Marijuana DUI Laws August 2023 – Best Ways How to Fight & Get Out of Driving While High Marijuana DUI Charges

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Marijuana DUI Laws August 2023 – Best Ways How to Fight & Get Out of Driving While High Marijuana DUI Charges

Even as scientists still seek a reliable DUI test for Marijuana and the national debate over Marijuana laws for full legalization continues, every state takes the use of both legal and illegal drugs very seriously with DUI, DWI charges.

This includes people who smoke weed then drive and even possessing a small amount of drugs, whether it’s legal or not – such as Marijuana can get a person arrested and a criminal record, which will then be searchable by anyone.

Therefore if a person is arrested and charged for driving under the influence, DUI, DWI when Marijuana is involved, it is essential that a driver gets the proper help for what to do with the best ways how to fight and beat a Marijuana DUI arrest case.

An arrest review will identify the proper way how to get a DUI dismissed for Cannabis, based on a driver’s own charge circumstances with local 2023 Marijuana DUI defenses that work to get THC related driving while high charges dropped.

Important: The most common and effective strategy for challenging a marijuana DUI is to question the accuracy of the THC testing used in your case. There are several ways that THC testing can be flawed and may not accurately reflect the level of impairment at the time of the arrest. For example:

  • The testing methods used may not be reliable or have a high rate of false positives. For example, some field sobriety tests or breath tests have been found to detect THC in individuals who had not recently consumed marijuana.
  • The testing equipment may not have been properly calibrated or maintained, which can lead to inaccurate results.
  • The laboratory that conducted the testing may not be certified or may have a history of misconduct, which can call into question the credibility of the results.
  • The sample taken may have been contaminated or mishandled, which can also affect the accuracy of the test results.

A free arrest review can help you understand the specific laws and regulations in your location regarding marijuana DUIs, and provide you with the best potential winning legal defenses that may apply to your case, such as fighting the accuracy of the THC testing used in your case. With the help of an experienced marijuana DUI attorney and a thorough review of the evidence, you may be able to beat the charges and avoid a conviction.

This recent news report of unjust DUI arrests scenarios, also frequently takes place in every state of the country. A wrongful charge occurs when it is based upon a police officer’s false or mistaken observations of driving while high, or their predetermined bias of a driver operating a vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

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As recent news reports have also shown how police issue warnings about Marijuana DUI driving, this once again underscores how new laws have cracked down on all types of driving under the influence arrest charges, and not only those which are related to being intoxicated by alcohol. However, police still need to have valid cause to pull a driver over in the first place. If an arrest review finds police had no probable cause to pull someone over to begin with, it is one of the most effective legal defenses that works best to get out of a recent Marijuana DUI charge quickly.

How to Beat a Marijuana DUI Charge
Review the best DUI Marijuana defenses that work to get out of charges in court. Legal technicalities and police mistakes with the traffic stop or arrest procedure, are the most common methods how to beat a weed related DUI, DWI offense today.

In addition to the sentence by the court, a Marijuana conviction for drug possession or DUI can make things like finding a job much more difficult and can even limit a person’s ability to travel to certain countries with a Marijuana drug or DUI charge on their record.

However depending on the circumstances of your arrest, a lawyer can examine your details free online through us, and may be able to explain potential ways of calling into question the Marijuana arrest charge or the drug testing procedure. We then discuss your possible options that may provide ways of fighting to beat a Marijuana arrest charge, and get the charges dropped in court.

By filling out the short contact form on this page, a skilled attorney with Marijuana laws from your area where you will be going to court will carefully review your information of what happened when you were arrested. We can get in touch with you free with no obligation to help explain your best defense options for dismissing a Marijuana arrest charge or DUI case.

Even in some cases when a guilty plea or verdict for weed arrest charges may seem likely at first, after being able to examine your case details, we may be able to establish a defense that may increase the chances of beating the charges. You will have a particularly strong defense if they determine any of your rights may have been violated at any point during the arrest.

The new laws are set to force a driver to begin paying fees and lose their license at the first DMV hearing, very soon after getting arrested. Given how fast these consequences happen, it is imperative that you know information of case-specific legal technicalities how to combat a Cannabis-related DUI charge to get cleared by having your arrest details thoroughly reviewed online free through us.

This is why it is so crucial to get professional legal help as soon as possible after any pot charge, so all of your best defense options can be properly reviewed to help. We find any and all possibilities which may provide ways of how to get out of a driving while high Marijuana case.

What To Know About 2023 Marijuana Laws, Penalties, And DUI

Possession of Marijuana for a driving while high charge is a serious crime, and should not to be taken lightly. The fines, penalties, and jail sentences are directly related to the amount of marijuana you are arrested and charged with, and if a DUI, DWI charge is involved for driving under the influence.

These fines will vary in range depending on the amount you were caught with. Under the current law in every state, the license suspension and ignition interlock consequences for Marijuana DUI is also longer depending on the number of prior offenses. The Marijuana penalties are more severe if a person was suspected of selling it, and even more so if was at or near a school.

As previously mentioned in the news regarding the changing local 2023 Cannabis laws, scientists still seek a reliable DUI test for Marijuana. This is obviously very important to drivers arrested for this type of drug DUI charge, since fighting the THC test results is one of many crucial ways how this offense can be challenged and successfully get dropped in court.

Many people still believe Marijuana use can sometimes lead to the use of other illegal street drugs, prescription medication, and other controlled substances. Pot use is often common throughout schools, neighborhoods, parties, bars and on college campuses, and the severity of the charges can vary with each case.

If you have been arrested and charged with a Weed arrest that may possibly also involve a DUI or DWI charge, it is crucial that you consult with a lawyer from your area who is very well versed in Marijuana Laws by having your arrest details reviewed through us online as soon as possible.

How Your Life Changes And Is Affected After A Marijuana DUI/DWI Arrest Charge Conviction

A DUI or Marijuana arrest charge will puts your freedom, driving license, and your future in jeopardy. Attempting to fight or get out of a Marijuana arrest charge by yourself, whether it is a misdemeanor or felony, could prove to be a severe and costly mistake. With so much at stake, you must make every effort to ensure that your rights, driving privileges, and reputation will be protected throughout the entire Marijuana case court process. You can get started immediately online today through us free with no obligation, with the aid of a skilled and experienced Marijuana lawyer carefully examining you case details, which could provide your best chances for ways of how to fight to get out of a Marijuana arrest charge case.

Possession of small amounts of marijuana can result in fines or jail time. It also leaves a permanent mark on your criminal record. Although many people charged with a first-time Marijuana and/or DUI offense might assume they can pay a fine and the issue is over and done with, in fact the charges can come back to haunt you, particularly when you travel outside of the country, apply for jobs or pursue professional licensing.

Having your arrest details reviewed by local attorneys from your area who are skilled in state 2023 Marijuana DUI laws and fighting to beat the charges, can give you the best Marijuana defense available. They may also be able to offer helpful advice on what choices to make given your career goals and situation based on your own unique circumstances.

How Having Your Marijuana Arrest Charges Examined Online Can Help In Possible Ways Of How To Fight To Get Out Of And Beat A Marijuana DUI Arrest Case

If you have been arrested and charged with Marijuana or arrested for a DUI related offense, it is important that you contact us immediately by having the details of your Marijuana arrest examined to ensure that your rights and freedoms are protected. Not only is your freedom and livelihood on the line, but so is your social life and reputation if you are convicted of a Marijuana or DUI related charge, and then have a criminal record that can be searched and found by anyone online.

Do not automatically plead guilty without first speaking to a Marijuana defense lawyer by having your arrest details examined, as it may be the most important decision of your life and may provide solutions you are seeking that may show potential ways how to fight to get out of and beat a Marijuana arrest case.

After being able to carefully review your arrest and case details, an experienced Marijuana lawyer from your area that is up to date on all the current Marijuana laws can assist you in determining whether the police might have infringed any of your constitutional rights during the arrest process. These rights include freedom from unreasonable search and seizure, arbitrary detention or imprisonment and the right to legal counsel upon detention or arrest. If your rights possibly may have been infringed, certain evidence may be excluded in court.

What To Do For A Marijuana Arrest Case For Possible Ways How To Fight To Beat Marijuana Charges With A Free Online Arrest Examination Of Your Arrest Details

Recently getting arrested for possession or a DUI charge with illegal substances such as marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy, pain killers, or illegal prescription drugs will have serious penalties if you are convicted of the pending charges. Through our free website online, experienced Marijuana DUI defense lawyers from your area where you will be going to court, can examine the unique circumstances of your case if you have been charged or arrested for a Marijuana or DUI related offense. If there is any question about how the Marijuana was unlawfully obtained, this is an example of how a local Marijuana lawyer reviewing your case can help you in fighting your case.

When an illegal search has been performed by the police, Marijuana and other possible drug arrest evidence cannot be used against you if it can be proven in court. If you have been arrested for or accused of Marijuana possession or DUI/DWI, having your case professionally evaluated free online through us can get you started today in effectively fighting to beat Marijuana DUI charges, and build a strong defense against the prosecution’s case by examining the following:

• Was a probable cause justified?
• Were the terms of any search warrant executed properly?
• Was there sufficient probable cause to issue the search warrant?
• Was there probable or reasonable cause to allow for a traffic stop in the first place?
• Is the quality of the Marijuana or DUI evidence against you questionable?

In most states, the current Marijuana laws prohibit a person from being in possession of illegal substances under the Marijuana possession laws. The prosecution must be able to prove a person being charged with Marijuana possession or DUI/DWI with sufficient evidence. However, the fines, court-ordered treatment, and potential jail sentences are all penalties and consequences upon a guilty conviction relating to a Marijuana possession, or DUI/DWI charges.

If you have been charged with a 1st time Marijuana offense or DUI and are trying to keep your future clean of the severe penalties mentioned above, having your Marijuana arrest charges examined in enough time can help defend your case with focused experience of the best Marijuana lawyers from your area where you will be going to court at who are skilled with Marijuana laws and fighting the charges. They can then help with the best strategies of what to do of how to fight to beat the prosecution’s Marijuana case against you, and challenge the evidence collected.

If you have been arrested for a Marijuana offense or additional charges that may also involve a DUI/DWI, you could be dealt a sentence that will severely affect the rest of your life, employment, financial situation and family. Having your Marijuana charges examined online as soon as possible after an arrest can help protect your life from long-term consequences and social stigmas of a Marijuana conviction criminal record.

With the ongoing changing of each state’s 2023 Cannabis laws and police issue warnings about Marijuana DUI, experienced Marijuana attorneys nearby understand the stress and financial impact associated with being arrested and charged. An arrest review will identify what is involved fighting to beat or get out of these type of DUI charges. Skilled Marijuana lawyers understand that Marijuana arrest charges can ruin a person’s career and future opportunities, cause family turmoil, and bring embarrassment in the community and a person’s social life.

We understand how serious Marijuana laws are taken in each state, and that everything is at stake when a person is fighting to beat or get out of weed DUI criminal offense charges. For most people, even for a first-time offense, there can be no compromises in a finding all possible ways for what to do when so much is on the line for a person facing driving while high charges and a permanent criminal record.

Many people are confused as to how minor or serious a misdemeanor Marijuana arrest is. This is why to have your arrest details professionally gone over by top attorneys experienced in Cannabis laws free and online through us.

We will help in ensuring that you receive the best possible defense, exploring every option for all potential ways to get out of driving while high Marijuana DUI charge in: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming.

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10 thoughts on “Marijuana DUI Laws August 2023 – Best Ways How to Fight & Get Out of Driving While High Marijuana DUI Charges”

  1. My husband was on his way to court at 8am when he was pulled over for speeding, his car had a permanent smell of weed in it due to him smoking in the car all the time. Anyway, he gets arrested and taken to jail. They did a blood draw but before the test ever came back, they got him to plea guilty out of threats of being stuck in there for 3 months and he was worried about his job and place to live.

    The public pretender told him to take the plea so he did. After him jumping through all their hoops, DUI victims panel, drug and alcohol assessment, etc… the judge wouldn’t accept his assessment because it came back as nothing needed so anyways, in the end they sentenced him to 3 months home monitoring. When we went to go turn him in, they said it was supposed to have been the day before and they wouldn’t take him.

    He wasn’t even smoking weed that morning, plus he had a recent eye and ankle injury that would have hindered his ability to perform the “field sobriety test.” Plus his public pretender got changed like 4 times in the course of this, whomever advised him to take the plea is wrong and i think he had ineffective counsel. Well fast forward 3 years and he is on his way to work gets pulled over and is now sitting in jail, no bail. Is there anything I can do?

  2. So two people in a vehicle have their medical marijuana card…both driver and passenger. The police pulls the vehicle over and the officer states the smell the marijuana is present, even tho the passenger stated they used it and not the driver. The driver denied using it, yet the driver was asked to step out of the car anyway, then threatened by the officer to be taken to hospital for blood test or lose dl for a year and pay a 2000 license restoration fee.

    Regardless if the driver was a everyday user the levels are going to be high. So the police officer charged the driver with DUI…meanwhile the driver never used while operating a vehicle. How is this possible?

  3. We encountered an accident today. My husband was driving and we stopped at a stop sign and proceeded through the 4 way stop. As we did a truck came speeding through and we did all we could to avoid hitting it but unfortunately got the tail end.

    The officer did a field sobriety exam on my husband after the accident and he passed, but still took him in for suspicion of DUI due to the smell of weed in the car. My husband had not smoked for over 5 hrs prior. He smokes in the garage in the car so the house does not smell like smoke as we live in Arizona and it’s 110 degrees outside.

    The officers took him to the police station and told him he had to take a blood test or they would take his license. He gave the blood but this state has a zero tolerance policy. Since marijuana stays in your blood longer, how can we fight this?

  4. I need help – this was so unfair due to my drug history. I am a addict in recovery and this was a unfair and wrongful drug DUI charge.

    • hi michelle my name is Yeney , I m facing My first DUI for a case smelling pot after passing all the test they stole my blood was positive , I wasn’t stone that day and even after I refuse to them check my car and myself also my FIANCE AND 7 YEARS son were also in the car , I dont have money or job for a lawyer , I feel that is so unfair

  5. I was involved in a vehicle accident specifically rear ended a car at dusk . The car being green and dusty tail lights blended into the tree line and I didn’t see till last second. No one was injured. The State Trooper NC said he smelled marijuana. I had none on me and had been over 12 hours since I had smoked which I smoke concentrate wax and oil . I am a regular smoker and have been for over 30 plus years . The Trooper didn’t search my vehicle or my duffle bag or my mother’s car or her person as she came to give me a ride from the accident . The Trooper only gave me the HGN sight test which is primarily used for alcohol. No other test were given for marijuana impairment. And I have poor eyesight and don’t have depth perception like normally sighted people have . Proceeded to arrest me and took a blood sample my limit was 3 times Colorado’s limit.What line of defense do I have because it seems pretty unconstitutional to have my blood taken and was threatened if I didn’t I would be held down by 3 officers and it would be taken anyway.

  6. I was not driving at the time that I smoked but git a ticket anyway. I was by my car. Could I get a defense in California? I was not in possession of pot at the time of the arrest.

  7. My car was not operational and I smoked a small amount of pot after the vehicle was stopped. I received a ticket. Could there be a defence for this situation? In California?

    • Was pulled over from gym sober. Passed test twice and was told I was impaired. But had a shirt saying legalize it with cannabis leaf. So was profiled rite away. Had nothing on me. Don’t understand why I am charged with DUI


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