Do You Go to Jail for a DUI, DWI?

Jail for DUI

Will I be Required to Go to Jail for a DUI, and How Can I Avoid Jail? Recent criminal offense charges of DUI, DWI, or refusal to provide a breath or blood test samples are all very serious misdemeanor offenses that if convicted in court today, there is a stronger chance of spending at least …

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How likely is it for a DUI or DWI to get reduced to a lesser offense, such as reckless driving?

How to get DUI Reduced to Reckless Driving

Best Legal Defenses How to Get a DUI, DWI Dropped (Fast) Getting DUI charges dropped in court happens frequently with expert legal help soon after an arrest. More drivers today are pulled over and subsequently charged with DUI, DWI for reckless operation due to new laws increasing penalties and revenue for the state. Identifying ways …

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Understanding the DUI Landscape and the Rarity of Pro Bono Representation

Pro Bono Attorney For DUI Case

Disclaimer: We DO NOT provide pro bono services for DUI cases. Navigating the uncertainty of a DUI charge requires strength, guidance, and unfortunately, a financial commitment. At Fight DUI Charges, we understand that dealing with these charges is a stressful time and that many individuals may hope to find pro bono “DUI lawyers near me.” …

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