How To Beat A Urine Test DUI Case

When drivers are arrested for driving under the influence (DUI), they are subject to potentially invasive procedures and requirements for DUI testing. For instance, during and after a DUI arrest, you may be required to submit to a DUI urine test. Some state laws require drivers in that state to operate under what is known as “implied consent.” This means that any and all drivers who are stopped or “pulled-over” on suspicion of DUI must submit to either a breath, blood, or urine test if and as requested by the arresting officer. If you were asked or required to take a DUI urine test, a skilled DUI attorney after reviewing your arrest details online free through our site, can help you with information making sure that you precisely know what to do with the best possibilities how to beat a urine test DUI case, that may defeat this type of evidence collected if anything during the procedure was done improperly.

Your refusal to take such tests may also cause an instantly problematic situation.The problem of course, is that refusing such a test exposes drivers to the strict penalties associated with failure to comply with the police officer’s requests, and often there are mandatory penalties that only a skilled attorney can help fight to protect you and possibly avoid the consequences. This also creates a difficult situation in which drivers feel that they need to obey while knowing that doing so may well subject themselves to a test that has proven to yield often less than accurate results. If you have been charged with a DUI by urine test results, have your arrest details examined online through us soon as you can do so, to discuss your options to beat a DUI urine test case, before your available options run out.

What Is The Purpose Of A DUI Urine Test?

If you submit to a breath test which produces a reading of .08 or less, police officers sometimes request the urine test. If a police officer has ruled out alcohol by itself due to the breath test, but still believes that you are under the influence, they may automatically suspect the influence of drugs, and therefore they use urine tests to find traces of those alleged drugs. The urine test results may find traces of simple street narcotics like marijuana, more serious drugs like cocaine and non-prescription drugs. They can even use prescription medications against you in court. Having your arrest details examined as soon as possible through us could help to show you how to beat urine test DUI charges, if you are facing this type of DUI case. This free information when used in conjunction with your legal counsel, will be the most beneficial in it’s effectiveness.

The Problem With DUI Urine Tests And Reliability

The question is why do you need to contact and attorney or have your arrest details examined when you’ve submitted to a urine test? The answer to that question is the heart of the issue: it has everything to do with validity and reliability. Though often employed by police officers, these tests have shown to be unsuccessful in pinpointing the exact time a drug was used or an alcohol beverage consumed. For example, you could be found guilty on the basis of a certain cough syrup ingested many hours before that falsely skewed the readings. First having your arrest examined through us, and then having your attorney there to help ensure that this evidence is thrown-out, thus may exclude it from the hearing and making sure that it never sees the courtroom if any flaws can be found with how this test was administered and then processed.

After your arrest details can be examined, an experienced DUI attorney can and will work for you by helping to show the best possibilities how to successfully beat urine test results well before any potential trial even begins if there were any mistakes made during your arrest. Through the use of your DUI attorney’s tactics and effective advocacy, you may be able to prove the unreliability of the DUI urine tests at your court date. When the state’s case hinges so heavily on these unreliable urine tests, they are often unable to continue when that evidence is excluded, resulting in acquittal or a withdrawal of charges, or at least a dramatically reasonable plea to a lower charge and fines.

Fighting a wrongful DUI requires the best possible defenses, and knowing what to do in beating a DUI urine test can mean the difference between a conviction and a dismissal. In a DUI case there is no time to waste, and we can help you get started with learning what to do with direct answers about your arrest today.

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