CDL DUI: What Happens & How to Win a Commercial Vehicle DUI (CDL) Case

How is Getting a DUI With a CDL License Different Than a Regular DUI Arrest Charge Offense?

Drivers of regular passenger vehicles undoubtedly face some very strong penalties if they are charged and convicted of a DUI or DWI offense, but near immediate local and far-reaching consequences that happen will differ for individuals with a CDL in August 2023.

How to Secure Your Future on the Road and Protect Your CDL License from DUI Suspensions

When you’re a current CDL holder, a recent DUI arrest will pose a severe threat to your livelihood, especially if it leads to the suspension of your commercial license. But with Board Certified CDL Lawyer help, you can protect your CDL license and your future, by submitting a free CDL license revocation removal request form today to immediately stop a potential suspension and enable you to continue driving for work purposes.

Our expert local Commercial Trucking DUI Defense Lawyers can also fight to dismiss a recent DUI offense charge and safeguard your CDL license in the long term. Trust the best CDL attorney offices near you to advocate for your rights and keep your commercial driving career on track

Fortunately, people with a standard license can be eligible for a temporary or restricted driver’s license that will allow them to keep their current job. Furthermore, regardless of whether a person has a regular license or a CDL, arrest-specific defenses to avoid a suspension always have the best chances of success to prevent license revocation when implemented early as possible after a DUI, DWI arrest happens.

However, it is important to understand a major difference when it comes to drivers who get a DUI charge with a CDL – that commercial drivers facing DUI charges will not be granted the luxury of a restricted license to keep their employment. For this primary reason, one of the best legal defenses to keep a CDL license after a DUI, DWI charge happens is knowing ways to challenge probable cause for a DUI stop early in a case based on specific arrest details.

In every commercial license case, the definitive CDL DUI suspension defense to get a license back and legally reinstated to drive a truck again, will always come down to fighting every aspect of the arrest information, police report, and officer paperwork. An expert commercial license attorney nearby pinpointing these technicality defenses within an arrest is often the best way how to get a CDL DUI dismissed before a long license suspension period takes effect.

It is also essential to realize that the consequences and penalties apply whether the CDL driver was arrested for DUI in a commercial vehicle, or in their own personal vehicle. Since of the seriousness of the extra amount of penalties that a driver with this license faces with a DUI-related charge, a skilled local lawyer takes special interest in defending CDL license holders in this type of court case. An online expert arrest review with FightDUICharges, will provide winning solutions how to beat a DUI charge with a commercial license based upon BAC test results and key details of what happened.

We are quite aware of how losing a CDL would affect a person’s daily life and overall livelihood. After a driver’s arrest details can be carefully reviewed online with us to properly counteract against BAC results or other evidence, we can then help with specific answers of how to fight any driver’s license revocations, which includes commercial drivers’ license suspensions. Additionally, this can also assist in possibly reinstating driving privileges.

If you are a CDL driver and were charged with any type of DUI, DWI, or OWI offense, then it is crucial that a person has an experienced lawyer who is skilled in how to fight and beat the charges in these type of cases. The stakes are too high for any person to try and dispute a DUI involving a commercial driver’s license on their own, or take unnecessary risk with their career by hiring a lawyer who is inexperienced handling these misdemeanor or felony charges involving a CDL.

Review defenses how to get out of a DUI, DWI with a CDL August 2023. How do I get my CDL back after a DUI in personal vehicle? Immediately after a DUI, DWI arrest, a defendant should get paperwork from police regarding an order of license suspension that will take place at a CDL hearing with the local DMV. In most cases, the DUI CDL license hearing at the DMV will be scheduled 10 to 30 days from the date of arrest. However, this short window of time also provides the best chances of avoiding a CDL suspension altogether when an arrest review can identify legal technicalities, police paperwork mistakes, or related procedural errors before the DUI DMV hearing takes place.

If you currently have a charge pending, the local DUI laws in every state require a commercial license driver to notify their employer within 30 days of state or local traffic violations. This is even if the offense occurred while driving a noncommercial vehicle and even if the incident happened outside the state you live in.

From the employers side, they are subject to strict legal restrictions on employment of CDL drivers with certain violations, therefore an employer may be required to suspend or terminate a person’s job. Additionally, CDL operators who apply for a new job in the future, must provide details to potential employers of crimes and serious traffic violations such as DUI, that took place within the past 10 years.

Once an individual’s DUI-related incident can be thoroughly examined online through us, a top-rated local DUI attorney who is knowledgeable in these cases involving CDL drivers, will take a serious approach to establish a strong defense for those who drive trucks for their career. We understand all too well of the impact that a conviction or guilty plea will have on a person’s ability to work and resulting consequences on their life.

Once your details are submitted to us free and easily online, we will carefully review the actions of the arresting police officers to verify that proper procedures were followed, and if there was probable cause for the stop in the first place. A DUI/DWI lawyer can then also locate and question any potential witnesses if needed, so that they can establish the strongest case for a winning defense that works.

What Will Happen For a Second DUI Offense Charge if I Have a CDL?

If a driver is convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, a person will not be able to obtain a occupational driver license for a CDL. Even in a rare circumstance when a driver is able to get their license restored after a DUI-related conviction, it would be nearly impossible to buy affordable insurance for a commercial vehicle. This is because people with a CDL are held to a higher standard when charged with a DUI or DWI offense in every state.

If the vehicle operator has a CDL and is arrested while operating a commercial vehicle, they are subject to the same penalties if the tests show an alcohol concentration of .04 BAC or more. For a second DUI offense, a person will lose a CDL for life. However in some cases, a person could possibly apply for the license to be reinstated after a minimum of 10 years has passed.

It is also important to note that out of state DUI convictions can also trigger a CDL license to be revoked. If a driver is convicted of a drinking or drugged driving arrest in another state, that state will report the conviction to the state in which the vehicle operator currently lives.

Also, when a person has a commercial license and was not driving a commercial vehicle in another state, based on strict new laws nationwide, the state in which a driver resides will suspend the CDL for a year, and for life if a convicted of any type of second DUI offense.

How Can a DUI Lawyer Help Me Keep My CDL License?

A DUI charge is serious enough to deal with for every driver on the road. But for a driver with a CDL, the current regulations can be far more severe with even less leniency given for how quickly a DUI arrest will affect a CDL under 2023 DUI, DWI laws in every state and local jurisdiction.

Even if a commercial driver has only one alcoholic drink, they can be questioned under the law for a DUI violation. A blood-alcohol concentration of 0.04% of higher is enough to arrest and charge a CDL driver for driving under the influence, as compared to .08 BAC for an average driver without a commercial driver’s license.

If you have been recently been suspended from driving a vehicle that requires a CDL, please take advantage of having your arrest circumstances professionally reviewed online through us, and let us assist you with answers and solutions for help. CDL operators who have been suspended because of these charges, will need the expertise of from a case winning local DUI lawyer who knows how to fight CDL DUI charges effectively. As with all types of DUI-related cases, time is of the essence to take action to prevent the negative impact a person’s life and severe limitations of career opportunities in the future.

When a person chooses to challenge a CDL license suspension because of a DUI of alcohol or drugs offense, they will need to request an administrative license hearing within a limited number of days after a driving under the influence arrest. Even when an operator’s CDL was already suspended, a nearby specialist DUI lawyer can strive to get a person’s commercial license reinstated whenever possible.

Once a person’s own unique DUI charge circumstances of what took place can be assessed online, our top local lawyers for CDL holders can focus on finding the best possible outcome for a CDL DUI to get dropped to lesser offense or dismissed in court for a commercial driver who’s livelihood is at stake.

We understand that truck drivers depend on their CDL, and we are here to get you the best DUI help and personal attention that you deserve to win and get out of the charges quickly as possible.

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  1. My wife just got OWI in Ottawa IA last I just got her out of jail this afternoon. We live in Texas but she has a Iowa license. Took a breath test and fail it of course. What can we do to get the CDL stopped from getting suspended?

  2. I have been convicted of a DUI 1st offense in my personal vehicle and have my license suspended for 6 months…how can I get my cdl back?

  3. I got charged with a oui in Connecticut and the DMV suspended my license for a year for refusal of urine and breathalyzer. I recently got the case dismissed and got out of all charges, with the oui dismissed as well. But now my license is ready to be reinstated after a year of suspension. Will I have any trouble getting my license back even though i got everything dismissed?

  4. in 2015 i got pulled over in a roadside check i had had a couple of beers that day in wicth i had never done in a rig before i was at a .08 i got a dui wicth i understood but the lawyer i hired out of olatha ks.and paid 5000 dollars to had made a deal for a 1 year suspention of my cdl and a fine classes and 5 days in jail i had a lic.from a differnt state at that point leaglly uptained and kansas cam back after the fact and after i won the adminastrative hearing fabercated a bunch of bogas stuff on my driveing get the result that they wanted wicth was alifetime supention i hired anouther lawyer he looked into everything including the misrepertaion from the frist lawyer and he said i could sue him for malpratice but anyway he had also talked to the legestrator that wrote the law and said kansas wasent following the guidelines or interperting the law the way it was ment or written he the said because of all the stunts kansas had pulled basicly lyeing to get thier final result and the deal being made from the orignal court if taken before eathier the governer or the suprime court of kansas the lifetime suspention could be beat with the right lawyer of corse i guess thats my qustion and my dad said if a lawyer could tell him he could get my cdl back he would and trust me could pay him in full because he beleaves as well as outhers i was railroaded by the state of kansas i relize i had 2 dui in kansas before i had my cdl 20 years prior but thats not how they went about it and thats how after the fact they got it done as if they were on a mission texas says i can have my cdl back if kansas will clear the supention from the regestry anyway theres a lot of underhanded things that kansas done and i can prove it and its not the frist time they have tryed back in 07 they tried but the state of fl. siad they were crazy ive lost everything my wife my home im homeless on the street because of it so as i said the right lawyer could beat it if they wanted to take it on and my father will pay for it


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