How to Fight and Beat A First DUI DWI Offense

If you have just been arrested for a first-time DUI charge, you may feel as though you don’t know where to turn. These arrests can be upsetting, humiliating, and stressful. Our team of professionals has been assisting those arrested, fight the 1st offender charges and get immediate answers online for free about their specific case, while learning exactly how much it will cost. This way every driver who contacts us will know what to expect, before ever spending money too quickly on any lawyer they may be uncertain about hiring. Understanding what happens with a DUI first offense case is essential to knowing all of your options to prevent a suspended license, Ignition Interlock, and expensive penalties from ever taking effect.

Did the police read you your rights before taking the tests? If not, this is just one of many details how our online arrest review can help you right now in knowing what a lawyer should be doing for fighting your case, before your next court date.

Many drivers ask us questions about "what are the minimum penalties when a person gets their first DUI?" As recent studies have once again proven about what the strictest and most lenient states on DUI all have in common, even this one-time conviction will have high costs and penalties involved unless it can be avoided and won in court. It is also important to understand that new laws for a first offense are being passed often, such as now requiring an Ignition Interlock device in most states for first-time offenders. Therefore knowing what to do next for the how serious this charge is and can negatively affect your life, is essential in taking action quickly when fighting to win against the 1st offense criminal charges you’re facing.

It is important to know what happens after getting arrested for DUI where you live and that you consult an lawyer as soon as possible, which can be done online quickly and free without any obligation through this site. Top local attorneys nearest your location have considerable experience in defending clients and providing options what to do in ways to fight to beat a first-time offender drunk or drugged driving case. Simply fill out the free online arrest review form to find out the best possible course of action for your circumstances based on what took place.

Additionally by having your arrest details professionally examined through us online, we can help you find out how much a first offense DUI will cost to fight based upon your own unique arrest circumstances, including what to expect the costs to be if convicted of a 1st time offender arrest charge.

Finding ways of how to win a DUI or DWI first offense, or any type of related case for that matter, will always be based on a person’s arrest details. Since there are many strategies that can be used to fight first offense arrest charges for driving under the influence, please use the subject navigation above for the most popular topics that may pertain to your situation or concerns. Once you are ready, please take advantage of having your arrest details reviewed online free through us to discuss your best options and costs to expect based on your own circumstances.

What Happens When You Get a DUI: State Penalty Ranking

1=Strictest First Offense DUI & DWI Enforcement

Overall Rank (1=Strictest) State Total Score Highest Penalties Rank Prevention Laws
1 Arizona 84.09% 1 2
2 Georgia 70.45% 2 22
3 Alaska 65.00% 3 16
4 Oklahoma 62.27% 4 22
5 Nebraska 61.82% 5 17
6 Kansas 59.55% 6 22
7 Connecticut 59.09% 8 10
8 Utah 58.64% 10 5
9 West Virginia 58.18% 8 12
10 Texas 55.00% 7 30
11 Virginia 52.27% 13 14
11 Delaware 52.27% 13 14
13 Louisiana 50.91% 13 17
14 Florida 50.45% 24 2
14 Washington 50.45% 18 7
16 Iowa 50.00% 10 33
17 Oregon 49.55% 17 22
18 Colorado 48.64% 21 7
19 Illinois 46.36% 30 4
19 Tennessee 46.36% 13 36
21 Nevada 45.00% 21 22
22 Alabama 43.64% 34 6
22 Arkansas 43.64% 48 1
22 Massachusetts 43.64% 12 43
25 New Hampshire 42.27% 34 11
25 Missouri 42.27% 39 7
25 South Carolina 42.27% 19 34
28 Hawaii 41.82% 34 12
29 Minnesota 40.45% 27 30
30 New Mexico 39.55% 34 22


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