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Why Choose Us For Your Free DUI Review is a Free Online DUI Help Center founded on the belief that every person deserves to know what their real defense options are for chances of a case dismissal or reduced charges, and especially how much their case is supposed to cost before being stuck spending money on inflated legal fees making it higher than it truly should be.

Too many drivers either don't know their rights, if police mistakes were made, or if they are already paying too much for a lawyer until it's too late after the fact.

That is precisely what we prevent, by making sure every driver facing this situation is completely informed with all of their actual available options, they may not have ever known about otherwise.

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"Thank you for the guidance and advice on my DUI arrest! I was able to get all the charges dropped. The police testing equipment was not up to date with the proper callibration"

Shelly Borinski

"The lawyer you hooked me up with knew what he was doing. I was able to keep my license and the DUI was reduced to a reckless driving"

Markus Laveen