUI offense charge in Columbus OH, there are a few things a person should remember. Regardless of the field sobriety results, Breathalyzer readings, or possible blood test results, It would be foolish to plead guilty until your case has been thoroughly reviewed by an experienced and local lawyer. Even cases that at first impression may seem hopeless, that can change quickly with the expert skills of a proficient Columbus DUI lawyer, who knows the law and how to analyze arrest details for potential errors or other issues.

Many OVI attorneys in Columbus are defense lawyers who practices OVI law exclusively. Local attorney specialists typically have fought a high number of operating a vehicle impaired cases over the years and have achieved successful outcomes, despite test results and other difficult evidence. A competent and skilled criminal lawyer is essential to ensure you have the best chance of success in fighting to win a case when dealing with the Columbus Ohio OVI court system. Once a person’s arrest information can be carefully examined, a Columbus legal counselor will strive to develop the best defense strategy which applies to your unique OVI case, and will help achieve the best result possible, and will explore all issues which could arise and try to work them in your favor in court.

What payment plans are available for OVI lawyers in Columbus?

Most OVI/DUI lawyers in Columbus OH will accommodate a client’ financial needs by offering flexible payment plans which a person can afford. Some people in need of the best representation possible, can be turned away by some general practice firms if they cannot pay a large retainer fee in advance. However most attorneys understand the high costs a OVI/DUI charge involves since it happens to people so unexpectedly, therefore they will work with you to come up with a payment plan that each person can afford, so everybody can get the best defense possible in which they deserve.

How a Columbus OVI/DUI Lawyer Can Help With Penalties

There are several factors that could raise the penalties of an OVI offense charge in Ohio, such as causing property damage, serious bodily injury, or death. If a person is charged with operating a vehicle impaired, it is essential that you hire an experienced Columbus OVI lawyer to help you fight to beat the charges. Some examples of circumstances which could increase penalties include, if a person has been convicted of an offense in the past, there were underage children in the vehicle, a person’s breath or blood alcohol level was drastically over the .08 BAC legal limit, or there was property damage, injuries, or death involved. Some common penalties for an OVI offense in Columbus which result from a conviction will include: probation, community service, OVI school classes, alcohol evaluation or treatment for substance abuse problems, and an ignition interlock device installed on any vehicle that person will drive. The majority of drunk or drugged driving penalties require you to pay additional fees and court costs. You can find out more about the exact Ignition Interlock device requirements and other consequences that apply to your situation, by contacting us f or your free arrest examination so that a local lawyer can evaluate any potential penalties you will be facing.

It is important to understand that after an OVI arrest in Ohio, drivers will have a limited number of days to request an administrative license review hearing to try and protect their current driver’s license status. The driver’s license suspension is entirely separate from the OVI criminal charges. The administrative penalty still can be enforced, no matter the outcome of the charges. By taking action fast by seeking the counsel of a skilled Columbus DUI attorney, it will be vital in protecting a person’s right to keep their driver’s license and driving privileges.

OVI/DUI lawyers in Columbus Ohio fight these charges for refusing to submit to a chemical test of your breath, blood or urine, as well as people who have taken and failed these sobriety tests. Expert local attorneys are experienced in fighting first offense OVI cases involving a breath test reading over the legal limit of 0.08 and even results much higher than the legal limit. People who are convicted of a drunk or drugged driving offense will likely also be to required to install an ignition interlock device. So the time to get the best help from an experienced attorney can be delayed, when trying to avoid these costly consequences otherwise. Expert lawyers represent drivers facing their first, second, third or more charge for these offenses. They will also fight operating a vehicle impaired offenses with property damage, and even the most serious felony charges for drinking and driving that may have caused serious injuries. No matter what kind of operating a vehicle impaired offense a person is facing, Columbus attorneys will fight the arrest charges for the best results possible.

How OVI attorneys in Columbus will protect your right to drive and your freedom

Without a qualified Columbus criminal defense lawyer to fight the charges against a person, a driver is likely to have the maximum penalties for Ohio OVI thrown at them. This can include possible jail time, driver’s license suspension, ignition interlock, high fines, and skyrocketing insurance rate costs. It is worth taking advantage of the free online analysis of your own arrest details by experienced OVI lawyers in Columbus through us, and from where you will be going to court at. These OVI/DUI attorneys reviewing your information of what took place, will know the tactics the prosecutors will use to try and convict a person for an operating a vehicle impaired offense. They also know how to find any mistakes or loopholes in the case against you, which could be used to your advantage and success in court. Local lawyers will thoroughly investigate an operating a vehicle impaired charge and all the facts leading up to the arrest. They will proceed next to question every aspect of the arrest report and the version of what the police said took place. Many people charged with an drugged or drunk driving offense, can be surprised at what is left out of a police arrest report, and what is actually written down may not always be accurate to say the least. A lawyer who is experienced in successfully fighting to drop cases, will know exactly how to question whether a OVI stop was lawful and whether the field sobriety tests were too subjective or biased. To summarize most accurately of how Columbus Ohio drunk driving lawyers win cases, it will always depend on coming down to each person’s specific OVI arrest situation, and next taking the necessary steps based on that information to seek every potential avenue for a case dismissal.


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