I Was Arrested for DUI, but Don’t Have a Court Date Yet. How Long do the Police Have to Charge Me With a DUI Offense?

DUI No Court Date

Information on Being Formally Charged with a DUI or DWI DUI, DWI arrest files for drivers released from police booking are notoriously behind schedule in getting filed in court. If a person chooses not to hire a lawyer first to look into the potential pending case status, you can call the clerk of the court … Read more

How to Get Rid of a DUI, Clear a DUI Charge From Haunting Your Life in 2019

How to get a DUI off your record

Review How to Get a DUI off Your Record, Clear DUI, DWI Charges With how strict the drunk and drugged driving laws have become in every state today, it is essential that every driver who has been charged with an offense, knows every possible option for how to become completely DUI clear in their personal … Read more

Watch: How to Get Out of and Beat DUI Checkpoints in Record Time

Best Way How to Get Out of a DUI Checkpoint

A driver having to go through a DUI and DWI checkpoint is an unpleasant ordeal for anyone to have to experience, and walks the borderline of violating a person’s rights at this roadblock stop. Fortunately, many citizens decide to use and when necessary, fight for their rights by legally contesting their detainment at a police … Read more

Review How 104 DWI Arrests and 71 Traffic Cases Got Immediately Dismissed

How 104 DWI Arrests and 71 Traffic Cases Just Got Immediately Dismissed

A review of the news report about about 104 DWI cases dismissed along with an additional 71 traffic stop offenses due to improper arrests by police, underscores the importance of how charges can be dismissed when a driver’s rights have been violated. If DUI/DWI arrest procedure is not followed according to the strict laws that … Read more

How Long Will My License Be Suspended for a Second DUI?

Second DUI license suspension length

What Happens to Your License When You Get a Second DUI Driver license suspension is a common punishment for driving under the influence. Even first-time offenders will probably lose their licenses for a short time unless the charges get dismissed in time. License suspension periods are determined at the state level and typically increase with … Read more

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