How to Fight Getting an Ignition Interlock Device in Your Car

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What is an Ignition Interlock Device?

Ignition Interlock Device for a DUI

Avoiding the Ignition Interlock for a DUI offense will rely upon a driver's own arrest details.

A DUI Ignition Interlock device or commonly called an IID, is a device installed in a vehicle that detects alcohol on your breath and will not start the car if alcohol is present. The interlock equipment is located inside the vehicle, near the driver’s seat, and is directly connected to the engine’s ignition system. It is often required after an individual is found to be guilty of a DUI or DWI charge, and now even in some states while fighting the case.

For many people it is now a mandatory condition of their driving privileges. Many would prefer to drive with this integrated car breath test device than to not drive at all. If you would like to find out if a Breathalyzer Interlock device can save your license, or already have one and want to disconnect it, we can get you answers promptly by simply filling out the short free arrest review form on this page. After reviewing your details, we can answer your concerns directly and explore potential options in your case that could result in avoiding the need to have the Ignition Interlock Device installed in the first place.

16 Facts About How The Cost & Requirements Of An Ignition Interlock Works – And Ways To Avoid It:

Will I Need An Interlock For A 1st DUI Offense?

1. Will I Need An Interlock For A 1st DUI Offense?

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Mandatory Costs Of The Interlock Device

2. Mandatory Costs Of The Interlock Device

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Full Cost Of Interlock Fees Requirement

3. Full Cost Of Interlock Fees Requirement

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Possible Additional Costs For The Interlock

4. Possible Additional Costs For The Interlock

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How Much To Install An Ignition Interlock

5. How Much To Install An Ignition Interlock

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Help For How Much I Will Pay For Getting The Device

6. Help For How Much I Will Pay For Getting The Device

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How The Ignition Interlock Program Works

7. How The Ignition Interlock Program Works

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How The Device Itself Works

8. How The Device Itself Works

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Lowest Cost Ignition Interlock Device Near Me

9. Lowest Cost Ignition Interlock Device Near Me

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The 2017 Ignition Interlock Device Laws

10. The 2017 Ignition Interlock Device Laws

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Average 2017 Interlock Costs

11. Average 2017 Interlock Costs

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Interlock Test Intervals Of A Driver's Breath

12. Interlock Test Intervals Of A Driver’s Breath

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Benefits For Having An Ignition Interlock

13. Benefits For Having An Ignition Interlock

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What are the Ignition Interlock Device Reviews?

14. What are the Ignition Interlock Device Reviews?

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Who Is Permitted To Drive A Car With An IID?

15. Who Is Permitted To Drive A Car With An IID?

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How To Avoid The Ignition Interlock

16. How To Avoid The Ignition Interlock

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It is very important to realize from the beginning, there is only one sure way to prevent this expensive in-car Breathalyzer machine penalty from taking effect. That is by getting the right legal advice in enough time assessing the arrest events, so a unique defense strategy can be built on that specific arrest scenario, before valuable time is lost and the full interlock penalty is enforced. As you’re already aware, the DUI consequences start immediately after an arrest, and this is one of the worst ones to deal with having for all drivers both in it’s high costs, and how it will negatively affect their daily life and work situation.

If you are facing the unpleasant reality of installing an Interlock device machine after a conviction, or are already in the process fighting a DUI case, you should get your arrest details reviewed online by us as soon as you possibly can in your case. For any person recently arrested for this charge and seeking potential options or ways how to possibly avoid the need of getting an Ignition Interlock mounted on their car or work vehicle, they first need to be aware of all states strict new driving under the influence laws. Most first-time offenders will be required to install the interlock device, if they get convicted of or enter a guilty plea to the DUI or DWI offense.

This type of criminal charge is expensive to deal with in itself, especially when a driver is convicted or pleads guilty to the offense. However getting an Interlock device wired into a car, can significantly add to the already high costs involved. It is for this primary concern of most people who are currently fighting DUI and DWI arrest charges, that they know how to explore every possible option for potential ways how to avoid having to get it installed in the first place. Therefore the 14 primary facts to know about how the Ignition Interlock costs and requirements work are outlined in the topic titles above to help you better understand the importance and financial impact of any decisions you make regarding your case.

Research has shown using the Interlock does help to fight DWI and DUI and save on costs. This is why new laws for drivers having to get the device are in place, especially after a government study finds that requiring ignition interlock devices would prevent 85% of DWI-related deaths & save $343 billion over 15 years. (Source:

Below is a detailed guide of a “how to” for the Ignition Interlock device, the cost, and the number of ways how to avoid the IID.

1. Under The New Interlock Laws, Will I Need To Get An Ignition Interlock For A First DUI Offense?

In 2017 nearly every state now has new Ignition Interlock laws for first DUI or DWI offense charges, that drastically increases how much it will cost with penalties for drivers who are dealing with the consequences of an arrest for driving under the influence. Judges now have an option available to require the Ignition Interlock device to be installed on a person’s vehicle, even in first-time offense case. In many states such as Florida for example, the interlock is also required when a driver convicted of DUI applies for a restricted license for work or business purposes. (Source:

It is also important to note that an interlock can still be ordered for installation by the court, even in arrest circumstances when a driver had a BAC under the legal limit of .08, refused to take the DUI tests, used Marijuana, took other illegal drugs, or even prescription medicine before driving. Now people who end up getting a driver’s license suspension in court, will also very likely have to install this Breathalyzer type test device on their car, so they could drive under the restricted requirements under what the Ignition Interlock law is in the state. How long do you need to have in installed for, will also depend on the arrest and case specifics of each person.

A couple of the first most important concerns people have after an arrest, is “will I lose my license for a first DUI offense, and will I have to get an Ignition Interlock installed in order to drive my car at all?” For any driver who has recently been arrested for an alcohol-related DUI or DWI charge, and wants the best chance to prevent and avoid having the breath testing ignition device fused into their car, it is essential to have the arrest details reviewed online through us as soon as possible. Also, some drivers are not able to afford the high cost involved to install, and then pay the monthly maintenance fees for the Breathalyzer interlock machine to be wired into a car for a year or longer period of time.

Once a skilled and local DUI lawyer familiar with the Ignition Interlock reviews the arrest information submitted online through us, they can then be able to discuss with you the best defense options that may help to avoid getting the device at all, when the costs and fees of a conviction can be prevented. When a charged driver can stop a DUI or DWI offense conviction from happening, it can save a person thousands of dollars in legal expenses such as the fines imposed under the law, court fees, and what the high cost of the alcohol breath interlock requirements will be otherwise.

Often what can be even more important to people when a conviction for DUI charges is avoided, is when it will prevent the extra costs that come with a guilty conviction, such as how much car insurance rates are raised, along with the severe affect on a person’s job and future opportunities. This is because when a person is required to drive with an interlock mounted on their vehicle, in many types of careers, having the device can both embarrassing and devastating for a person’s professional life. Therefore fighting to beat the charges and all of the ignition interlock device penalties successfully, is the only real choice most people have.

2. What are the Mandatory Costs of Having the Ignition Interlock Device

If you are granted a restricted license to drive after a DUI offense, one of the first fees you will have to pay for are the costs to have your license reinstated. The next expensive fee will be the mandatory cost of having to get the Ignition Interlock Device wired and integrated on a vehicle’s console. The strongest advocates to help avoid drunk driving such as MADD support the use of interlocks to prove of those convicted that they are sober before the car will start. (Source:

A person charged with a DUI must pay for all interlock device costs including the installation fee. The installation costs are typically ranging from $ 75 to $200. However in many states this fee can even be higher if the installation takes longer based on the type of vehicle. However it is important to realize that the total fees don’t stop at the machine placement in your car.

There is a monthly rental fee for the device you will be charged, and required to pay for the terms of your restricted driving privileges. This monthly fee averages in ranges from $50 to $100. You will also be responsible for possible maintenance costs as well as additional fees for a downloading charge which is required to get data from the alcohol-detecting breath test device.

In some cases, there are circumstances in which the fees paid for a driving under the influence conviction or guilty plea can be applied to the breath-testing ignition device installation cost. By having the case analyzed online with us today, we can assist you quickly in finding out if you are eligible for this option. We can help find other money-saving legal defenses as well, that may even provide ways how to not have to get the ignition interlock machine for a DUI charge, once the particular details of your arrest can be carefully examined.

This alcohol preventing device requires a driver to pass it’s Breathalyzer test before the car’s ignition will start. The IID device will also randomly ask the driver to test their breath while driving. Many DUI cases require the driver to have an interlock breath device, and if they are found to be driving a vehicle without this breath testing equipment installed, they will face very serious penalties. It is important that every driver convicted or currently fighting DUI charges,  understands that all the costs of installing, monitoring, and monthly fees of this Interlock Device are required to be paid by a convicted offender.

This fee is in addition to the court costs, fines, and lawyer costs. Please to not hesitate by taking action today and letting us review your DUI case free of charge to inform you of your potential options in your specific case. Doing so as early as you can in your case, could possibly result in avoiding the required installation of this IID device if certain actions are taken in soon enough time.

3. Will I be required to have to pay for the full cost of the Ignition Interlock fees?

People who have been convicted or plead guilty to DUI or DWI offense charges, are then required to have the alcohol-detecting Breathalyzer equipment professionally mounted on their vehicle. Drivers then often ask the price question, “if am I going to need the Ignition Interlock device put in my car, how much is it going to cost me?” A convicted 1st-time offender can expect to pay a total cost of about $1700 to $2000 for their first year in Interlock program.

These ignition interlock costs are separate from any other additional DUI fees associated with a conviction or guilty plea for the offense, such as lawyer fees, court fines, and increased insurance rates. In addition, car Breathalyzer interlock drivers will likely have to pay other maintenance related costs for the device with the following estimate of monthly fees:

  • Car Breathalyzer equipment installation: approximately $85-100 paid to the machine vendor.
  • Monthly interlock rental fees: approximately $75-90 a month, which is also paid to device company.
  • Monthly ignition interlock monitoring costs: approximately $35 a month fee which will be payable up front to the State.

4. What are some of the other possible offenses that could add more to the cost while in the DUI Ignition Interlock program?

A driver who is going to need the ignition interlock machine installed inside their car, can incur more costs and fines if they violate the device requirements such as

  • Tampering with the mouth-piece of the interlock, or drive a vehicle in which the device has been tampered with.
  • Not have the interlock device inspected at least once every 60 days.
  • Ask someone else to give a breath sample so you can start the vehicle or keep driving.
  • Help someone who has an interlock license start their vehicle, or continue driving the car by blowing into the breath device for them.
  • Allowing a person who has an this alcohol-detecting equipment as a condition to drive, to operate another vehicle that is not equipped with an ignition interlock device.

The requirements for the Ignition Interlock Device Program are very strict, and the cost consequences will be severe if violated while participating in the program. The IID program violation cost penalties will vary for several reasons and factors, but on average can start at $600 for a passenger vehicle, up to $1,800 in a commercial vehicle for a first offense violation. The Interlock Program enhances public safety by giving the eligible alcohol offender the option of having an ignition interlock device installed on his or her vehicle, helping to ensure safe and legal driving. (Source:

5. How much does it cost to have a Breathalyzer mounted in your car?

After getting arrested for a DUI or DWI offense for the first time, as mentioned previously one of the first penalties people worry about is “will I have to get a car Breathalyzer installed in my car, and how much does it cost?” Therefore to summarize, the Car Breathalyzer laws or Ignition Interlock as it is known in most states, will require a person convicted of even a first offense charge to have a breath test IID device equipment mounted on any vehicle that an offender will be driving.

What some people often do not realize regarding the full long-term cost until it is after the fact and too late to prevent, is this new law also includes having an interlock mounted on any vehicle that is driven for work or employment purposes. Therefore many people who get convicted of any driving under the influence related offense who drives a company car, may be in danger of losing their job. For a DUI offense penalties today in 2017, Ignition interlock devices, IID, or car Breathalyzers, are a preventive measure that most states now require to get installed throughout the country, which will be ordered at either the first Administrative License Hearing for revocation or at the case sentencing date in criminal court.

It is also important to mention, that the installing of the DUI Interlock Breathalyzer device or IID will be required in addition to what the standard laws for penalties are of driving under the influence charges. Due to the strict rules in place for how to use the interlock device, the consequences of having this car breath-testing equipment mounted will put those convicted of a DUI offense at greater risk of more costs and penalties, if any of the Ignition Interlock rules are violated during the length of time it is wired onto the vehicle console/dash area. A convicted person is also required to get an IIL which is a restricted driver license that allows you to drive vehicles equipped with an interlock device. (Source:

How the car Breathalyzer machines work, is they are technically fused in a driver’s car to make sure that the person behind the wheel has not consumed any alcohol before starting the car and during the time they are driving the vehicle. When an ignition interlock gets placed on a subject’s vehicle, the driver of the car must blow into the Breathalyzer device, which is wired into the vehicle’s ignition, in order to test the driver’s blood alcohol content before the car will start. What happens if the interlock detects alcohol on a driver’s breath, is the car’s Breathalyzer results are electronically logged in the device.

When this occurs the car’s ignition will not start, or if it detects a failure during driving, the car will automatically turn off, while the vehicle’s alarm functions go off such as sirens, honking horn, and flashing lights. It is quite understandable that many people facing a DUI offense ordeal for the first time are confused as to how the interlock car Breathalyzer will apply to their own case. If a person would like specific answers to questions about their own arrest situation, we are here to help discuss your situation and defense options which possibly may be able to avoid getting the car Breathalyzer interlock altogether.

6. Where can I get more help about how much of a cost I will have to pay for getting a DUI Ignition Interlock installed in my car?

For more information about how the ignition interlock requirements will affect you regarding what you will have to pay for the device, please have your arrest details analyzed through us online to determine how it will apply to your own particular case and situation. Once your arrest details can be carefully reviewed online through us by skilled and local DUI Interlock attorneys from your area, they can then be able to help you with answers to any questions you might have.

In addition to answering all of your questions about fighting your DUI case, removing the interlock and it’s cost, they can also help explain possible options to you of how to proceed with your normal daily routine such as driving to work and resuming your personal life. If there is a way available for how to avoid needing to have an ignition interlock device installed on your car in order to drive, a careful arrest review by us can be the best help possible in finding that ideal solution.

Additionally, when people need assistance trying to locate an “Ignition Interlock Device near me” to find out information about prices and installation fee differences among machine vendors and companies, we can help with finding the lowest cost car Breathalyzer IID as well in your local area.

7. How The Ignition Interlock Device Program Works

The Ignition Interlock Program is for drivers who have received a DUI charge and have been granted a limited driving suspension while participating in the IID program and abiding by it’s strict rules. An DUI Interlock device works as an in-car Breathalyzer taking the place of a license suspension, but also prevents a driver from operating a vehicle if they have any alcohol in their system. States believe the Interlock is necessary as a tool to help keep drunk drivers off our roads. (Source:

Participants in the Interlock program are required to have the device put on every vehicle they will be driving. This includes any vehicles driven for work, which can obviously cause significant issues in many occupations. Drivers approved for an ignition interlock program as a condition for limited driving such as to got to work or school, will also be responsible for all of the installing and maintenance costs of the device.

Some people ask how to get an employer ignition interlock device exemption, and it is sometimes possible in some cases. This again will come down to arrest and case specifics, which once we can review the information, we can help provide any potential options for an exemption to the IID for work purposes.

Before successfully completing the Ignition Interlock requirements, drivers must demonstrate a the ability to separate drinking and driving behaviors prior to completion of the program. The IID is quickly becoming mandatory for a DUI conviction in most states as a condition for limited driving or a drivers license being restored with full driving privileges upon completion of all other DUI conviction requirements.

8. How The Breath Device Machine Itself Works

  • A built-in data analyzer records every event associated with the use of the Ignition Interlock device machine.
  • Prior to starting the vehicle, a breath sample is required. Once a zero alcohol breath sample is provided and the vehicle is running, additional breath samples will be requested at random intervals to detect for the potential presence of any alcohol in the driver’s system while driving.
  • If a breath sample is not provided when required or alcohol is detected, the Interlock device system will detect and record a warning. The warning will be recorded in the device event log and, where applicable, record the blood alcohol content (BAC). Then how the alcohol breath device works, it will activate an alarm until an acceptable breath sample is provided or disable the ability the vehicle to operate.
  • Typically every 30 to 60 days is the time frame in which the driver in the IID program must make an appointment at the ignition device mounting facility to have the Interlock operating system serviced and to have the event log downloaded.

Drivers who meet the Ignition Interlock Program criteria will have the alcohol-sensing device attached to their vehicle ignition system. If the device is removed before the mandatory required time is completed, the driver’s license will be suspended until an interlock device is re-installed. It is essential that a driver understands that the interlock breath test device must be integrated on their car for the mandatory time period before full driving privileges can be reinstated. The driver is prevented from starting or driving their vehicle if the device detects any preset level of alcohol in their body.

It is also important to note of how an Ignition Interlock device works, is all the machine activity is recorded and monitored. Therefore if a driver blowing into the DUI breath test machine registers a fail, or any other kind of tampering with inappropriate use or handling of the IID may have their participation in the program cancelled. Participants in the Interlock program must adhere to a zero warning requirement while the device is placed on their vehicle. A driver could also be extended on the DUI Interlock program if warnings or fails are recorded by the device.

9. Who is the lowest cost Ignition Interlock install location near Me?

A person who is facing the possibility or already will have to get the car Breathalyzer IID device, also inquires about what Ignition Interlock providers are near me to install the device? With our free online legal help, a driver does not have to perform and endless search to find the best local, court approved car Breathalyzer, Ignition Interlock device, and BAIID installation locations near me at the lowest possible cost with affordable IID price comparisons.

We help to ensure that a driver will know and meet the requirement of getting the Ignition Interlock car Breathalyzer put on their car to legally drive again after a DUI or DWI first offense conviction or guilty plea. Since there are literally hundreds of authorized IID service providers throughout each state, we are able to help people select a nearby location for where to find a “Ignition Interlock near me” with professional BAIID technicians who will install an interlock breath test device at the lowest costs nearest your local area.

Having arrest details examined with us assists with the average Interlock cost issue, since we use the largest online car Breathalyzer IID database to find detailed information for those looking for affordable local Ignition Interlock device providers near me. If you did not already install the IID machine, we provide all the necessary legal methods, loopholes, and latest defense tactics based on a driver’s arrest to possibly prevent and avoid the need of having to get the DUI Interlock in the first place.

10. 2017 Ignition Interlock Device Laws

Due to new 2017 Ignition Interlock laws in most states, anyone who is convicted of drunk driving must install a car Breathalyzer IID device in their vehicle, once they have their driving privileges restored under what the released state guidelines are for convicted first-time offenders. (Source:

A driver will have to blow into the device before starting their car. If interlock device detects the presence of alcohol, the car will be rendered unable to start.

For drivers convicted of a first offense DUI charge, they now can be subjected to new laws which impose ignition interlocks on DUI offenders for at least one year in most states. For people who are convicted of a second-time offense, usually they can apply to have the interlock device removed after three years. A person with three repeat offender convictions, will likely have to use the interlock device permanently in any vehicle they drive for life.

Typically if a driver who has four or more DUI offense charge convictions, they are not eligible for license reinstatement. This alcohol-detection breath interlock machine must be used by anyone who drives the DUI or DWI offender’s car, which will also include friends and family who might also drive that same vehicle at other times. Because of the strict rules that must be followed for driving with an IID in 2017, in some cases an offender will just choose to avoid driving altogether until the ignition interlock condition is removed from their driver’s license.

11. The Ignition Interlock Device 2017 costs are still typically $1,300 a year on average.

The ignition interlock device records the number of times the driver tries to start the vehicle with alcohol in their breath sample. This data is monitored regularly; the motor vehicle must be brought in once every 60 days to allow for inspection of the device. Frequent attempts to drive with a detection of alcohol on a person’s breath, could lead to an extended driver’s license suspension. Failure to ensure the device is inspected by the required intervals, could also delay the removal of the interlock.

The court will consider the data stored by the car’s interlock device when determining whether the person applying for removing the Breathalyzer test equipment will not pose a severe risk to the safety of others to drive without it. Charged and convicted DUI offense drivers must equip their vehicles with the IID at their own expense. 2017 Ignition Interlock costs of Installation and monitoring will amount to an average price of about $1,300 each year, and there are some device providers which offer pricing that is more affordable than others. (Source:

12. The 2017 Ignition Interlock will test a driver’s breath at random intervals.

As recently reported in Government news, states have signed a bill into law which makes the ignition interlock program mandatory for first-time DUI offenders with high blood alcohol levels. (Source: These 2017 interlock bills helps to combat repeat offender DUI arrests from happening and prevent some drivers from making the mistake of drinking while driving. These new laws also help to prevent having other people blow into the device for them, since the system continually will require a breath samples at random intervals while the engine is running. A driver will have about three minutes to provide a breath sample into the interlock tube of the machine, allowing them time to pull the car over if necessary.

If a breath sample is not given at the small window of time required to blow into the device, or if a level of alcohol is detected, the interlock records the event and activates flashing lights and honking horns much like a car alarm, until the vehicle is turned off. For Ignition Interlocks in 2017, it is considered an offense under the law for a person required to use an ignition interlock to operate any vehicle without one, which does include any vehicles for work as well. It is also a criminal offense to let someone drive a car without the interlock being properly equipped on it, if you are aware that the person driving is required to have one to do so.

If you have any questions about whether you will be required to have the IID Breathalyzer machine installed to drive a car, or any other concerns for 2017 laws, please to not hesitate to contact us in the short contact box to the right of this page. We will be glad to help you promptly with any concerns about the IID, possibilities of how to avoid the interlock requirement, or any other questions you may have about fighting your DUI arrest charges for the best outcome possible.

13. What are some benefits for having an Ignition Interlock device installed on my vehicle?

The IID when appropriately used, prevent alcohol-impaired Driving Under the Influence (DUI) offend­ers, resulting in increased safety for all roadway users. Although once a driver has to get and begins using the car Breathalyzer interlock machine, most soon dislike having it so much, they inquire about methods of how to disconnect it early. There are other benefits to the Ignition Inter­lock devices purpose, however, that do enhance their value:

Avoiding future repeat DUI offenses – Studies have shown that, while integrated on an offender’s vehicle, Ignition Interlocks reduce another offense among both first-time and repeat DUI offenders. The record of breath tests logged into an Ignition Interlock device has been found to be an excellent at avoiding a future repeat 2nd offense risk. Drivers with higher rates of failed BAC tests have higher rates of post-ignition interlock repeat drunk or drugged driving offense charges. This information could be critical regarding whether to restore an a DUI offender’s license later on.

License to legally drive again – Using the Ignition Interlock device will allow many drivers to get a restricted license, enabling them to maintain employment and manage family and court-ordered responsibilities that require driving. This is a particularly relevant benefit, since many offenders drive without an Interlock illegally on a suspended license, even after drinking alcohol. The placement of an IID on the offender’s vehicle reduces the chances of this happening, which does help to improve public safety.

DUI/DWI Offenders and families approve – A majority of DUI and DWI offenders surveyed believe Ignition Interlock requirements do reduce driving after drinking alcoholic beverages. Family members believed that Interlock devices provided a level of reassurance that a convicted offender was not driving while under the influence, and reported a generally positive experience and impact on the driver’s drinking habits.

Many drivers who have this car Breathalyzer machine already, ask about ways how to disconnect the Ignition Interlock device. It is very important to realize that under the strict IID laws for driving with the device on a restricted license, that disconnecting and trying to remove the interlock will result in severe consequences. Additional fines, extended driver’s license suspension time period, and even more jail time are all likely penalties that will happen by the IID disconnection without the court approval.

Due to the unpleasant routine people who use this Ignition Interlock breath-test device have to deal with each time they drive, it is also understandable why they would now want to know how to disconnect and remove it as soon as possible. This is why a driver must do all they can before the IID penalty is imposed to avoid getting this DUI interlock machine penalty in the first place.

14. What are the Ignition Interlock Device Reviews?

The car Breathalyzer Ignition Interlock reviews and experiences from most drivers who had to use one, are not favorable to say the least. That is why besides the average costs and fees involved, the IID penalty is one major DUI consequence under the law in which most people want to avoid getting when possible. This is where we come in to help a driver facing the potential IID reality, so they can prevent being the next driver conveying their Ignition Interlock device reviews of the negative experience of how it has affected their daily life for the entire time period it was installed.

However time is truly of the essence in finding a legal way to avoid the Interlock machine, so please do not hesitate in having us analyze the arrest information online for strategies to stop it from ever happening.

15. Who is permitted to drive a vehicle with an Ignition Interlock device integrated on it?

Anyone can drive a vehicle installed with an Ignition Interlock device as long as they comply with the same program requirements as the DUI offender would have to while driving the vehicle equipped with the device. However, as the DUI offender is the actual program participant, the DUI offender is soley responsible for any activity recorded by the Interlock Breathalyzer system. As mentioned previously about how and why many states require using the IID, states increase alcohol ignition interlock use since they reduce repeat offenses for driving while intoxicated (DWI) by about 70% while they are installed. (Source:

While other people are permitted to drive the vehicle, each breath sample is recorded and applied to the record of the DUI offender. This is why if other people will be operating the same car with the Interlock device in it, the DUI offender must use extra precaution that all other drivers are abiding by the required rules of the IID Breathalyzer device.

If family members or other people will be using the same vehicle that the ignition Interlock device is already integrated, it is highly encouraged for them to come for training with you to fully realize the importance of how the Ignition Interlock device works. (Partially Referenced: What You Need To Know – The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration)

16. Review your case online free, and get answers that may help avoid the Ignition Interlock Device penalty altogether

Getting the details of the arrest reviewed online free by our organization of professionals, has helped countless people that have been charged with a DUI and did not know where to turn in fighting to avoid a conviction and needing to get the Ignition Interlock Device in order to drive again legally. We understand what you are going through with the stress of the high costs of fighting the charge, and also know that you need specific answers about your case by professionals who are familiar with defending DUI cases and expenses surrounding the installation of an IID. We urge you to contact us at once if you are arrested for DUI or driving drunk charges to discuss fighting the case and options to avoid the IID when possible. has been helping people in finding solutions based on their unique arrest details, learn successful defense strategies that could be employed to help our clients get a dismissal, reduction of charges, or alternative sentencing. With our strong background in fighting drunk and drugged driving charges, we can provide immediate help with any DUI or DWI case in which an Ignition Interlock Device could be imposed. In many cases by getting the arrest details examined promptly through our online free service, this costly and harsh penalty could potentially be avoided when fast action is taken in time.

Although the implementation of ignition interlock for a DUI/DWI in every state has supporters, the device itself has been fought by those who find them unreliable and to possibly malfunction. Drivers against using the interlock system point out that they lack the technical expertise of the breathalyzers used by police officers, and the IID should not be relied on to make the distinction between alcohol and chemicals causing a false reading. There is even some claims the Interlock can frequently malfunction to the point where the device can pick up and misread other chemical traces found in the car, such as air fresheners or even wiper fluid.

The ignition interlock device system then can log the results as a high blood alcohol content (BAC) level. A number of foods that include coffee, chocolate, and some spices have also been shown to cause a false-positive alcohol reading on the interlock system. Due to these potential malfunctions of the interlock machine, as well as false readings attributable to the device susceptibility to environmental factors such as heat, cold, and humidity, many people arrested for drinking and driving charges find themselves unfairly served with a license suspension notice.  A driver that will have to use the car breath testing interlock system as a penalty requirement for a DUI or DWI charge offense can vary by case and by the state, but can last from anywhere from 6 months to life in some serious drunk driving cases.

Whether you are facing or fighting a DUI license suspension, and told you need the Ignition Interlock device for a first time or second offense, or even a test refusal case, we can help. However the timing is absolutely crucial with it’s importance to take right precautions by having the DUI or DWI arrest details reviewed through us online. This way we can find the best defense options in enough time when it comes to finding possible ways what to do for how to fight and avoid having to get an Ignition Interlock device in: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming.

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