How to Beat a Controlled Substance Prescription Drugs DUI-D Offense

DUI Prescription Drugs Defense 2021 - How to Beat A Drug Or Controlled Substance DUI
There are legal techniques how to beat driving while taking prescription drugs DUI or DWI charges. Individuals that were prescribed or legally allowed to use a drug that caused their impairment, still may have a DUI prescription drugs defense to dismiss the charges. Affordable, and even free pro bono DUI-D lawyers around you who fight to reduce charges or get a case dismissed are also available for defendants in tough financial circumstances.

A person arrested for a controlled substance DUI or DUID charge, must understand what to do in ways how to beat a controlled substance DUI case just the same as if it were for alcohol. DUI offenses to most people bring to mind only alcohol, and when most people think about driving under the influence (DUI), they only consider alcohol as the contributing factor.

The fact is that many people charged with a DUI in July 2021 are really being charged with a controlled substance DUI-D of a prescription drug, and much of the same winning legal defenses that work to fight and dismiss charges will apply. This is especially the case when an arrest review finds that police did not have probable cause to stop a driver to begin with.

Many drivers make an honest mistake and get arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) while taking their legal prescription drugs. Most people unknowingly take prescription drugs or OTC medication, and don’t know a DUI charge and conviction can happen just as easily as for an alcohol or Marijuana DUI. Furthermore, in most first offense cases after any DUI or DWI even with prescription medicine, a driver can expect to have an ignition interlock device installed after a first DUI for six months or a mandatory license suspension will happen instead.

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While alcohol is the most common of DUI-related arrests, that is generally because of its relative ease in proving to a court. However, controlled substance charges are often difficult to prove, therefore presenting a challenge for prosecutors. It is important to note under new DUI and DWI laws, most convicted first-time offenders will still have to pay the ignition interlock cost and install the device on any vehicle they drive.

An expert DUI/drug offense attorney works to help your acquittal on how to fight a controlled substance charge, using the inherent difficulties in proving a prescription drugs DUI to your advantage. More simply put, your lawyer can use the prosecution’s case against them. Contacting us to have your own arrest information reviewed online for free advice, will also provide you more helpful information of what to do with showing the best defenses for how to get out of a drug/medication DUI-D case in court.

How Difficult is it proving a controlled substance or Prescription Drug DUI-D?

A driving while high on pot or other drug charges are not easy cases in court for many prosecutors. A seasoned DUI attorney consistently and successfully has demonstrated that without the presence of alcohol, the state has a much more difficult time making a credible case for driving under the influence. This is because it is very difficult for them to prove that Marijuana (or whatever drug you are charged with being under the influence of) actually caused the or any impairment. While the legal alcohol limit provides an easy-to-use measuring system or matrix for DUI enforcement, drug DUI arrests are generally much more subjective as opposed to the more “objective” alcohol DUI cases.

Because of this, your DUI lawyer shows how to successfully argue that a wide range of different causes were at play combining to form the root of the impairment. This could and may include sickness, mental health problems, drowsiness, depression and any number of other natural and commonplace causes. The idea in any DUI court case is to create a crucial element of reasonable doubt in the minds of the jury members, and these cases usually provide ready defenses in achieving that goal.

After reviewing your arrest details, the skilled, competent, and seasoned DUI specialist attorneys are familiar with the various intricacies of controlled substance law and they know which defenses work best for each unique scenario. Using the free examination of your arrest we provide as a resource, can also prove to be of valuable assistance in combination with your legal counsel.

It is important for every driver on the road to know how using legal drugs or prescription medicine can result in DUI or DWI charges, along with all the costs & penalties that will come with a conviction of the offense.

The majority of Driving Under the Influence (DUI) or Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) charges stem from offenders using alcohol or illegal drugs before or while they are behind the wheel. Believe it or not, the use of prescription drugs or over-the-counter medications can also lead to a DUI or DWI charge. Consider this: a woman takes an antidepressant and allergy medication before going to bed, which both cause drowsiness; when she wakes up, she has a headache and takes her prescription, which also causes drowsiness; she begins her commute to work, missing a changing red light, and runs the light.

A police officer turns on his lights and pulls the woman over. She apologizes for the mistake and lets the officer know she has taken medication. Immediately, the woman has admitted to driving under the influence of a drug, which is grounds for being charged with DUI or DWI depending on the state. There are some typical elements that can constitute a DUI charge:

  1. The individual operated a vehicle – i.e. he or she controlled the vehicle while it was in motion.
  2. While the individual operated a vehicle, he or she was intoxicated or under the influence – i.e. his or her ability to operate the vehicle safely was impaired to a considerable degree by either a drug, alcohol, or a combination of both.

While the language above is common in DUI and DWI laws in all 50 states, there is not one state who only punishes drivers under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs. Someone who is impaired and driving due to the use of legal, over-the-counter or prescription drugs can also be convicted of these types of crimes and are also subject to the fines and penalties that other DUI offenders would also be subject to.

Some states, like Massachusetts, also outline the possible drugs that can cause impairment in drivers in those states’ drinking and driving laws. These drugs can include, but are not limited to, depressants, narcotic drugs, or stimulant substances. Other states, like California, specifically note that just because individuals were prescribed or legally allowed to use a drug that caused their impairment does not mean they can use that as a defense in their DUI case.

Even a first-time offense DUI drug arrest will have a serious and lasting effect on a person’s life. Just like a conviction for driving under the influence of alcohol, Marijuana, or illegal drugs, a conviction for a DUI or DWI with drugs will end in a driver’s license getting automatically suspended for a minimum of 6 months to 2 year on average.

In most states under what the strict new laws are, a person will also be required to have to get an Ignition Interlock device installed on any vehicle they will drive – even another car used for work. In cases when a license is suspended entirely, being without transportation can affect a person’s ability to hold a job while the conviction on a permanent criminal record will also make getting a new job much more difficult in the future. When a driver is a licensed professional, a DUI charge conviction can jeopardize being able to keep a professional license in that career field. These consequences are also all in addition to the standard fines and the possible jail time that will be required with the conviction or guilty plea to the drug DUI offense itself.

Local expert DUI-D lawyers who examine arrest details online with us for drivers who are charged with drug possession or driving under the influence of a controlled substance, are well-equipped in the nature of how prescription drugs can affect people, from Marijuana to cocaine and heroin, and legal prescription drugs such as Ambien or Vicodin. This knowledge can allow us to find mistakes made during the arrest by police who were wrong about their assumption about a driver’s sobriety, or falsely charge someone with a DUI because of a drug they were not fully aware of for how it works or will affect a person while driving.

DUI by drug cases, as with all types of driving under the influence offense cases, are complicated due to the science and technical nature of the charges. Being successful at how to beat or get out of a drug DUI or DWI offense will often depend on the lawyer’s knowledge of the current law and the substance or medication involved, along with knowing how to use the new laws to the specific facts about each person’s unique arrest details. This is why it is crucial to not lose valuable time after an arrest for driving under the influence of drugs, and to get the proper DUI legal help online with us as soon as possible to establish the best defense and fight the charges for a dismissal.

How Can A Free Review Of My Arrest Details Help?

Once your arrest details are reviewed, probably the most important roles your DUI attorney will play is next focusing of the working toward the exclusion of certain pieces of evidence. Whether talking about a test, exploring ways how to fight urine test results or a blood test, there are proven methods available and used by skilled lawyers to have all kinds of evidence excluded from trial.

Since there is often little more than those tests for the state to base its case on, the exclusion of the potential evidence from those tests is essential in your fight against the charges. After knowing the specifics of your arrest from reviewing your details, your DUI lawyer may be able to utilize legal tactics proving the inadmissibility of all or certain pieces of evidence, based upon faulty testing methods and other grounds if applicable based on your details.

When learning what to do in how to beat a drug or controlled substance DUI charge, the proven information learned after your arrest details are reviewed is an absolute necessity. Using a lawyer who exclusively specializes their practice in the DUI field along with getting your arrest details examined as soon as possible, will help your chances of success to dismiss your charges in court.

The prosecutors are well-equipped with money and time to spend trying your case against you, and therefore you should also be utilizing all of the best resources available to help clear the pending controlled substance DUI-related case against you. You can get started today by getting your arrest circumstances analyzed free through our website, and get the answers you need promptly for the best DUI prescription drugs defense to win.

We will let you know today exactly how to fight DUI charge for prescription drugs, and use your best DUI prescription drugs defense to dismiss charges.

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6 thoughts on “How to Beat a Controlled Substance Prescription Drugs DUI-D Offense”

  1. I was driving on my way home with my 3 yr old when he asked me for the 100th time for his tablet that had fallen in the back seat at his feet. I bent dwn to get it (stupid decision) and when I looked up I was heading across the lane in the direction of the woods. I was told never to break too quickly or u can do more harm than good. So I let the car kind of lead me and before I knew it we went through the fence into the woods and came to a stop at a tree. My son was fine, thank God! Me on the other hand had a fractured vertebrae and concossion.

    The medcu came and the cop came to bring me my son who was still in his car seat. He asked what was up with all the medication on my front seat. I told him I had just come from the pharmacy and that I was on Suboxone which is for chemical dependency, Aderall for ADD and Gabapentine which was used because of nerve damage and as a mood stabilizer.

    At the hospital they left my son on my bed with me, not helping me at all w him, more concerned about my medication. I told him I would gladly take a blood test, that I had been on the same medication for the last 10+yrs. I left the hospital and didn’t hear about it again for 6 months. When I was stopped for a head light out and was told I had a warrant for my arrest for risk of injury to a child (felony) oui w child and operating mv under influ alc/drugs. I thought they made a mistake. I explained I had a prescription for all substances found in my blood. He said it doesn’t matter. Even when they were all accounted for when counted by police and the right amount in my blood.

    I’ve been going to court w public defender for almost 2yrs(because of Covid) and truest thought it would be dismissed. Instead they offered me to take some program but still have dui and probation, possibly jail. This makes no sense. I never lost my license, DCF was nvr called, I was told I could drive, I actually was told when arrested after 6 months to not drive for the first 24hrs after I was booked! Like what? None of this makes sense. If I was under the influence that day than I’d be under the influence yesterday, today and tomorrow! How can this be legal?

    It’s like I’m not allowed to get into an accident because I’m on medication. It was an accident, that’s all, a stupid accident, now it’s ruining my life!

  2. First DUID or DWI or any type of this kind of traffic offense. St Francois county

    I had ran into a ditch and the incline was enough to where I felt the need to call a tow truck. Three officer units arrive, I told them I had it handled, I am not the greatest driver, and I thought the road was there when it simply wasn’t. My bad. Obviously, I was fine enough to have called a tow truck and was in the right frame of mind to know what to do immediately after i was in the ditch. I was in the ditch for about 30 minutes waiting on the tow, outside of the vehicle. A guy stopped to help me when he first saw the accident. He pulled me out of the car, well before the cops got there, and then took off real fast when the cops got there. He told the cops he had to go to work and he was gone. They then started looking around my car. My husband had just overdosed on drugs and I had put most of his belongings in my car in order to transport them to a storage area. They found drugs in the car, of course. However, it turned into an investigation, i.e. the police officer started doing field sobriety tests on me BEFORE THEY STARTED SEARCHING THE CAR, and I was obviously not drunk or under the influence of anything. I did not even know i was being arrested. I told them the stuff wasn’t mine, and I wasn’t under the influence of anything that could impair my driving. So I was walking back to get t my car and the officer stopped me. I was extremely confused by this.
    I was arrested for DUID meth. I asked why? He said because I seemed nervous and hyper, I said “I have ADHD.. i told you.”

    I take desoxyn and vyvanse from samples from my doc for my well-known adhd issue since i was like 5 years old. I had been up for awhile, and depressed and with the ADHD acting crazy .. it was all due to my husband dying the week before. I was not in my car when they arrived, nor did i go in or near my car while they were there. I was not even asked if it was my car point blank. I made it clear that i did not want to do sobriety testing because 1. I have a severe astigmatism in my let eye. My eye doctor told me I had nystagmus. He did not listen and performed the test or about 5 minutes. Then he wanted me to walk the heel to toe thing, starting with the left foot of course. I have no balance.. I am the clumsiest person I know with a bad center of gravity and scoliosis and possibly a fractured back from an incident that occurred on April 16th with my husband.

    Then as we were leaving, he told me i must take the blood test or i will lose my license right there for one year. I said “I agree, but not consent.” Took the blood, did the book and release. He actually agreed that I did not seem like I was under the influence at the hospital and again when i asked him if i seemed influenced by drugs or alcohol at the police station.

    Also, before we let the scene, he said “Okay.. so I am doing you a favor here… I am not going to impound your car so it will be there for you when we are done in about 30-45 mins.” I thanked him profusely because really that is nice..but what the what? He is saying i am DUID, yet he thinks it’s okay for me to drive home?

    So, did they even have probable cause to stop? Did they have a right to look at m car even with plain view doctrine, just because i was in a ditch? The tow was already on it’s way. Did he need a warrant for the blood test? Did he need to see me in my car actually with the car moving at any time? Why would he not impound the car i he really thought I was messed up on drugs? So many questions and I need help please. Thank you!

    • Same thing happened with me but I was parked and they woke me up I wasn’t high they took my blood and didn’t tow my car? I was innocent and don’t know what to do

  3. My 43 year daughter had a 3 inch plate put in her neck and has been taking muscle relaxers as prescribed. She is in extreme pain and obviously mistook her pills on top of taking an ambien to sleep. she remembers nothing not even leaving the house just waking up in a cell and a little scrape in her fender. It just so happens the police were behind her when she hit the person in front of her. No one hurt and really no damage. She works 60 hours a week and has no record it was only a pill mixup. She blew a 0.00 they took her for blood. what is her best way to go

  4. Hi, I was recently arrested for dui controlled substance. Stopped for not using blinker I was then put thru the the field Sobriety test, was told I failed. Two cops then brought out a breathelizer and I overheard them saying “it must be faulty” I ended up blowing 3 times two of the times the device read error, I was told it was because of the cigarette I had smoked and to take another. This time the device read 0.08 and the cops began to question me about how much I had to drink. I told them 3 beers eairlier that day and that I would like to retest using a non faulty device at that time a third officer offered his. The two cops refused and said it wasn’t needed. Placed me under arrest and took a 10 minute drive to the detention center, there I took another B.a.c. And blew 0.00. I was charged and on dui controlled substance. I live in Wyoming is this legal standard procedure?

    • Ron, what evidence do they have against you for the controlled substance? Did you admit to taking any drugs? If not then an attorney should be able to get the charges dropped based on the faulty breathalyzer. If you completely failed the field sobriety then you will have to plea bargain.


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