DUI Arrest

Unfair DUI – What to Do When You Have Been Wrongly Charged With an Unjust DUI Offense Arrest

Falsely Arrested For DUI

This recent news report footage of unfair DUI arrest scenarios as shown, also regularly occurs in every state of the country in September 2020. A wrongful charge happens when it is based upon a police officer’s same false or mistaken observations of DUI, or their predetermined bias of a driver being under the influence. When … Read more

How to Look Up DUI Arrests September 2020 & Find Out If Someone Has A DUI Record

How to Look Up DUI Arrests Near Me

For a variety of reasons, there are times when a person will want to know how to look up DUI arrests or records on someone, while reading DUI stories online and free whenever possible. For example, if a driver has been arrested for DUI, DWI charges September 2020 or in the past, and someone is … Read more

What is Probable Cause for a DUI Stop? Review Defenses How DUI Charges Get Dismissed With No Probable Cause

Getting a DUI for swerving

Can You Be Stopped for DUI for Swerving? It is important for every driver today to know what constitutes probable cause for DUI, so a person can be proactive at knowing how to legally defend themselves if unjustly stopped by police. Many drivers believe that if law enforcement officers see them swerving while driving, it … Read more

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