How to Remove an Online DUI Mug Shot Photo

There are controversial companies that often publish the arrest information of any person who is arrested for DUI or any other offense for that matter, and can often be found in various tabloids and websites. Mug shot photo websites that charge money to remove your information, often have been called a new form of extortion, because they are in business that profits when people are told to pay a fee to have their mug shot removed from one or more websites. Remove your DUI MugshotOn those mug shot sites that charge a fee, a person who has been arrested and their mug shots are often published regardless of whether or not the person is guilty or has been convicted of the crime they were arrested for. The mug shot industry has become controversial because of this and due to many of the online websites charging high fees and costs to remove mug shots and arrest profiles. Some of those websites remove information for free if the person is able to show proof that they were found not guilty or that the charges were dropped. However most of those sites will charge a removal fee regardless of the outcome of the case and whether you were found guilty or not. This controversy has led some state legislatures to propose bills to regulate the industry. However there are steps you can take today that are free which may help in removing your arrest mug shot from shady websites trying to charge you for it, and help protect your rights after a DUI arrest charge offense so you are not scammed into paying fees by those mug shot websites for removal of your photo.

The problem is not that they are posting that you were arrested, because that fact is a matter of public record. The main issue is that is of the most concern and controversy, is that they are trying to charge you money by using your name to get you to pay to have your mug shot taken down by them. Most of those sites will not always be quick to comply with a simple removal request, but by including the citation posted directly below along with your mug shot photo removal request to any of those websites you found your mug shot posted on, it can help in increasing your chances to have them remove your information free and with the least hassle. Here is a helpful tip on how to go about doing this and remove your DUI arrest mugshot photo from their site without being fooled into paying their ridiculous fee. Find the contact information of the website in question with your arrest mug shot posted on it, and send an e-mail or letter quoting from Civil Code section 3344(a):

Any person who knowingly uses another’s name …in any manner …or for purposes of … selling, or soliciting purchases of … services, without such person’s prior consent … shall be liable for any damages sustained by the person or persons injured …. In addition, in any action brought under this section, the person who violated the section shall be liable to the injured party or parties in an amount equal to the greater of seven hundred fifty dollars ($750)

If after following the tip above on how to request a removal of your mug shot photo from those websites attempting to charge you a fee is unsuccessful, you can also request information and help with a skilled DUI attorney, or the legal counsel you already have fighting your case. When you hire any lawyer for their services fighting a DUI case in court, they are also there to answer any questions you may have, and you deserve to get your money’s worth by getting the right answers regarding your case, including any concerns you have regarding your mug shot on those websites charging a fee for removal of your photo. Many DUI attorneys will have experience how to help you in protecting your rights when concerning removing your mug shot photos from those shady mug shot websites trying to charge you a fee. They may possibly find a copyright issue with the use of your photo on those mug shot websites. If you haven’t already done so in getting help in fighting your DUI case, we can help you get started with the answers to all your questions with the free online examination of the details of your arrest.

Getting arrested for a DUI charge doesn’t have to be a life ruining event just because it is a matter of public record. While a DUI arrest should definitely be a wake-up call to people, a person should always do everything in their power to fight their DUI case for the best possible outcome, and then be allowed to move on from it without mug shot companies trying to charge people more fees and costs to remove their mug shot photos online. This is why getting answers about your specific case by a skilled DUI attorney in your area, is a necessity for anyone dealing with all the complex issues when fighting a DUI case and moving on from it successfully afterwards, without being scammed into paying more charges by online mug shot websites for removal of your photo

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