What to do for a Property Damage DUI Case

Most people are aware that driving while under the influence (DUI) can carry with it some very severe penalties by itself. What many people do not understand, is that when a DUI charge also includes property damage or personal injuries, the penalties can be doubled, even for first-time offenders. If your DUI included any type of property damage, even if it was limited to just your own vehicle, then it’s very important to contact us for a free DUI evaluation of your details right away to use for a helpful action to take on what to do that may be used to help your case.

The current statistics show as many as forty-percent of car crashes that involve a fatality are alcohol related. Also, several accidents or crashes that produce personal injury are later proven to be the result of DUI. As a result of these numbers, high-profile accident cases, and heavy lobbying from anti-DUI groups, the 2021 penalties are severe across the country for DUI offenders that include property damage or injury.

A first offense DUI that involves property damage can easily lead to a year in jail and a $2,000 fine instead of six months and $500 – $1,000 fine for the more typical first-time offenders. If your situation involves any damage to any property or injuries, then you need the help of a skilled DUI attorney and what a free evaluation of your arrest provides immediately.

Property damage during a DUI

After reviewing your arrest details, a DUI lawyer can establish several defenses and you can present them in court to help possibly save you from the extreme negativity of the harsh consequences associated with this form of DUI. For instance, you can challenge evidence taken in violation of crash report privilege. Drivers are allowed to report certain things during accident investigation and they are granted immunity in these situations.

Naturally, police and the law in general urge you to speak to the arresting officer and cooperate with an investigation. But when it is you whom are being investigated or arrested, it is usually best to be quiet and give only your drivers license and vehicle information, then to request a lawyer and remain non-speaking until your lawyer arrives. The less you incriminate yourself, the less-hard it will be to successfully defend you.

One of the things the prosecution will be forced to prove in court is that you were actually behind the wheel. Unless there are some witnesses, it becomes more difficult for the state to actually prove that you were driving. A skilled DUI attorney fully understands that roadside agility tests taken just after an accident can usually be excluded from evidence in most instances, and will be able to assist you once he knows the specifics of your details by taking advantage of a free evaluation through our site. Since you were likely still shaken up from the accident itself, your results may not be indicative of intoxication. The same is true for breath test results, especially after an airbag deployment, as experts have repeatedly established the inconsistency of these results.

There are many ways outlining what to do in fighting against both the DUI and the enhanced penalties brought with a DUI property damage case. An attorney after reviewing your arrest details, will give you the best information of legal defenses on your side. Choose an experienced DUI attorney to handle your case, and let our online free arrest evaluation and information it provides, help you today.

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