DUI For Women

It has been statistically proven that more women are being charged and arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) than ever before. Both the courts and prosecution would have us believe that this is true because of the increase in female drinking and driving, however there are a number of factors indicating that women are more likely than their male counter-parts to be falsely arrested for DUI. For this reason, DUI defense for women can be a bit more of a complicated field in which a wide range of different defenses are available. As a result of the differences in how female bodies have been clinically proven to handle alcohol as compared to men’s handling-ability, and other issues concerning the DUI testing itself, your lawyer and having your arrest details evaluated online by us as soon as possible, could assist with crucial legal information and potentially help women to avoid the consequences of a wrongful DUI conviction and learn possibilities how to beat a DUI case for women.

Female breath testing and unreliability

Expert testimony has consistently shown that when women are charged with a DUI, they are often put in a bad position by false results from the initial breathalyzer test. For a variety of reasons, the breath testing machine does not calculate female alcohol levels as accurately as it does for men. A rare but good example of this was recently featured on many news outlets, about a woman who claims her own body brews alcohol, and has the charges dismissed when this strange reason for her high BAC level was proven by her lawyer to be true. One reason has to do with the bio-chemical and hormonal differences between the male and female physiological makeup. Another is that women metabolize and absorb alcohol differently than men.

Having your arrest evaluated by us today online, could assist with the information of how to beat a DUI arrest for women. Also, the breath tests are highly sensitive to changes in body temperature, and women are more likely to have sudden bodily changes because of hormonal differences. With our free online assistance of  reviewing your arrest details for possible flaws and with the guidance of your DUI attorney, it will help you defend your rights and to fight a DUI case successfully by exposing these factors effectively to the court, and strive for the best result in getting your case dismissed quickly.

Females and roadside testing agility

All suspected DUI offenders can be potentially subject to roadside sobriety techniques if they choose to take these tests, and when women are often intimidated into participating in roadside sobriety testing, this puts them at an immediate disadvantage. As is accepted by most medical professionals, women react differently to stress than men do, and many have a rightful fear of getting out of their vehicles at the request of anyone, including a police officer in the process of performing their lawful duties. This heightened stress can cause a personality-slip, and thus a dip in performance in roadside tests, and your attorney along with using our free online arrest evaluation can potentially help to show how to suppress this evidence.

What happens if a woman is asked to take one of these tests in shoes that are poor for roadside agility? This is yet another factor that after having your particular case details evaluated, could show information that could be argued in your favor. Women are often being forced to perform these tests in uncomfortable footwear or even in bare feet which can make passing any of the roadside tests extremely difficult in any circumstance. It is imperative to your future that you know all the best options available on how to beat a DUI arrest case for a woman facing these charges.

Women are being unnecessarily targeted, and the nature on the increasing severity in DUI laws can open the door to many wrongful female DUI charges and convictions. If you are a woman that has been charged with DUI, then you need to protect yourself against wrongful prosecution. A skilled DUI attorney and first taking advantage of out free online evaluation of your arrest, can be your ally against the system’s flaws, and provide you the help you need in showing possibilities how to beat a DUI case for women, and potentially dismiss your case entirely.

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  1. I was pulled over Oct 6 for a tail light out. Police said he sensed he smell alcohol on me. Gave me road side test which I failed in bare feet. Extremely nervous and having anxiety attack couldn’t focus or concentrate. I never omitted to having a drink and declined breath and blood. Charged with dui what can I do?

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